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March 28, 2013
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You stamped your boot-clad feet in a desperate attempt to get some dearly sought after warmth circulating in your freezing toes. “Why is it so cold...” you muttered, grabbing hold of the end of your knit scarf which had flown back in the wind. Pinning it back against your bare neck, you quickened your pace, watching your breath rise in smoky plumes as you heard the monotone drum of your feet padding against the crunch of the snow. 

There was always something magical about the snow, you believed; the way all noises of an otherwise bustling street would seem to be sucked into the fresh cloak of white that covered anything and everything into a smooth sculpture of snow. As you shifted the bag that was slowly sliding its way down on your arm higher, you breathed a sigh of relief which made you look like a steamtrain that was setting off.

“Please hurry.” You whispered in desperation, ringing the bell clumsily due to your thick gloves. Seconds later your face cracked a smile. A frantic scrambling could be heard from the other side of the heavy door, along with a couple of excited “I’m coming!”’s.

The door was wrenched open and Mathias grinned widely at you. “Don’t just stand there.” He told you, pulling you inside and shutting the door gratefully behind him; snow was already sneaking its way inside.

After quickly shrugging off your various layers, your matching set of essential warmth-retainers being set on the radiator to dry, you opened your arms to the blond and hugged him tightly. “I’m coooold.” You complained, blushing when he kissed your forehead. “You really are!” He exclaimed, wrapping his arms around you and lifting you off the ground as he hugged you.

“Don’t worry, min kære, I’ll get you warmed up in no time!” He said with a wink, though he gasped in fake pain when you playfully slapped his arm as his hand made its way to your behind. “Not that way, Matt.” You commented ‘angrily’, snuggling into his chest. You shrieked when he picked you up properly and took you to the living room, where a merry fire was happily crackling in the fireplace.

“I’ll still warm you up though.” He cooed at you, setting you on his lap and nuzzling into your cheek as you got comfortable against his chest. Time passed leisurely as you stayed like that and you even started drifting off to sleep. No one could have resisted sleep at this moment; your job was tiring you out and it seemed like a miracle you were even standing on your feet.

The steady beat of Mathias’s heart under your ear was acting as a soft lullaby and you kneaded the collar of his shirt for a moment before your eyes slipped closed. A couple of moments later, he noticed the state you were in. “Are you asleep?” He whispered softly, watching as you mumbled something incoherent.

“Geez, you’re just too cute.” He told you with a smile, tracing his thumb over the dark bags that circled your eyes. When he saw how worn out and tired you looked, his expression darkened and he made a mental note to call your boss and threaten ask him to lighten your workload.

“My Sleeping Beauty.” Gently kissing down your face from your temple, his lips ghosted over yours. The minute gesture was enough to wake you from your brief slumber and you blinked sleepily at him. He froze just before he could kiss you and chuckled sheepishly at you.

“What were you going to do?” You mumbled, rubbing your neck and yawning; not giving him the chance to apologise though his regret in doing so yearned to be spoken. “I was just going to wake the princess. That’s what they always do in fairytales, no?” He said, tracing a hand down your back comfortingly.

“Yeah, the prince always wakes up the princess with a kiss..... though I’m nowhere near close to being a princess.” You replied, resting your face in the crook of his neck. He hummed in disapproval for a moment, stroking your shoulder softly as he voiced his opinion. “I don’t want you to be just any old princess. I want you to my princess. Only mine, my sleeping beauty.” He said and a streak of crimson painted your cheeks as he pressed his lips tenderly to your temple.

A small, evil smile crept onto your lips and you leant up to his ear. “You’re no prince though.” You whispered, chuckling as he started to protest. “You’re the King of the North of course.” You added with a closed-eyed smile. Gazing at you lovingly, he laughed loudly and rocked you as he buried his face in your neck.

“And the King gets all the girls!” He crowed, nearly deafening you. With a wince, you sat back and pouted. “All the girls?” You scowled and averted your eyes from him. With a mischievous smirk, he lifted his legs up so you tumbled back against him with a surprised yelp. “Though to be honest I only want you as my queen.” He grinned and leant down to kiss you, though you moved so he pecked your cheek.

“Will you be my Queen? Min kære, my sweet (Y/n)?” He questioned, looking at you with the most sincere cerulean eyes you’d ever seen on him. His seriousness overwhelmed you for a second and when you recovered, you smiled warmly at him. “.....Only if I get to mess with your hai- Of course I want to!” You answered, flinging your arms around him and squeezing him close.

He nuzzled his face to yours, getting his first proper kiss of the night and rubbing his nose into your neck. Glancing up at you momentarily, he grinned widely. “Told you I got all the girls.”


I.... just needed the fluff....

Correct me if I'm wrong, Danish-speakers, but I believe 'min kære' means 'my sweet, my love' something along those lines ^^

This wasn't meant to be this long, just something short and sweet and yet it turned into this.... Oh well, sometimes good things happen when you don't expect them to.
I should probably explain that last deviation, that poem. I'm sorry if I caused any of you distress, though I'm guessing I didn't. I think I'm just going through a bad moment and I just don't feel that good about myself. I'm fine when I've got something to do or when when I'm around people. It's when I'm alone with my thoughts that I start feeling like everything is going wrong.

.... I'll stop there, there's no need for me to continue driveling on about myself ^^

In any case,

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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