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January 28, 2013
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A loud, resounding crash was heard in the fields, though no one was there to hear save for a young couple trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the town. Shaking nervously, the man stepped forward, inching slowly past the side of the crater to see what had happened.

A softly smouldering object in the middle of the crater creaked and he yelped, jumping back to his cowering girlfriend. With a couple of frightened mutters, he called the police; he didn’t know who else to call in a situation like that after all. The cops quickly turned up, called the fire brigade and supervised the extraction of the unidentified burning object.  

Well, you had make your spectacular entrance back on the surface of the puny blue-green planet. You’d hear people speak of it before; and they called the planet Earth.

“Dudes! You finally came!” Alfred waved his arms excitedly, a huge grin on his face. Arthur sighed, pinching his nose as Francis smiled weakly. “I can’t believe we actually came....”

“Oui, well ozerwise ‘e wouldn’t ‘ave stopped bugging us....”

“I’m telling you! She really is an alien! Fell outta the sky and everything!” Alfred ushered them inside and Francis quirked his eyebrow. “She?”

Alfred rolled his eyes. “Well yeah, she’s a girl.” Suddenly the Frenchman didn’t seem so adverse to getting a look at you. He and Alfred went on ahead, leaving Arthur to trail behind.
An alien again? Hadn’t he raised Alfred to become a responsible young man and to let go of all that childish stuff?

Arthur’s emerald eyes widened when he heard a French squeal and he hastened to round the corner into the living room.

Francis was staring at you as you fluffed up your hair obliviously, sitting stark naked as you conversed with Tony in a strange tongue. Alfred sighed and rubbed his neck. “...Yeah, she doesn’t like clothes that much.”

He went towards you, picking up the clothes you’d thrown across the floor and coaxing them back on you. Hissing at the strange sensation again, you clawed at his hands and hid behind the sofa. Tony said something reassuring to you, telling you that it wouldn’t hurt and that it was a custom here.

Straightening up, you narrowed your eyes suspiciously but allowed Alfred to clothe you once again. During that time, Arthur and Francis looked you over. You were humanoid at least, in fact you looked exactly like a human what with your (h/c) hair that flowed from your head prettily and your unmarked, almost translucent skin.

Sitting down again on the sofa, you stared at the men with eyes that were large, but pretty by all means. Long dark lashes framed them and your expression was nonexistent as you watched the strange creatures.

They spoke in weird tongues, gesturing at you loosely. The volume of the sounds from their voices increased and you flinched, not used to how expressive and aggressive their native tongue was.

As you scanned the strangers, along with the man who’d given you those ‘clothes’ as Tony called them, you saw something very curious indeed.

Standing up, you kept your eyes fixed on the strange things as you slowly walked towards them as though they might flee if you came close to them quickly.

The men had stopped making those weird noises and watched in apprehension as you came closer to the smallest one of them.

Reaching up, you poked the black things on top of his eyes and waited to see if they would move. Gazing at them in fascination you prodded and touched them again, a grin spreading across your face as you did so.

“I think she likes your eyebrows Iggy.”


Arthur clenched his jaw, fighting his instinct to throw you off him. It was kind of cute the way you were completely and utterly enthralled by him, albeit his eyebrows. Gently, he took your hand away from his forehead, holding it softly so as not to scare you.

Languidly your gaze drifted down to his eyes and you laughed once, giggling sweetly before tugging your hand out of his grasp to poke his eyebrows again. Arthur smiled somewhat as he wiggled his eyebrows to see your reaction.

Clapping your hands you grinned and gestured for him to do it again. He complied and you hugged him tightly with a force that sent to flying to the floor with you on top of him.

Still giddy with laughter, you were watched as you hovered over the Brit, causing his face to light up like fireworks as you continued to work magic with his eyebrows. Alfred snorted and was joined in his laughter by Francis as they both doubled over and fell to the ground.
Arthur was the only one not laughing; Tony enjoying the sight of you prodding Arthur’s forehead in his own alien way.

“N-now come love, help me.” He shot the last part at his two friends, well he preferred to call them acquaintances. The two blonds staggered to their feet and gently tried to pry you off him, but you shook your head and clung onto him.

“G-Go-geez!” Arthur sat up suddenly, his back starting to kill him due to his position. Inadvertently, he bumped his lips up to yours and turned bright red whilst you touched your lips with your fingers, the curious sensation lingering there.

After a quick glance at him, you leaned up and pressed your lips against his again; wanting to experience that feeling again. Arthur’s eyes widened until the point where they would pop out of his sockets and he leaned back as much as he could, trying against all odds to break your kiss.

You pulled back after a moment and smiled a heart wrenching smile at him.  It almost made him want to pull you back and kiss you like there was no tomorrow, but he coughed to stop his instincts from taking over.

How was it possible to be that cute?! He thought furiously as you snuggled into his chest, relishing the sound and feel of his heartbeat against your ear.

“Dude, I’m serious here, but I think she really likes you.” Alfred stated, sitting crosslegged across from the two of you. Arthur blushed and tentatively placed his hands on your back, making you cuddle closer to him, closing your eyes and emitting a sound not unlike purring.

“You keep on saying ‘she’ Alfred, does she ‘ave a name?” Francis asked, his chin in his hand and he gazed at the gathering.

Alfred shook his head. “I couldn’t come up with one.”

“(y/n).” Arthur breathed. You mewled happily, as if giving your approval to that name. “She should be called (y/n). It suits her, don’t you think?”

The other two nodded in agreement and smiled as you slept soundly in the Brit’s arms.

“(y/n)! You coming?” You perked up at the sound you now recognised as your name. It was hard for Arthur to communicate with you at most times, but you were slowly learning thanks to the universal translator Tony had been building for you.  

Bounding across the wooden floors on your bare feet you jumped on Arthur as he sat on the sofa. He still hadn’t managed to convert you to socks so your feet were always cold and very dirty. Hugging him tightly around the neck, you grinned as he repositioned you to the way you were always sitting.

Snuggled up against his chest with your ear over his heart, he kept his arms around you and started to read aloud.

“Chapter one, the warriors in the mist. The island of Gont-....”
Tehee CX

A llama to one who guesses which book that's from!

I've been getting the most strange ideas lately, this being one of them. Also, if you do happen to want a sequel, I will explain why you look so much like a human. You ARE one! An abducted one!

Anyways I thought this was pretty legit as those eyebrows of his really are a force to be reckoned with!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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