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February 18, 2013
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What the- what the actual hell?! Your eyes would’ve widened if not for the fact that they were now useless buttons sewn onto fabric. Wait then how were you able to see? In any case, Arthur’s face paled as he loomed over you.

“(y/n)?” He muttered, his voice boomingly loud. Couldn’t he talk a bit quieter?  “O-Oh god, I’m so sorry!”

Don’t just be sorry ya wanker! Do something!

The Englishman scrambled around, frantically searching through the bookcase that was stuffed full of old dusty tomes, a lot of them seemingly ancient. “Either the spell will wear off, or we need a counter.” He muttered to himself, his breath hitching in his throat as he threw the book down and reached for another.

A-A counter? What like ANOTHER spell? No thanks Arthur, you’d rather take your chances and just wait until it vanished. You tried to move your limbs, but it -it was as if all the bones had been removed from your body and replaced with cardboard. Which was probably pretty accurate for your now doll-like state.

The uniform you’d been wearing had been recreated to the smallest detail, even the badges you had pinned to your blazer. Your hair was made up of soft threads and your eyes were buttons, sewn on to your face.

Arthur huffed loudly, carelessly throwing book after dusty book over his shoulder, desperately searching for one that could grant you your human form again, but to no avail.

“What’s going on in here?”

Arthur froze, stiffly turning around to see Ivan’s head sticking through the door. “N-nothing.” He quailed, snatching you from where you lay on the desk and hiding you behind his back as conspicuously as possible.

Nice move, idiot.

Arthur was aware of how much of a crush Ivan had on you, things like that do get discussed in the men’s locker room quite often. Or well it goes something like this; Gilbert and either of his pals ‘claim’ a girl for a week and anyone with objections may voice them.

When the albino’s eye had fallen on you however, Ivan made sure that he didn’t go anywhere near you, ever again. With that he’d told everyone that if they were aiming for you, they’d have to get past him first.

You on the other hand, found him one of the shyest guys you’d ever met. He couldn’t express himself very well and often struggled to do so, a large blush appearing on his face that got concealed by his pale pink scarf.

He was sweet, nice and reliable, pretty much everything you wanted. So it was no surprise that when you saw your vodka-drinking friend, you perked up and started calling for him. Unfortunately due to being a child’s toy, you could only shout at him mentally.

“What’ve you got there?” He asked, tilting his head to the side as he stepped closer to Arthur. The blond scraped his throat, his green eyes darting this way and that to find a means for escape.

“I-Is that Alfred calling me?! Got to go!” He told him quickly, speeding past him as he clutched you to his chest. Ivan stepped in front of him and snagged you out of his hands.

Arthur squeaked in distress reaching to get a hold of you again, but Ivan merely pushed him away and kept that one hand on his forehead.

Due to Ivan’s much longer arms, Arthur flailed pathetically, not even getting close to you.

“(Y/n)?” Ivan said, your heart skipping a beat when you saw a strange look in eye. “N-no, what am I saying, it can’t be her.” He muttered, a frown crossing his face for a moment as he examined you closer.

“Why have you got this?” He asked Arthur and when he didn’t get a reply he looked down at him. Or well, he looked down at the spot where he’d been until a moment or so ago.
You traitor! How dare you abandon me!

Ivan blinked at then looked down at you again. No point in keeping it... he thought. He stood over the trashcan, holding you over it with one hand.

What noooo! Ivan! It’s me! It’s me!

His eyes were closed and his eyebrows furrowed, as though he was in a battle within himself. Finally he sighed and tucked you under his arm again, his one-sided love for you getting the better of him. He couldn’t just throw something away that looked like you, even if it wasn’t you.

And that was how you ended up at Ivan’s house. Of course he had to fend off his little sister as he stepped into the house, but the small girl ended up clinging to his legs as he continued up the stairs. He managed to get her off of him though, the moment his big sister called out to them that dinner was going to be served soon.

The Russian set you down gently on his bed, laying you against the pillow with such delicacy; it was as if he treasured you above everything else in the world. With a soft pat on the head, he left going off to get his dinner with his siblings.

Now that you realised it, it was the first time you were in his room and you were left alone no less. Had you been able to, you would’ve examined every crook and cranny the room had to offer. But since you were effectively paralysed, all you could do was look straight ahead of you and wait for him to return or that that blasted curse miraculously undid itself.

God it was taking him houuuurs! You whined silently, almost dropping off to sleep as you waited and waited for something, anything to happen. Dinner couldn’t have taken that long surely? He was probably finishing  up with some homework or something... Then again he had left his bookbag up here so how was that possible?

Ivan answered your unspoken question as he entered his room shirtless with a pair of soft-looking slacks on. What made you stare at him wasn’t his lack of clothing nor his wet hair that was dripping onto the fluffy towel which lay snugly around his neck it was the fact that he wasn’t wearing his scarf.

As long as you’d known him he’d always worn it, the bottom half of his face always hidden from you. Recently you’d wanted to pull the fabric away from his face and explore every single dip and curve of his jaw, trace his full lips carefully with your fingertips and simply see what he yearned to hide. You wanted to be the only one to see him like that, in a vulnerable state he hid for everyone else.

Clearing your throat, you managed to get your head out of the clouds and came down to earth with a thump. Well a thump of your heart more like. Ivan’s violet gaze was trained right at you and he stared at you with a puzzled look of pure curiousness.

Gingerly lifting you up with both his hands he plopped down on his bed and traced your face with his thumb.

“Exactly the same...” he whispered as he wondered, teasing the ends of your hair with a chuckle. With a contented sigh he dropped himself on his back, making you squeak at the suddenness of the gesture.

Smiling adoringly at you he cradled you to his wide chest, humming to himself as his toes wiggled about. “You know you’re really cute!” He told you, holding you above his head and talking to you as if you were back to normal.

“Except I just wish I could say that to your face and not just to a doll that looks like you.” Pressing a kiss to your forehead he gasped lightly. “That’s strange.... doll? You kind of smell just like her.” He took in your weak scent, a blush appearing on his face.

“God I must seem like a pervert now, don’t I little (y/n)?” He asked sheepishly, referring to you in doll form.

Actually that was kind of cute. You answered him straightfaced, not that he could hear you. “I wasn’t able to see (y/n) that much today...” he murmured with a childish pout of his lips, scowling as he remembered how animatedly you were talking with the others today.

“Why can’t you love me (y/n)?” The sudden question stunned you, a heated feeling crawling over you. W-What?!

“Why is it so hard to tell you that? And does my heart hurt when I just think about you?” His jaw tensed, his brows furrowed as though he was in pain. Once he’d admitted his feelings, his shoulders felt much lighter somehow and the feeling unsettled him.

“I love you so much (y/n), my precious, beautiful (y/n). Why can’t I tell you?” Hugging you tenderly he kissed the top of your head meekly. With a sigh he reached for the lightswitch, flicking it off as he rolled his shoulders.

He wasn't going to-

Ivan snuggled up to you, clutching you against his chest so you could hear his beating heart.

Closing his eyes sleepily, he nuzzled into the pillow to get more comfortable. The warmth that radiated from his skin soaked through the covers and heated yourself up as well. Steady
beating of his heart under your ear, the peacefulness crept up on you and lulled you to sleep.

Don’t worry Ivan, I really like you too....

It was about four in the morning when you were jolted awake, an uncomfortable temperature being the cause of it.

With a shriek of realisation you moved your fingers, sitting up and grinning when you saw your normal body once again. The stiff feeling of having bones again was strangely gratifying as you giggled to yourself, giddy with joy.

You froze when you saw how you were sleeping. Currently Ivan’s arms were twined around you, not permitting you to leave his grasp easily.

With a massive blush darkening your cheeks, you slipped from his hold, prying his fingers from your sides carefully so as not to wake him. You slipped off your shoes and socks, your blazer following the pile quickly. Sleeping in those was a bad idea as you’d wake up aching no doubt.

Seems like the spell had worn off for now, maybe Arthur was finally right after getting so many things wrong....

You glanced back at Ivan, who was seemingly in distress his hands searching for something warm to latch onto. With a chuckle, you leant down to press your lips to his forehead, interlacing your fingers with his restless ones.

“It’s okay, I’m right here.” You murmured, caressing his cheek with your lips. Wrinkling his nose, he rubbed his head closer to you. After planting a kiss on his nose, you squealed hastily stopping the sound from coming from your mouth.

Ivan happily nuzzled into your neck, his arms wound around you once again as he moved under the covers. “Don’t scare me like that.” You muttered, tapping his nose to which his mouth simply twitched up into a smile.

“I really like you Ivan, so don’t worry ‘kay? I’ll be right here by your side. See you in the morning...” He breathed out, a recognisable sound leaving his mouth. With a happy smile you hugged him, burying your face into his bare chest.

This was a request for :iconmeeoow12: Hope you enjoy it love and I hope it's something along the lines you had envisioned!
I'm going through the stuff I've been working on for a while now, hopefully cleaning it all out before I start on new things ^^

For the rest of you,
Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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