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December 23, 2012
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“So here we are.” Ludwig sighed, gazing around the room filled to the brink with people. Feliciano was being shouted at by his brother as Antonio tried to calm Lovino down. Kiku on the other hand was cowering underneath your duvet.

“C’mon Kiku, you know it’s not really going to happen right?” You said, gently patting the quivering form underneath your bedcovers. “How can you know that for certain?!” He replied, sitting up from his hiding place and looking at you incredulously.

“Because the end of the world has been predicted so many times before.” Ludwig interjected, leaning his elbows on his knees. “I don’t understand what all the fuss is about to be honest.” He muttered under his breath, slacking yet another sigh.  

“Well if we do die, I want to die with you guys!” Feliciano said, getting away from Lovino and attacking you and Ludwig with a hug. “You too, fratello, Kiku!” Lovino rolled his eyes, crossing his arms, refusing to join in.

“C’mon!” Antonio tackled him to the floor, his arms tightly around the steaming Italian. Kiku refused as well, not that that was unexpected though. “I don’t want to die.” The Japanse boy whispered, hiding his face in his hands.

You got out of Feliciano’s embrace, and hugged Kiku, not pulling back even when he went rigid. “Don’t worry, I promise we won’t die. I swear, ‘kay?” You told him, obviously reassuring him. “O-okay.”

“Good!” You grinned at him, taking his hand and pulling him to the TV. “Now what say we play some video-games?”

“Agreed!” The two Italians jumped away from their hugging partners and next to you.
“What’re we gonna play?” They asked in unison, edging closer to you. “I suggest something brain-numbing and button-mashing. What do you say to that?”

The five boys all smiled in their own way and nodded in agreement. “Smash brothers it is then!”

After several rounds it was finally left up to Kiku, Ludwig and the two Italians, who had proven their masterful ability to mash buttons like there was no tomorrow. And heck, who knew? Maybe there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow after all.

“Veee! I won!” You giggled as Feliciano did a victory dance, laughing louder when he made a disgruntled German join in with him.

Lovino scowled, looking away and growling when Antonio patted him on the head. Kiku merely shrugged, feeling happy he was allowed to play in the first place. “Say, shall we have some pasta?” Ludwig facepalmed at the bubbly Italian’s suggestion.

But Lovino backed his brother up. “Hell yeah! I mean if we do die, I want to have-a pasta to be the last food that I eat!”

Feliciano grinned, happy that for once his brother agreed with him. You smiled, hoping they wouldn’t leave the kitchen in a mess. “Fine with me.”

“Si, with me too.”

“Ja ja, let’s just eat already.”

Kiku fidgeted slightly when the others left the room to get the food ready, glancing at his bag nervously. You hung back, trailing after the others. “Y’okay?” You asked, leaning against the door.

He nodded and seemed to make his mind up. “I-I want to eat something else.” You quirked your eyebrows but smiled sweetly at him. “Whatever you want, just eat it with us, ‘kay?”

He bowed to you once, pulling out a smaller plastic bag from his big one and hurrying behind the others. You followed quickly, dreading the state of your kitchen.

Phew! Seems like a combination of the Italian brothers and Ludwig seemed to result in a fairly spotless kitchen. Your counters hadn’t gleamed like that even on the day you first got them.
“Thanks Ludwig.” He blushed and rubbed his neck. “No problem.”

“Pasta, pasta, pastaaaaa!” Feliciano sang as he served the food, cocking his head when he got to Kiku’s seat. “Kiku? You’re not going to eat pasta with us?” The tonality of his voice made you think of a kicked puppy.

“A-ah, no. I wanted to eat some noodles for my last meal.” He replied, smiling sadly. Feli inspected his plate. “Weeeeell, they are sort of pasta, okay I’ll let you off this time.”

Antonio chuckled, ruffling Lovino’s hair. “It looks so good! Thank you so much for making this for us!”

Without further ado, you all ate your meals and looked at the time. “Ludwiiig, I want to go to sleeeeep.” Feli slurred, resting his head on his shoulder. The blond rolled his eyes. “That’s what you get for eating so much.”

He sighed and picked up the dozing Italian, putting him on the couch as Antonio did as with Lovino. “Geez, they sure do share their love for pasta.” They said, shaking their heads at them.

“Shall we stay up?” You asked. “I kind of want to experience first-hand.” Seeing as it was nearly midnight anyway, they complied with your wish, settling down on the couch after the Italians were taken to the air mattresses they bought with them.

“You still alright?” Your question was aimed at the quailing black-haired guy next to you.

“Y-yes I’ll be fine.”

“You sure?” You taunted, an evil grin on your face. “Yes!”

The four of you waited for the moment of truth, playing ‘Have you ever...?’ to pass them time. Which lead to some quite hilarious stories that left three of laughing raucously and the one telling the story blushing darkly.

The clock was almost going to strike twelve when Kiku turned to you. “If we do die, I just wanted to say it’s been nice knowing you all.”

Antonio nodded and hugged you all, going off to say his supposed goodbyes to the other boys. Ludwig shook your hands and saluted, going after Antonio.

Kiku smiled at you and actually returned the hug you gave him. “Actually, I wanted to say something, I mean if the world is going to end, I wanted to tell you.”

You looked at him quizzically, blinking in surprise when he took your hands and pressed a kiss on each one of your knuckles. “I lo-“

“Hey guys! It’s the Apocalypse!”  Feliciano shouted, jumping in between the two of you and laughing loudly. “We’re still alive!”

“Fratello, geez knock it off!” Lovino’s disgruntled voice sounded from the other room. Feliciano stood in front of the window, admiring the non-imploding world.

You giggled and smiled widely. “Hey Kiku, we’re still alive!.... So what was that you wanted to say?”

He turned away from you, his face completely red. “Never mind, I’ll tell you later....”
Well, he DID have time.
.....For some reason it turned it a JapanXReader. I hadn't exactly planned that, but well I kind of like it ^^

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always greatly appreciated!

Also if you want to help decide which character and plot you read about next, please vote in the poll
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