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April 1, 2013
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You giggled quietly as you snuck up on your American, who was currently taking a nap on top of the bales of hay that stood in the back of the large barn his family owned. Sneaking up beside him stealthily, you suppressed another giggle as you sat on top of his hips.

Now all you had to do was wake him up. “Alfieee~” you cooed, leaning forward so your breath could ghost over his lips. Mumbling something incoherent in his sleep, he tried to turn over but of course he couldn’t. His eyes fluttered open, widening when he saw you.

A sprinkled dust in a pink shade settled across his cheeks and he tried to shift his body, though you made it hard for him to sit up. Instead he settled on pulling you down on top him, planting a kiss on your forehead when you’d snuggled into his chest.

“Hey sweetheart,” he murmured, his eyes sliding shut again as he nuzzled his lips to the crown of your head. “Hi,” you whispered back, one arm across his chest and fiddling with a strand of the stuff you were practically buried in.

As his chest started rising up and down slowly, you got an idea. Picking out a sizeable piece of hay, you traced it down Alfred’s jaw and along the lines of his throat. Creaking an eye open, he grumbled at you, before taking a fistful of hay and sticking it down the back of your top.

You squealed and squirmed to get it out, but he merely laughed maliciously and pinned you down using his body. Taking a small instrument of torture between his fingertips and twirling it for you to see, he grinned widely as he now got revenge.

Lightly tickling your jaw and the sensitive spots on your neck, he smiled as you shrieked. “St-stoop! C-caaan’t br-breathe!” You choked out between your raucous laughter, your rolling from side to side prohibited by his sitting on you.

“Alfreeeed!” You complained, slamming your hips up so he fell to the side. Though it seemed the force of your buck was stronger than you’d thought as Alfred fell to the side and then off the bale completely.

“Err, sorry.” You apologised sheepishly with a impish grin on your face as you watched him straighten up and dust the hay from his clothes. His nose wrinkled in pain as he felt over the bump on his head. “Ow....” he muttered under his breath, sitting next to you and rubbing softly over his sore spot.  

“C’mere.” You told him, stroking his hair and pressing your lips tenderly to the top of it, not unlike he’d done to you previously. He turned pink again and glanced up at you. In his nervousness, he swung his feet to get rid of his adrenaline.

“I-It hurts here as-as well.” He stuttered, a slim finger aimed towards his trembling lips. With a nervous giggle, you leant forward and pecked his lips.

“You didn’t need to ask.” You murmured, blushing when he wrapped his arms around you and set you in his lap. “That’s good to hear, otherwise I’d take up too much time talking.” He answered with a nuzzle of his lips to yours, kissing you properly a speeded-up heartbeat later.
This was a request for :icongamerkelly101: Hope you enjoyed it love and that it was what you wanted!

.... I'm working on stuff, no need to worry ^^
I know I've not been uploading that many things lately, but I keep starting things and then I get stuck, 'cuz I often can't imagine an ending ^^

...... I hope my brain isn't fooling me into thinking this is any good, so with that being said I'm going to catch some Z's once I upload this!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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Thekoalaoverlord Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Ok so I'm from Kansas and we have hay and whatnot but what we DON'T have is hot guys at all. I've looked too like all over. But bless my lucky stars we have a lot of hay and dirt, and copperheads (lovely poisonous snakes that are all over the place)
YasminKirkland1031 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
Don't worry, poppet. Do you know how hard it is to find a good looking guy?
... My husband is glaring at me...
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