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August 11, 2012
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Just something I came up with

Please enjoy also I will give a prize -> request  to anyone who can recognise that line, you know which one I'm talking about ^^

Good luck~

Please tell me what you think~

You were working at the café that had recently employed you. You enjoyed doing it because you liked talking to people, interacting in general. Also being the only girl bartender you got a lot of attention. From drunks mostly, lots of young men flirting blatantly with you.

In fact one very pushy blond one was at this very moment, also he sounded French. You were getting progressively more flustered as you were trying to kindly refuse him as well as serving the rest of your clients.

"Alright already! She said no, so can you please stop distracting our employee from her job!" A loud voice told the man, who sulked, but pushed away from the bar to get back to his two friends who were laughing like maniacs at him.

You looked up in gratitude. "Thanks Den." "No prob." Denmark poured some beer from the tap and handed it over to his own client. "You know you really should be firmer with guys like that." You clenched the dishrag in your hand.

"I know. I just, I don't really want to hurt anyone's feelings...." He sighed. "You're hopeless..." You bowed your head. "That is a nice thing about you though. Not wanting to hurt anyone I mean."

"Eh?" Denmark was blushing? Wait. DENMARK WAS BLUSHING!! How the hell?! I mean you thought he didn't even have it in him to be humble or well feel any emotion or than superiority and here he was. The self-proclaimed King of the North, who was blushing!
You blinked in your daze and smiled warmly. To be honest, he should blush more often. He was much cuter that way.

You stroked his cheek, which was quite a bit higher than your own. "Thank you~" you cooed at him. He flushed even darker and was about to say something when a customer called for you.

"Be right there~" you sang as you walked up to collect your order. Dammit! He thought, it'll have to wait for later...

"Finally~" You stretched your arms. Your shift had ended as well as the opening times. Humming to yourself you went along the different tables, announcing it was closing time. The people who were left, got up after downing their drinks.

You stood at the door, happily telling them to be careful on their way home. The Frenchman clutched your hands to his chest as he passed you.

"Good night, sweet Maiden of the Golden Ale!" He said loudly, getting down on his knee as if to serenade you. It made you giggle slightly. Denmark noted this and frowned a bit at the sight of the grinning Frenchie.

As he was about to take you away from him, his two friends pulled him up and wrapping their arms around his waist to keep him up, they left loudly singing and talking.
Denmark sighed in relief.  

You smiled after them and as you saw that the place was empty you shut the door. You went back behind the counter to hang up your apron. Fiddling with your hair to get it down from the loose bun, you bit your lip in frustration.

Suddenly you felt cool hands descend upon yours. They easily slipped the hair band off and fluffed your hair up slightly as it flowed down over your shoulders.

"Thanks Den." You felt his strong arms wrap around you, making you blush. "D-Den?" He rested his head on your shoulder, smelling your hair. "(y/n)?" "Yes?" "Can I ask you something?"

Your breath hitched in your throat. Was he going to- "S-sure. Whatever you want." "Hmm. Do you promise to answer it whole-hardheartedly? No matter what it is?" "Wha-what's with the pop-quiz Den? What's up?"

He didn't answer you for a moment, just relishing the fact that now, you were in his arms. You could feel a fast thumping on your back. His heartbeat, you realized.

"Do you like me?" His question took you by surprise. "Of, of course I like you. Den, I don't understand-" "How much?" He demanded, a sort of child-like tinge in his voice.

"You've been drinking from the tap again haven't you?! Look," you wriggled out of his grasp and held your hands about a foot apart," this is how much I like you."

Good lord, I can't believe I'm actually doing this. "Only that much?" You cocked your head. "I like you this much." He stretched out his arms completely and pouted at you. You flushed red.

"In other words...," he covered his mouth with his hand," I love you." Each word he said, got gradually quieter as he got more and more embarrassed.  

"Den-" "Mathias. Call me Mathias." You smiled at him and took advantage of his stretched out arms. You held him tightly against you. "Mathias, I-I love you too..." You mumbled into his chest.

His happiness overflowed and he rubbed your back gently. He had heard you, but he feigned innocence as he blinked and frowned.  

"Sorry~ didn't catch that last part, oh sweet Maiden of the golden Ale~ Care to repeat it?" He grinned widely. You growled.

"Oh great King of the North," you proclaimed," I, maiden of the golden Ale, am telling you, you are my love." You grinned after saying this in a very regal old-fashioned voice.

He smiled and buried his face in your hair. "I love you so much." He breathed in your scent and lifted his face to gaze into your eyes. His eyes were filled with adoration as he nuzzled his face into your cheek, then gently brushing his lips against your own.

He repeated," So damn much."
Just something I came up with ^^

As I said before the person who can recognize THAT line gets a big hug and a request from me >D

Please enjoy, tell me what you think about it and guess
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Lord of the rings~

I also loved the story!
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Indeed! And I'm very happy to hear it!
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Lord of the Rings. A random- and very drunk- Hobbit, gets on one knee and says to Rosie Cotton, Sam's crush, "Sweet Maiden of the Golden ale." Sam grumbles out a "Oui, watch who yer sweet talkin'!" And Frodo assures him that, "Rosie knows an idiot when she sees one." The scene ends with Sam muttering, "Does she?" It is one of my favorite shire scenes.
shihachii Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It is a very good scene! C:
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I seriously LOVE that scene.
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First thing that popped in my mind when I saw the title was LORD OF THE RINGS, ironically I was listening to the soundtrack
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How is that ironic? It's amazing!
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It sure is amazing :D 
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