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July 4, 2012
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Okay, just a little something I had stuck in my mind.

So will you say yes or no? :3

Leave your answer in the comments, depending on which I shall make two endings you know. First time I tried alternate endings, so I don't know whether it'll suck or not.

This is dedicated to all the Scotland fans out there!! (Myself included <(>.<)>)

Anyways I hope you enjoy :3

The alarm startled you awake which in turn made you fall out of bed. "Talk about a rude awakening..." you muttered to yourself, scratching your head. Looking at the clock though you froze.

How, how can it be so late? I set the alarm didn't I? Your panicked thoughts screamed in your head. You grabbed the alarm clock and looked at it, shit you'd set it on the second alarm, the one you use for sleeping in.  

Great, you were hosting the world conference but you couldn't go looking like this. And you so wanted to impress the rest of the nations, as you had only just become one. Especially... no. You shook the red-head's image out of your head and scrambled into your wardrobe.

You had ten minutes, wait it took you half an hour to drive to the conference hall anyway. Ooooh, brainwave. Let's see if the new way of going to a conference actually works. After shoving on a decent enough top, you quickly called Germany.

He picked up immediately as usual. "Hi, it's me. Do you think you can set up a laptop over there?" "____, vhat the hec-, vait you're not coming?! Did you oversleep again?" "No, no, no," you lied and then finally," ......yeah, I overslept."

The German sighed. "Ja, I vill get one ready, just make sure you're presentable." You nodded out of instinct and then caught yourself. "Er, yeah, thanks doitsu~" "We're starting now though."

You hang up and drag your fingers through your hair and put a jacket on over your formal-ish top. You looked down and realized you still had your pyjama boxers/shorts on. Oh well, they're only gonna see my top half anyway.

Your tousled hair stuck up in all sorts of places but you matted it down with some water, sitting in front of your laptop and turning your webcam on. Germany had successfully turned the webcam of his computer on as well and you scanned the room to the best of your possibility.

You saw your long time crush, who was accompanying his brother. He looks nice as well today, you dreamed to yourself. You heard Germany's voice. "Vhell, now vhe're all here, sort of, vhe can start, ja?"

You looked and saw your usual seat was empty, good no one had taken your privileged seat which happened to be right next to the Scot's.

Before and after these meetings you always tried to talk to him, but he never really paid any attention to you, answering your questions with grunts and never looking you in the eye.
You sighed as the meeting dragged on, Germany shouting at England and France to stop fighting, England in turn shouting at America and so on.

Getting increasingly bored you stared at the rest of the nations, yep, they weren't paying attention either. Japan was sitting there with his eternal poker-face drinking tea, Greece was sleeping with a cat on his lap, Canada was blending into the wall like a ninja (not that he intended to do this), Italy was eating pasta,....

You snapped: "Guys, this is pointless and boring, I'm leaving." That got their attention and you stood up to turn of the webcam. After you did, everybody in the congress hall, unbeknownst to you, had a major nosebleed.

France wiped his away stylishly: "Do you think she did zhat on purpose?" "What? Flashing those miniature shorts of hers, I hope she bloody didn't." England replied, wiping away the blood with a handkerchief.  

Scotland lit a cigar and breathed out the smoke. "Say, who was the lass?" he asked Italy who was sitting close to him. "Who, the bella ragazza on the screen who just left?" Scotland nodded, exhaling again. "Oh, that-a was ____, she's a new nation, you know."

Scotland thought a moment and then grinned. "So I'm guessing no one owns her yet then." He smiled maliciously and got up. "Scottie, you git, where the hell do you think you're going?" England called after his brother. He turned, put out his cigar and licked his lips. "Imma go get me some territory."

You fell onto your couch, your top replaced by your camisole you used to sleep in. Your tousled hair stuck up again, but you weren't bothered anymore. Closing your eyes, you sighed and switched on the tv. Staring at it and flicking through the cannels, you quickly lost interest and decided to have a late breakfast/early lunch.

You'd helped yourself to some toast and butter, a cup of coffee and some terrible singing with the radio, when the doorbell rang. You scratched your head as you went over to open the door. You froze when you did.

The redhead that occupied your thoughts most of the time, stood there leaning against the doorway and looked stunning.

He grinned, looking you up and down and you remembered the amount of clothing you were currently wearing. "So lass, you trying to get me to notice you even more?" He cocked his head, looking into your (e/c) eyes. Your blush was so intense, your ears burned and you hid as much of your body behind the door.

"W-what do you mean, notice me even more?" you stuttered as you looked at the ground. "Weel, do you know what kinda effect you had on everybody when you stood up?"

You blinked and tried to remember, when you did you hit your head with your fists. How could you be so stupid, you thought to yourself angrily.

"You know, I think Kiku actually swooned at the sight of those very short shorts of yours." He grinned lecherously. "And as the other nations were recovering I thought that I couldn't let anyone else conquer you, otherwise I couldn't see you in those wonderful shorts again."

You blushed terribly and tried to close the door on him which didn't work. Just before you closed it, he slipped inside and leaned against your wall again, his eyebrow raised.

"So lass, you ready to become my territory?"
Kaay guys, more Scottie as promised

I swear I'm working on requests, I swear!!.....

Okay so maybe not >.<


Thank you to all who are reading my stuff and a very big
thank you who faved my other stuff

Those who answered "yes" -> [link] please go here ^^

want more Scottie? :3 -> [link] here's some ^^
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