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November 5, 2012
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Toris sighed, leading Ivan to a nice cafe he used to frequent with his friend. Ivan said he wanted to go someplace new and had forced Toris into showing him where he hung out when he wasn’t on the job.

Rubbing his temples, he opened the door, the familiar chime on the door tingling through the room.

“Welcome back!” The bartender greeted him cheerily, nodding his head to where there was a table free. Toris smiled thankfully, crossing the cafe to get to their spot. The moment he’d shrugged off his coat and offered Ivan a seat, his ears were met by a familiar voice.
“I can like totally do this! Chill!”

Toris groaned, not now..... he thought, turning to see where Feliks was sitting. As soon as his eyes find him they widened, for sitting next to him was a little girl. It looked as though she was challenging him to something, her hands on her small sides and talking to him in her small voice.

“It won’t work papa, I’ve told you this before!”

“It’ll like totally work, where’ve you been?” Feliks stuck his tongue out at the girl and she huffed. “Wanna bet it?” Toris blinked in surprise, though it should have been no mystery where she’d gotten her vocabulary; if Feliks was indeed her father, then it was a small wonder she wasn’t talking exactly like him already.

“Okay, what’re the stakes?” Feliks leant forward, a grin on his face as he tousled her hair. “If you can do it then I’ll....I’ll.....” she trailed off, thinking, her finger at her small mouth.

“C’mon (y/n), we haven’t  got all day.”

“We do. I’ll, I’ll.....I’ll love you forever and ever!” She cried, throwing her hands up in triumph that she’d decided. “Okay. Then if you win, I’ll......I’ll buy you an ice-cream ‘kay?” (y/n) whooped in delight, hugging Feliks’ neck. “Tak!”

“Okay, okay, let’s start then....”

Toris continued watching the two of them as Ivan ordered some drinks, looking over his shoulder. Feliks was building a card-house out of the beer mats, his daughter staring at his every move.

She bit her thumb as Feliks managed to get the first story up, her face getting scrunched up in frustration. Her concentration made it look like she would will the mats to topple, but so far no such luck for her.

Feliks saw the determination in her face and smiled, carelessly placing a beer mat on and letting the rest fall to the table. “Yeeees!!!” (y/n) cried, grinning widely. Toris couldn’t help but chuckle, she was adorable after all.

“You win, I give up.” Feliks chuckled, hugging her tightly. “So which one do I get to choose?” She bounced happily on his lap, looking up at him.

“Weeeel as you did win, whichever one you want.” Her grin widened and she looked at the pretty presentations on the menu.

A dame blanche, it looked so pretty with the glistening melted chocolate. She felt her mouth water slightly. “Can I have that one?”

Feliks whistled. “Good choice! And yes of course.”

After hailing the waiter she told him her choice and he bustled off to get it for her. Impatiently she jittered up and down, definitely not needing the extra sugar she were about to get. Feliks smiled, combing his fingers through her hair lovingly and joking about this and that.

The waiter returned, setting the coup in front of her with a flourish and smiled at the look of pure adoration that crossed her face. She squirmed on her human seat, wanting to eat it and wanting to keep it at the same time.

Feliks laughed at her, dipping his finger in the whipped cream and dauntingly drawing a moustache on her. She squealed, trying to lick of as much as she could, but used her fingers to get to the places she couldn’t get.

After the initial taste of the sweetness, her hesitation was banished and she started digging in. It didn’t take the girl as long as it should have to clean the dish, but she blinked sleepily when she had.

Feliks laughed again, nuzzling her head and murmuring something to her. She nodded drowsily and snuggled up to her dad. He got the waiter’s attention again and paid the bill, standing up and struggling with the amount of bags and the child in his arms.

“Excuse me for a moment.” Toris muttered, getting up and taking one of the bags in Feliks’ hands. “Toris! No way dude! It’s been like way too long.”

“Nice to see you too Feliks.” He replied, smiling at the kid. “Love to stay and chat, Tori, but I totally need to scram.”

Toris blinked, his face blank. He raised his eyebrow. “Why’s that?”

Feliks rolled his eyes and struck a pose. Then he said in the tone of voice like it should have been blatantly obvious: “I need to show her mum all of the outfits we bought!”
Something not too serious ^^

As I hadn't written something about Poland yet :D

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments~
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hetaliagurlizzy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
I'd be like the most fabulous kid ever if poland was my mom-dad. :iconumadpolandplz: :iconfabulousplz:
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