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January 13, 2013
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The sunlight streamed across the plaza, the fountain set in the middle of the square throwing  rainbows across the cobbled ground. Around the fountain were several wooden benches and it was on one of these that you were seated.

A plastic bag lay open beside you and every now and then you tossed part of the sandwich within it to the birds around you. A large flock of birds were circling around you by now and you alternated between throwing them your lunch and sketching them, which was proving to be difficult as the pigeons moved quickly.

Reaching next to you, you fumbled around for your sandwich, but you felt nothing but crumbs. You glanced at the bag and sighed when you found it was empty. You often got enraptured by birds, always wanting to see them fly and capture them in the act of doing so. But that meant that you had sacrificed many a sandwich to them.

With a disgruntled huff, you finished off your drawings of the birds, shutting it with a snap. The sudden sound made a couple of them jump and fly into the air and when you stood up, they all took off. A whirlwind of flapping wings and the squawks around you made you smile and you made your way to the fountain, washing your hands from the stain of the pencil on the side of your hand.

What now.... You questioned, looking around the deserted square. A couple of shops caught your eye, but you wanted some food now. I’ll just have to go and get another sandwich from somewhere....

As you made your way away from the square, you passed a little restaurant and you stopped, gazing at the menu that hung outside. Sidling up to it, you checked the prices and then your wallet. With a smile you stepped inside the small restaurant, looking around the place. You couldn’t really place the feeling, but there was something in this place that made it feel warm somehow.

Was it the twinkling candles? Maybe the chequered tablecloths. Well whatever it was, you enjoyed it. “May I take your coat?” The bubbly voice beside you startled you and you snapped your head to the side to see one of the waiters smiling at you.

He had an odd curl coming from his light brown hair and he held his hand out. “Y-yes.” You murmured, shrugging out of your jacket and handing it to him. “Just a moment.” He skipped away, disappearing with your coat for a moment and then returning.

“A table for one?” After your affirmative nod, he led you to a table in the corner. You kept your sketchbook tucked in the corner of your elbow as you walked and safely put it on the table. The waiter handed you a menu and left with the promise to return swiftly.

You let your eyes dawdle down the page for a second, but settled on just some simple spaghetti bolognaise. The waiter did return as he had said, a grin on his face as he wrote down what you wanted and then left to take it to the chef.

Looking around the place, you took in everything. It wasn’t a very big place at all and had quite a homely atmosphere what with the waiters chatting casually to people whilst serving them. Well, the light haired one that had served you was a real chatterbox. Though you weren’t usually one for making conversation with strangers you felt yourself warming up to him.

“Here you go.” You glanced up when you heard a lower voice than your waiter. He was dark-haired and like the other had a curious curl sticking out from his hair. He set the drink you’d ordered before on your table, making sure to set it down gently and not to spill it.

His expression was soft and he wore not quite a smile, but the corners of his mouth tugged up when he saw you looking, or well staring at him. You always had a hard time looking straight into people’s eyes, but you found you couldn’t look away from his. The beautiful combination of amber and cinnamon around his black irises took your breath away.

With a sort of bow, he smiled at you properly. “Your food will be here shortly.” And with that he turned, serving the others once again. Your fingers seemed to itch, yearning to capture those eyes on paper so you flipped your sketchbook open to the first empty page you can upon.

As you waited for your food to arrive, you started drawing the outline of his eyes, doing several drawings of him. One of only his eyes, then one of his face and then one of him holding up a tray with dishes.

You became completely absorbed in your work, that you merely nodded in acknowledgment when your waiter returned with your food. He chuckled, having experienced what it’s like to be completely focused on a drawing.

Absentmindedly, you twirled some of the spaghetti on your fork, chewing on it as you continued drawing. Your waiter kept an eye on you as worked, trying to glance over your shoulder and catching a glimpse of your work whenever he could, as did the dark haired one. But they never got a proper look, which was something they regretted.

Your plate emptied after forkful after forkful of the pasta and your drawings were finishing up as well. Smiling impishly in success you rubbed your aching fingers, it’d been a while since you’d drawn that fast.

“Have you finished?” The waiter asked you and you smiled at him, nodding. Before he left with your plate however, he gestured at your book. “C-Can I see?” He asked, looking at you hopefully. Blushing you shake your head vigorously. “I-I’m really n-not that good!” You protested, but the brunette merely brushed it off.

“I’d like to see!” Biting your lip, you handed it to him carefully and watched as he started leafing through it. His eyes grew wide with amazement when he saw how detailed you worked and the precision with which you drew.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw the darker haired one, nervously looking at you and his co-worker. The waiter waved him over and he stood at your table, as if waiting for someone to speak. “Bella, can I let fratello see too?”

You blushed again, before mumbling a ‘yes’. The darkhaired one sat down next to his brother, as it turned out, flicking through the pages. He was nearing the end when you suddenly heard the bell strike two ‘o clock.

You jumped up hurriedly. How on earth could you have forgotten about that! After throwing enough money down on the table, you grabbed your bag and slung it over your shoulder. “I’m sorry! I’ve got to go!” You cried, fleeing outside, your coat and sketchbook still inside the restaurant.

The two men exchanged a confused look, but he continued looking through your book. When the darker one saw your picture of him, he turned red. Digging into his pocket, he got out his pen and flipped to the next page.

It’d been a week since you’d left the Italian restaurant in a hurry and you’d been able to cope with your jacket. The absence of your sketchbook unnerved you though, so you made some time to go back and get it back.

The little square was empty again, not that you minded the peace and quiet. The streaming water of the fountain was one of the only sounds that resounded in the square, that along with the chirping of the birds and your footsteps.

You made your way to the cosy restaurant and lifted your hand to knock on the door. Even though the sign in the door said ‘CLOSED’, you knew there were people inside due to the glowing of lights at the back where you supposed the kitchen was.

After knocking several times, you watched as the cheerful waiter opened the door for you, welcoming you with open arms. “Bella! You came back!” Your cheeks heated up as he hugged you tightly and you pried him off you when you deemed it polite enough to do.

He ushered you inside. “Would you like something to drink?” Shaking your head, you smiled. “I just came to get my coat and book actually.” You told him and he pouts, but shrugs. “I think fratello still has your book, I’ll go get him!”

“That’s fine.” His brother came down a couple of steps, your book tucked in the crook of his elbow. “I heard you come in.” He explained, handing you the book. “Th-thank you.” You mumble, looking at your feet.

“Can I ask you something?” He rubbed his neck, his own cheeks looking rather pink. “G-go ahead.”

“That was me, wasn’t it? The person in the drawing I mean.” After you nodded, you both turned your heads in opposite directions, your faces flaming red. “I-I’m sorry.”

He shook his head. “No, it’s fine. I’m just not used to people doing things like that I guess.”

“Hey! Hey! We drew some stuff too!” The light haired one exclaimed, happily bouncing up and down. Your interest piqued, you flicked to the last page you used and then to the next one. You gasped in wonder.

Not a single space had been left blank, the small and funny little drawings spreading out over the entire page in different shades of red and green.  

“We had fun! Ah! We didn’t think you’d mind, miss-“

“(y/n), it’s (y/n).” The two brothers smiled widely. “I’m Feliciano.” The light haired one said, shaking your hand energetically. The other one, squeezed your hand rather tentatively. “And I’m Lovino.”

“Pleased to meet you.” You said, your gaze falling back to their drawings. You spotted a large tomato in the bottom corner and it looked as though it had something scribbled in the centre. Blushing even darker when you’d managed to decipher it, you glanced up at Lovino.

“I would love to.” You answered his written question and he grinned. “I’m happy to hear it!”

Wanna go out sometime? ~L
This was a request for :icontrinzen:

Hope you enjoy girl!

.... Yeah, I thought it was kind of weird that I'd done a Waiter!Italy one and then someone asked for a Waiter!Romano ^^

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!

And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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