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January 27, 2013
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Your eyes widened. Heart beating fast, you quickly reread the comment on the latest piece of yours. “—badly done—“

“—barely original—“

“—overall bad—“

“—hate this kind of half-arsed work—“

Trembling, you stared at your quivering fingertips, something heavy in your throat preventing you form gulping. Did they really mean that? Did they really hate your work?

Before you could stop yourself, tears started leaking from your blurry eyes. “Ah, wh-what?” You questioned yourself as you tried desperately to dry your tears with the heels of your hands, but it was useless; they were leaking from your face and creating puddles on the surface of your desk.

Cursing inwardly, you made sure none of them landed on your computer and you pushed away from your desk, your chair rolling to the side of your bed. You dropped yourself on the covers and cuddled up to your largest pillow, burying your face in it.

Why would anyone take the time to crush your hard work like that?! I mean yes, you knew you weren’t the best out there and not even close to being it, but still. You worked hard on that piece and were quite fond of it. Now you would just look at it with disappointment.

A knock sounded on your door; as you were living in the dorms of Hetalia Academy, you knew it was your neighbour, Italy. Feliciano tapped the door again, wondering what was taking you so long.

“Hey-a! C’mon out-a! I made-a some pasta just for you, bella!” Feliciano frowned as he heard something strange from the other side of the door and he placed his ear tentatively against the wood.

You coughed, trying to silence your sobs and compose yourself enough to answer the bubbly Italian. “I-It’s okay, I’m good. Thanks but I don’t want any Feli.” Your voice cracked despite your efforts to keep it stable and with that you buried your face in your pillow again.

Feliciano bit his lip, hearing you cry. He would’ve tried to comfort you, but he figured you sounded like you wanted to be left alone. His shoulders sagging, he trailed back to his room, where his brother stuck his head around the corner, a blush on his cheeks.

Lovino’d liked you for the longest time now, but due to his embarrassment he hadn’t told you yet. After all, he thought, that tomato bastard would never end teasing him!

“So-a what did she say?” Feliciano rubbed his arm uneasily. “I think she was...crying.” Lovino’s expression paled. “Wh-what?!” He grabbed his brother by his collar. “And you just-a fucking left her?!”

Feliciano was thrown roughly to the floor as Lovino brusquely pushed past him, quickly turning to your door. Knocking softly at first, he waited for you to answer. When you didn’t stir, he started pummelling the door with his fist.

“I know you’re in there, now open up or I’ll make Feliciano eat Marmite for a week!” He knew the threat would have no effect on you if you had to eat it; so he chose to threaten Feli instead in the hopes that there was no way you would allow your friend to sit through that kind of torture.

But still; nothing. Lovino took a step back, bracing himself for the kick he was going to make. Taking the pose to perform the kick, he inhaled once and launched his foot toward the door. Unfortunately, your guilt had taken over at that point; you couldn’t let your friend suffer through that after all.

In other words, you opened the door in time to see Lovino charge at you and fall straight onto his face.

Seeing his irritated and disgruntled expression made you snort with laughter and before you could help it you were rolling on your bed, laughing loudly. “Seriously...?” Lovino rubbed his forehead, hoping that there wasn’t going to be a huge red mark or bruise there.

Narrowing his eyes at you, he folded his arms and towered over you on the bed. Tears were rolling down your cheeks again, but with mirth this time and not due to sadness.

“At least you’re-a laughing.” He mumbled, sitting himself down in your chair and watching as your loud bout of giggles came to an end. His amber eyes slid across your computer screen and he flinched when he saw the comment.

“What-a the hell...” He cussed under his breath, rapidly reading what the person had said about your work. “I’m no good am I?” You said, sadly looking at your folded hands. Lovino swivelled his head around to look at you.

“So what if-a one screwhead said that! Look at the rest of the comments, they’re all-a really good!” Merely shaking your head, you shifted to lie on your side with your back to him. “But they said they hated my work-“

“You know there’s always going to-a be someone who doesn’t like you, right?” Lovino pinched the bridge of his nose. “You can’t try to go through life befriending everyone. There’s-a going to be people you-a simply can’t get along with!”

You slumped, taking your pillow and hugging it tightly. The sight of your state was enough to make the Italian’s heart thump painfully in his chest. “Geez....” he scooted out of his seat and lay down behind you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his chest.

“You know- I, I really, really like-a you?” He buried his face in the nape of your neck. You blushed at his confession, chewing your lip. “I didn’t.” As you shook your head slightly, you could feel the heat radiating from his ears. “I just want-a you to know that I’ll always be here for you. And also,” he twisted you so you were facing him,” I love-a your work. Always have done and I always-a will.”

You closed your eyes, ducking your head underneath his chin. Looking straight into his eyes was hard already, but when he was that close-!!

Your heart was pumping loudly and you could feel him breathe next to you. “So I mean-, well, would-a you go out with me?” Lovino hadn’t really prepared himself mentally for his confession, but hey he was just going with the flow.

You mumbled something incoherent and he blinked, leaning closer to you. “Sorry bella, say that-a again?” Your cheeks heated up again; did he just call you pretty? Even if Feliciano called you that all the time, you knew it was just a habit of his, but his brother hadn’t ever called you that.

“I said, that would be nice.” Lovino grinned widely, prying the pillow out of your arms and flinging it to the side so he could properly hug you.

“That’s-a so good!”

Your eyes fell again though and he noticed, tapping your nose gently but firmly. “Idiota, don’t-a let what they said get to you.”

You started to protest. “But-“ By placing a single digit to your lips he silenced you. “I’m not-a going to let you think those bad thoughts again, understand-a?” You gazed at him with wide eyes and your cute expression made Lovino want to pounce you!

“Now do you-a understand? You’re the best-a and most beautiful girl in the whole, wide-a world. I want you to know that, ‘kay bella?”

Nodding gently, you smiled radiantly at him. That was just what you had needed to hear.
“Ti amo bella.”
We all know the feeling of when someone completely trashes your newest piece of work, and trust me on this, it's severely depressing.

;.; If only I could have a Roma to cheer me up at times like that TT.TT
Also should I put a mature content on this? I mean he only swears once but still~

Is this angsty enough? Or not at all? ^^

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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