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December 17, 2012
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"Liebling. Wake up, Liebling." You heard Ludwig mutter and you groaned, your head feeling like it was split in two. "Are you okay?" He mumbled, stroking some hair from your forehead. Whimpering slightly, you felt him pull you up into his arms, cradling you against his chest. "I think I'll be okay." You rasped, needing to get to work.

You had an important presentation that day and you couldn't miss it. You felt terrible though. Ludwig grimaced, knowing about your predicament. “Give me a shout if you need me.” He told you and after kissing your forehead he went to make breakfast for you both.

You swung your legs over the side of your bed, stumbling to your feet. You really didn’t feel good, but being the good employee you were you dressed yourself.

The moment you walked down the stairs however you quickly realised you were getting hot. Way too hot.

Ludwig watched as you managed to get into your chair before you fell and bit his lip. “I can always call them.” But you shook your head avidly. “N-no, I ne-need to go. It’s important.”

He sighed and set a plate of steaming food in front of you. “Lud, as wonderful as it looks, I don’t think eating some like this is going to help me. I’m sorry.” You said, glancing up at him. Without a word, he took your plate, leaving it on the side to cool.

“If you’re feeling that bad then-“ Placing a finger on his lips, you shook your head. He kissed your finger gently, holding your hand in his own.

“What do you want?” He asked, his blue eyes earnestly gazing into yours. “Just some fruit I think. I’ll be fine after I take some medicine.” Before you could get up however, he stood up and collected your much-needed items. “You know, I am here for a reason.” He muttered, setting the things down on the table next to him.

“I want you to rely on me in situations like this.” Smiling, you nodded thankfully at him. “Open up.” He instructed, getting a spoonful of the medicine. “There we go.” He grumbled as you swallowed, your nose wrinkling in distaste.

“Hey, if it’s bitter it works.”

“I know.” You replied, taking off your shirt. Your legs were getting shivery and as you stood up to go to the back door, they shook violently. Ludwig walked with you, one of his arms around your waist. “I can do this much.” You complained, secretly adoring his caring side.

The crisp morning wind blowing onto your skin, gave you goose bumps, but you weren’t cold. On the contrary in fact, it felt good and the fresh air cleared your head. “Better?” You nodded weakly, closing your eyes.

“I just hope the medicine’ll kick in soon.” You said under your breath. When you didn’t move from your spot in the open door, he started getting worried though. “Aren’t you cold?” Shivers racked your body and as he took hold of your arm he noticed you were really hot.

“That’s it. I’m not letting you go to work.”

Despite your protests, he got you back into bed. “I’m telling you, I’ll be fine!”
“And I’m telling you that when the person I love most is suffering, I can’t stand by and do nothing! Now lie down!” Under his stern gaze, you slacked a sigh and relaxed.

“Fine but only this once.” He chuckled at your remaining defiance, softly pressing a cold cloth to your neck and forehead.

Soothed by his actions, you felt your eyelids drop down, drifting off into sleep.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.”
Nothing really special, just wanted to convey how I felt this morning. Except I didn't have a handsome German by my side, putting me to bed.

..... I still had to go to school and take an exam.

Anyhow, please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Wow, this was on the homepage? Thanks so much!

.... Also please don't leave any mean comments, they make me so sad TT.TT
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