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August 19, 2012
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Part one is linked in the description. This one was written for cheese0it.

Hope you all enjoy and please tell me what you think~

You sighed, dropping a golden autumn leaf into the stream beneath the red wooden bridge you were standing on. Watching it as it floated along you imagined yourself as it, the stream as the strange turn of events you had experienced in the past four months.

The leaf turned the corner in the water and you lost sight of it, only to drop another in its place. The silken sleeve on your right arm was folded up to your shoulder; you didn't want it to get dirty when you'd been plucking the leaves from the ground.

The leaf really is like my life, the water constantly changes course and all I can do is try to follow it, otherwise I sink, you thought to yourself, your head tilted to one side. You'd grown accustomed to the presents Yao showered you in.

Every time he came back from wherever he went during the day, he'd always have a piece of jewellery, a hairpin, some clothes with him for you. He covered you in affection as well, always hugging you when you weren't expecting it, kissing your hair and reveling in the smoothness of it.

You held a red-brown leaf in front of your eyes, sunlight streaming through a tear in it. He hadn't really done anything to you, save pecking your lips which he did a few times until you made it completely clear you didn't want that.

He backed off after that, but his occasional hugs morphed into daily ones, ones he expected every day to have. Actually when you didn't embrace him, he pouted and sulked until you did. He was quite adorable like that, you giggled to yourself, remembering his face scrunched up in frustration.

Yes, you were falling for the man, you knew that much. If he touched you, your heart skipped a beat and when his face was close to yours, all you could think about was how his lips would feel on yours.

Shaking your head you dropped the last golden blade into the water. You shook up, shaking your arm so the fabric came back down over your hand like it originally did. You made your way through the stunning garden, waving at the pandas that were chomping on some of the bamboo in which they concealed themselves.

After skipping down the path, you reached the large pond, the Koi swimming elegantly in circles. As you walked past it, you smiled. Yao simply adored them and took every chance he had to try to capture them on paper.

All of his efforts were rewarded when he finally stepped back to examine his work. Often he would give the very successful ones to you; you had a growing collection of them in your room. When you stepped inside the large room, you heard your bare feet patter against the shiny wood.

"Miss (l/n)." You spun around to see two gentlemen sitting behind the table, steaming cups of green tea in front of them. You still weren't completely used to the fact that many of the men here in China, were often a lot more beautiful than yourself. The flowing hair reached down to the small of their backs, tied up loosely.

"Y-Yes?" The maid was sitting next to them and shot you an apologetic glance before leaving the room, as if to say; I couldn't stop them.

You sat down, cross-legged and blinked your eyes. "Yes, what is it?" Your voice didn't tremble like before, a certain type of determination passing into it. "We've come for you, Miss (y/n). By order of our Royal Highness, the Emperor."

Your blood froze. Yao had told you not to mess with him and had kept you hidden. You were the only thing he bought back that he hadn't given to the Emperor. But now, he knew. And he wanted to know why you weren't offered to him, belly-up.

You fell over, scrambling away from the two men, horror written on your face.  They stood up menacingly and grabbed you. One of them go a cloth out of his sleeve and held it to your face. Bad. You squirmed, twisting and turning but their vice-like grip didn't let up. Eventually the mist of unconsciousness claimed you and you were taken.

Yao bounded home, jittery with excitement. He eagerly awaited your daily hug and the way you listened and talked about the day. A warm bag in his hands almost tipped, but he saved it epically. He tsked at himself for not paying more attention to it, they were the buns you so dearly enjoyed after all.  

Skipping inside, he kicked his shoes off. "(y/n)!! I'm home!" He waited for the breathless you to come skidding to the entrance, but. Nothing. He raised his eyebrow and started looking for you. Was it another one of those days...? he thought, looking through the different rooms and the garden.

He bit his lip. What if...? No, no! That couldn't happen, no one knew about you being here, so how on earth could something like that happen..... He'd done a full search of the garden when he came back, the maid in his line of vision.

She bowed low trembling. "(y/n)? Where is she?" His heart sank as he saw her shake her head, despair flashing across her eyes. He froze, suddenly running for his shoes and tugging them on. "Take care of these!" He told her, pressing the bag into her hands.
Then he took off at full speed.

Groggily, one of your eyelids cracked open, the semi-darkness in the room not hurting your eyes. You rubbed your forehead with the heel of your hand, looking around. "Where? What am I...." You'd noticed your clothes hanging more loosely than usual, wrapping them around you a bit more, searching for the sash that kept it all together.

"Need this?" A voice asked, coming from the darker part of the room. "Err, yeah, please-" Your words hitched in your voice as the owner of the voice stepped out of the gloom. There he was, the ruler of the Empire. Your silken red and white sash dangling dauntingly between his fingers.

"Sir?" you squeaked, keeping your eyes lowered. "Now, why would Yao try to hide you from me?" As he spoke, he came closer, one of his knees resting on the side of the bed.
"Is it because of those eyes of yours?" He lifted your chin up with one of his long, pale fingers. "Aah, it's true they really do shine brighter than the stars of the night sky."

You trembled under his touch, which just seemed to make him increasingly aroused.
"Yao cannot keep you from me, everything in this kingdom belongs to me after all. He thought he could keep you hidden, but now that I know I was deprived from you, that makes me want you even more." His seductive tone sent chills down your spine. "He really was a fool."

That last sentence made you snap. You tore away from the hand that was stroking your hair, grabbed the sash from him and made a dash for the half-closed window.

"My treasure, where do you think you're going?"  You slammed the shutter away from the window and braved the ledge. "That's far enough!" He jumped to his feet. You turned your face, scanning the area beneath you, you were up quite high. Smirking when you saw a pond, well a large and hopefully deep pool of ink-black water, you turned to the Emperor and stuck your tongue out. Then you leapt, your clothes whipping up around you but you merely clung to them and kept most of you covered.

The water consumed your form, making the silk cling to your body. Your lungs screamed for air, so you broke the surface, tossing your hair behind you. "I belong to Yao and Yao alone!" You shouted up at the exasperated figure leaning on the window-sill.

You stumbled to get up when two hands clasped themselves around your waist and hoisted you out of the water. Another guard?! You bucked, squirming and hitting the assailant repeatedly.

"Ow! It's just me!" Yao told you angrily. He put you on the ground, drying his hands on the front of his shirt. "Yao?!" "Yeah, what is it-" You threw your arms around him, and the force was so hard, the two of you landed on the floor.  

"I was so scared!" You wailed, clutching at his front. Comfortingly he placed his hands on the small of your back and let you bawl your eyes out. He rocked you gently, pulling out all the tricks he had to soothe you.

When your wails transformed into hiccups, he sat up, gently massaging your shoulders. "You alright now?" You nodded at his question, wiping away some of the tears. A job that Yao quickly took over, rubbing his thumb on your cheek.

"Good." He picked you up, cradling you against his chest with the utmost care. " 'cuz I'm not going to let you out of my sight again." "Eh?" He smiled. "Don't worry. Oh," he said remembering," I've got some of those buns you really like! Let's eat them together okay?"

You spluttered. "Wait what did you saw before that?" "Oh, that I'm not going to let you out of my sight?" "Yeah," you demanded," what exactly did you mean by that?!"  

He grinned sheepishly. "Well you said so yourself right? You said that you belong to me and only me." You blushed, had he heard that?! Apparently so.

"So there. I'm going to make sure no one ever takes you away from me again. By making sure they know irrefutably who you belong to."
This one was requested by :iconcheese0it:

Part one: [link]

Hope you all enjoy and please tell me what you think about it.
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