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February 14, 2013
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You yawned, rubbing your tired eyes as you slouched into school. Maybe having an anime marathon wasn’t such a good idea after all... You wondered, dropping your bag to the floor as you twisted the numeric combination to your locker. Prising it open with a metallic squeak, you yawned sleepily once more, picking you books up to drop them into the corner.

A flash of colour caught your eye however, in fact several bright colours. Placing your books to the side of the curious things, you picked them up to examine them out of the darkness that lurked in the inside of your locker.

Three roses lay on your palm; one a bloody crimson, another a pristine white and the last one a vibrant lapis lazuli colour. Blinking in confusion, you looked around almost certain that these had been put in the wrong place.

When you turned back to your locker, you spotted a note. Picking it up, you set the roses down safely on top of your books.

Please meet me behind the school when the day is over.

...... This mystery guy was asking you out? You ran over the guys you knew in your head, trying to figure out who might’ve gotten it in their head to do something like this. Trying to recognise the handwriting was out of the question; the person had cut out the letters from a newspaper of sorts, sticking them in order to form the words.

Who was it? Well, logically it was someone with any type of connection to the colours red, white, blue. As you trudged to your first class of the day, you thought. It could have something to do with the person’s nationality, their flags perhaps?

That would mean there were quite a few candidates. Francis, Ivan, Alfred, Tim, Arthur and quite a few others shared the same colours. It should just be a matter of time before they revealed themselves, either at the end of the day or during it.

The moment you sat down in your seat you felt something pointy hit your back. With a half-hearted glare, you poked the albino’s forehead. As usual he sat behind you, his smirk as ever present. Despite your retaliation, he continued poking your back with his pen.

He was gaining your attention due to his nonstop teasing, which would explain why he hadn’t gotten himself a girlfriend before. Even you had to admit that he was attractive, that pale skin and silvery white hair in stark contrast with his crimson eyes.

As long as he kept his mouth shut he was pretty cute, you concluded. “Hey Frau, got any valentines yet?” He asked, a large toothy grin on his face. Let me repeat that; as long as he kept his mouth shut and his ego reigned in, he could be pretty cute.

Unfortunately, neither of the above were possible for Gilbert I’m-too-awesome-for-my-own-pants Beilschmidt. “Just some roses.” You muttered, hoping that he would just leave it at that. “Really?” He asked, curiosity evident in his eyes. “Tell me, who from?!”

“Keep your voice down, you idiot!” You told him, but he just shifted closer to you, urging you to continue. “I don’t know!” You muttered frantically, hoping that no one else would hear- god.

“So you got some roses chérie? Zhat’s so wonderful to ‘ear!” Francis leaned on your desk, giving you a squeeze around the shoulders. “And ‘o is the lucky guy?” Well it seemed like he didn’t know anything, that scratched him off the list.

Thankfully the teacher came in to start class, at which point both boys left you alone save for a few prying stares. The drilling sound of the bell saved you from your predicament, allowing you to speed off without the two boys able to entice you into a conversation.

Throughout the rest of the day, your possible rose candidates interacted with you as though nothing had happened. Granted Alfred was even more hyper, glomping you tightly as he ran from a mob of girls and Norway was hiding out on the roof.

Tim gave you a small smile accompanied with a wink, which you would’ve brushed off as a trick of the light if not for the smirk following it. Ivan patted your head gently as he took long strides to get to his next class and you talked to all manner of things to Arthur during lunch.

Even so all of the guys treated you fairly normally, no one acted as though they were hiding something from you. All in all, you hadn’t discovered your mystery man by the end of the day. So as you collected your stuff, packing your bag, you sighed wanting to know who it was. Only thing to do, you decided, was to go and find out.

Gently cradling the roses to your chest along with the letter, you walked out and around the school building. Your heart pounded in anticipation as you rounded the corner, a sudden gust of wind flying past you and sending your hair into disarray.

The letter was whisked from your grasp, despite reaching out to get it. With a squeak you jumped after it, the wind blowing your hair into your eyes so that you were effectively blinded. You ran into something hard, making you fall to the ground.

“Sorry! You okay?” A hand stretched out in front of you and you grabbed it, not even registering the voice that went along with it. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” You suddenly froze, remembering the reason you were here in the first place. “Are you the one? The one that sent me the roses and that letter?”

He blushed, rubbing his neck somewhat sheepishly. “Yeah.”

“Why?” You asked, your eyes earnest as you gazed up at his averted ones. “B-because it’s you know, it’s Valentines Day.”
“That doesn’t mean you had to. So why?”

Tensing his jaw, he dropped his gaze to his feet. “I gave you three roses right?” You nodded and held them up for him to see. A smile graced his lips, he was happy to see you kept them. “Well you know how each rose has a different meaning?”

Again you nodded and looked down at each rose. “So what do they mean then?” Tentatively, he reached out and took the red rose. “This one means that I love you.” His cheeks turned a similar colour to the flower and he took the white one to carry on speaking.

“This one means that my-my love for you is pure. I don’t want you just for your body, I-I want to be with you. No matter what happens, I want to stay by your side.” He murmured softly, his blush increasing tenfold as he spoke.

You gazed at him in wonder, who would’ve thought that he of all people had feelings like that? Usually he was so different, almost indifferent to that sort of thing and yet here he was stutteringly trying to tell you his feelings.

“What does the blue one stand for, also where did you get it? I didn’t think blue roses were natural.”

“They aren’t. I grew this one in water that had blue dye in it. It was originally white like this one.” He held up the one he mentioned. “I wanted to give you this, to tell you in a way.

Well, by doing this, by growing a blue rose, I wanted to tell you that even if someone says it’s impossible, I’ll be able to do it as long as you’re by my side.”

He turned crimson, waiting with bated breath for you to say something, anything! “I... don’t know what to say...” you muttered, cooling your cheeks down by pressing you hands on them. “I-I just needed to tell you that, b-but do you think I.... could have a hug at least?”

Opening his arms invitingly, he smiled hopefully. At least he’d be able to live this down.

Lucky he didn’t confess like he’d originally planned to, in front of everyone. Stepping closer to him, you dropped your bag on the floor and nestled yourself in his arms.

“You could’ve told me you idiot.” Laughing that strange laugh of his, he hummed in acknowledgement. “Ja, I know frau.” Seriously though who’d have thought that Gilbert of all people could be like this?

“I know I said ‘just a hug’, but do you think we could stay like this for a while?” He whispered, his arms tightly around you. “That’s fine with me.”  

He nuzzled into your neck and smiled, your scent lingering around him. “..... you didn’t just pick those colours for that reason did you?”

Grinning mischievously, he shook his head. “Red for mein eyes, white for mein hair und Prussian blue of course!”

“I should’ve known.” You muttered, making him laugh again. “Ja, c’mon didn’t you expect something like that?”

“True, something like that I should’ve seen coming from an obnoxious Prussian like you.” Before he could complain, you shut him off by continuing. “And yet, why is it that I find you so irresistible?”

“Because I’m awesome?”

Rolling your eyes, you snagged his collar and bought his head down to your level. His crimson eyes widened as you pressed your lips fervently against his, moving with a kind of urgency. He recovered from the shock quickly, a smirk playing on his face as he cupped your cheek and kissed you back.

“So-... will you be my valentine?” He whispered somewhat breathlessly, a twinkle in his eye as he leant his forehead on yours. “Only if you’re mine.” You replied, winking and nipping at his lips. “Forever und always meine (y/n.)”
Did I have you going at the end? I was trying to keep the identity a secret until the last moment, but yeah... it didn't really work ^^'

Please tell me you didn't see that coming! Also there are probably more flags with those colours, but these are the ones I know off the top of my head ^^

Happy Valentines everyone!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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Gilbert- gilly? Vhat am I a pet?
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