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February 6, 2013
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“Gee (y/n), vhat’s taking you so long?”

“Oui, we’ve been ‘ere for ‘ours already.”

“Amiga, we need to get going soon if we want to catch that movie.”

You groaned, scrubbing your face of the makeup once again. “I’m almost done!” You called from the bathroom, hearing a collective sigh from the three boys. “Ja, zhat’s vhat you said half an hour ago...” Gilbert muttered under his breath, rolling his neck to hear a satisfying crack when he’d managed to get the kink out.

Francis placed a magazine on his face, effectively shutting out the outside world as he started to gently snore. The Spaniard was already fast asleep on Francis’s stomach, muttering to himself in his sleep.

Another ten minutes passed and Gilbert’s annoyance had finally gotten the better of him. “Frau, enough!” He growled, thumping on the door. The sudden noise jolted both Antonio and Francis out of their short-lived stupor and they drowsily came to join the albino.

Your eyes watered, the failed mascara running down your cheeks. All you wanted was to be as pretty as the other girls, the way they fluttered their long lashes and puckered those glossy lips of theirs. You just wanted to be attractive, was that so wrong?

Your friends were known to be lady-killers and went through girlfriends like wild-fire, yet they’d never as much as made a move on you. Were you simply that repulsive? Today you’d wanted to surprise them as you never had before, you wanted to look your prettiest so that when you went out with the three, no girl would simply assume you were the wallflower of a friend of theirs.

In a way, you wanted to be desired by them.

As you despaired, sinking deeper and deeper into a spiral of negative thoughts, the guys shared a worried glance. Though they said nothing, they knew exactly what to do.

“Chica, Gil is going to break down the door if you don’t open up now.” Antonio warned and though he should’ve sounded concerned, he still had that cheery tone of his. As though to support the threat you could hear Gilbert cracking his knuckles.

With a gasp, you sprung to your feet, hurrying to stop crying and to get rid of the tacky makeup that still clung unrelenting to your skin.

“Don’t!” You shouted, your voice sounding strangled as your sniffles continued. “Zhen open zhe door!”

Francis shoved the others away, muttering something about ‘senseless idiots’ and leaned on the wall next to the door. “Chérie, please open zhe door for us? We want to know if everything’s okay.”

Biting your lip, you unlocked the door and pushed it open. “Chica!” You were instantly enveloped in Antonio’s warm embrace. “What’s this all about?” Leaning your forehead on his shoulder, you trembled and gripped his shirt lightly.

As he sat down on the side of the bath, he pulled you onto his lap and rocked you gently. Whilst Gilbert was the best at making threats and Francis was the best into talking people into things, Antonio was by far the best at comforting.

He gestured at the others to come in with a nudge of his head and they piled in, leaning against the sink as they surveyed the predicament you were in.

“Look ‘ere chérie.” You thought he was about to tell you off but when you glanced up, he started dabbing at your poorly put on makeup with some damp tissues.

“What ‘ave you done...” he muttered and you flinched, hearing a disapproving tone in his voice. Antonio flicked his forehead. “Be nice to her!”

The blond whined, rubbing his forehead angrily. Gilbert crouched in front of you, his glinting ruby eyes piercing yours. “Vhy do you think you need any of zhis unawesome stuff anyway?” He asked gruffly, making you look at him by pulling your chin, albeit gently.

You turned red in embarrassment, not wanting them to find out your plan to stun them by your supposed beauty. “Tell me vhy, or I shall use the tickle treatment.” Yeah, he was brilliant at threatening you.

“I wanted to be pretty.” You muttered, aiming your eyes at the floor. Completely contrary to what you expected, you heard a chuckle escape from each of their lips. “You don’t need any makeup to do that.” Francis patted your head gently, ruffling your hair up.

“Besides if you did look any prettier I’m sure Gil et Toni won’t be able to restrain zhemselves.” Said boys flushed red and cursed at him in their own languages. The Frenchman laughed again and then added as an afterthought. “But zhen again, I wouldn’t be able to either.”

Feeling your face heat up you stared at them in confusion. “Wha-what do you mean? I mean you guys don’t even look at me as woman right?”

Antonio shushed your hysterical voice, pulling you closer to his chest. “That’s not true, chica. See we made a deal. None of us get to ‘have’ you in that romantic kind of way, otherwise we’d probably end up hating each other. And we don’t want that to happen.

However...” he scratched his head sheepishly and tilted it to the side,” lately you’ve been way cuter than usual. It makes me want to eat you all right up without caring about those two.”

He kissed your nose with a happy smirk on his face and you turned all shades of red.




Both Gilbert and Francis growled his name and they smacked him and the same time. “That hurt!” The brunette complained loudly, holding the back of his now throbbing head.

“Ahem, ve made zhat agreement so zhings like zhis vouldn’t happen, remember?”

Antonio nodded, a pout adorning his tanned face. “Mon amour, you need not work yourself up like zhis. See, we zhink you’re extremely pretty and no amount of makeup will ever change zhat.”

“Ja, vhat he said! So Mädchen, come here!” Gilbert gripped you tightly, lifting you up in the air. Squealing slightly in surprise, you clung to him so as not to fall to your death.

“I really do want to try using makeup though....” you murmured and blushed when you saw their disapproving glances. “Just because it seems like fun.” You explained yourself a bit more.

It wasn’t just that you wanted to look pretty, you also wanted to try. It seemed every girl you knew babbled on about brands and you felt more than left out because you didn’t use the stuff.

“True, makeup can be fun...” Francis started, stroking his chin as though he was a wise old man with a salt-and-pepper beard.  “As long as you don’t get too obsessed with it, it’s actually quite enjoyable.”

“I don’t know how to use it though.”

“Tell you what, seeing as we’ve already missed the movie, we can be your test subjects....?”
Gilbert went paler than his hair. “No vay! I’m vay too awesome to be a guinea pig!” Francis declined as well, shaking his head with an exasperated look on his face. “Merci non.”

Quickly you looked up at them, clasping your hands and getting on your knees. “Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?”

Your trembling bottom lip and wide eyes was what got them to break and they sighed, rubbing their necks.

“You owe zhe awesome me for zhis...”

“Not too much zhough, oui?”

You hugged the three of them tightly, whispering a string of thank you’s. “Let’s get started then!”

“Chica, maybe that’s enough-“

“Naah, what’re you talking about?” You grinned evilly, focusing on neatly brushing rouge onto Antonio’s cheekbones. He’d already had his eyes done, a vivid green making his emerald irises come out splendidly.

Francis was already despairing over his hair and how he looked too much like a girl whilst Gilbert was actually checking himself out. “Hey (y/n)?” You turned to the Prussian as he struck a pose, bust and behind out as he smirked at you. “Am I hot now?”

You couldn’t help yourself, you burst out in laughter and sunk to the floor as you clutched your sides. The three boys smiled at you, that was the way they’d been wanting to see you most; happy and laughing so much you had tears in your eyes.
Second place in the poll for these delightful mischiefmakers!
I apologise for the lack of updates recently, school is eating me from the inside out....

And remember! No amount of makeup will make you prettier than you are!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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XD worst thing ever to read when you're trying to be quiet because everyone in the house is asleep
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I'm too good for makeup eventhough I use it 24/7
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What the story is trying to tell people (I think):
inner Beauty is what counts, not the 'shell' of makeup on you. Accept your awesome inner beauty!

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hetalialover9001 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
The only makeup I wear is concealer and eyebrow pencil, that's because I can barely see my eyebrows and I have horrible acne xD I wear it for me, no one else xD
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