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April 14, 2013
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Gilbert’s ruby eyes widened in shock. “She’s gone...?!” he echoed, staring in disbelief at his distraught Spanish friend. “Si! I-it just happened so fast! I left her for a moment and suddenly she was outside with this strange, cloaked guy and-“ The brunette stopped, knowing that if he told Gilbert what had happened before you were taken, his wrath would be invoked.

“And?!” The fuming albino repeated in anticipation, his eyes narrowed to mere slits. “The guy kissed her.” Antonio told him in a small voice, dreading what his reaction would be. Actually he’d handled it rather well; he only blew away one wall.

“What ‘appened zhen?” Francis asked, Gilbert being too enraged to form a coherent sentence that didn’t involve colourful language. “Well she sort of collapsed after that, kind of like all her energy left her or something-“

“Laurinaitis.” Gilbert interrupted with a dark growl. “Their clan’s speciality is sapping one’s energy. And if Laurinaitis was sent to get her then that can only mean one person is behind this.” The men shared a look and nodded resolutely.

The loud bang reverberated throughout the dark room and the violet-eyed man turned in irritation at being interrupted. “What?”
“Big brother! You can’t be serious!” A flickering streak of pale white flew across the room and you froze. The cold metal of a blade pressed against your throat and you felt a hand grab the back of your neck.

“This is the girl you’ve been observing for so long?! What’s so good about her?! She’s just a weak human-“

“Natalya, that’s enough. If you kill her, then all of this would have been for nothing, wouldn’t it?” The man glared at his sister and she, albeit begrudgingly, snapped away her blade, getting off the bed to stand beside him. Her waist length platinum hair shone with every movement she made and what you gathered from what you could glimpse of her pale skin, you concluded that she was stunningly beautiful.

Even the dainty, spiralled horns that stuck out level with her ears simply made her look more endearing. “Brother-“ she started, the hand that was reaching out to him freezing when she saw the furious look on his face. Dropping her hand to her side, she made for the open door with the air of a kicked puppy.

“Well, now you’ve met Natalya.” The blond said irritably, one wave of his hand sufficient to make the door slam close. “Where were we... oh yes. My name is Ivan. Ivan Braginski.” He told you, a mockingly low bow sent your direction not a second later.

You could only stare at him, still too scared of him to answer properly. “Well?” Ivan commented, one of his eyebrows raising skyward as he gazed at your frozen form. “Aren’t you going to anything, sweet (Y/n)?” He advanced towards you, resting one knee on the side of the bed and leaning closer to you.

“Do you think this is all just a dream? That your precious Gilbert will wake you up in but a moment?” One of his large hands wound its way around your shoulder, his fingers grazing the back of your neck in a not-too subtly threatening way. All you could do in response was tremble as his thumb traced the cleft of your collarbone.

Suddenly the mark on your shoulder flamed up, a red-hot glow singeing his hand and engulfing it in the angry flames. “Just his pentagram?” Ivan let out a cruel, heartless laugh that held no mirth. “I thought he could do better, mark you more thoroughly.” Shaking the flame into fine grey ash that coated his fingers in a fine grey ash, he smirked and grabbed hold of your chest roughly.

“Or so I’d have thought.... But then again maybe that wasn’t so easy for him....” The light-haired demon stroked down the line of your jaw with his ashen hand, leaving a trail of the fine dust, then smearing the stuff across your lips. “You probably enchanted him with those eyes of yours. Don’t lie, I know you must’ve.” He murmured when you opened your mouth in protest.

All the time he spoke, your mark throbbed dully in response to your heightened distress. And each time it throbbed, Ivan gripped your chin tighter, his hold on one of your breasts becoming stronger. “You enchanted him with your body. You did, didn’t you? Your skin is so soft and flawless, it must’ve sent him insane with desire.”

Whimpering quietly, you bit the inside of your mouth so you wouldn’t show him your weakening resolve. The only thing you wanted was for him to leave you alone. The way he spoke about Gilbert not only angered you, but it also made your heart beat in a mournful rhythm.

Would you ever see him again? Ivan was obviously the man about which Antonio had spoken with such contempt, you didn’t doubt that for a second. In which case it was in Ivan’s best interest to keep you alive, to keep you as a hostage he could bargain with.

So, you concluded, you had to be kept alive. A small smile crept onto your smeared lips at this spark of hope, one which he took notice of. “Figured it out, have you? Yes, I do have to keep you alive.” You watched with apprehension at what he was going to continue saying. His smirk grew.  “But that doesn’t mean that I can’t injure you, hurt you, do unspeakable things to you. Then I’ll deliver you to Gilbert in exchange for his throne once you’re completely broken.” He smirked maliciously, the carnal desire to defile what wasn’t his etched onto his features.

With a desperate squeak, you launched yourself out of the bed and away from him, but in a blink of an eye you were pinned to the floor. “Now if you’re quiet, I might not hurt you as much,” Ivan told you, his knees on top of your elbows and his full weight on your lower back.

“Brother!” The man that sat upon you growled darkly and stood up. “What?!” He snapped, the woman in the doorway flinching at his tone. “Ah, it’s-it’s just that the towers said they saw a couple of guys coming this way.”

Ivan sighed and scowled heavily. “So he’s already on his way...” He muttered under his breath, throwing you a withering look as you hid behind the bed. “Katyusha! Get Natalya to guard (Y/n) and then stay here with them. I don’t want anything funny happening to her. I’ll go and greet our guests,” he said, rubbing his hands in vindictive pleasure. “I’ll give them a warm welcome.”

“Don’t let her leave the room.” With that last, barked order Ivan left the room, his younger sister coming and closing the door behind her. Like her brother, she glared at you before seating herself in a chair you hadn’t noticed before. She clicked out a knife absentmindedly, playing with it as she waited for something to happen.

His other sister, the one he’d called Katyusha stood beside the window and watched the scene unfold.

Ivan chuckled in delight as the trio of men knocked away yet another wave of the inferior demons. “Come down here and fight us yourself!”
“Don’t be a coward!”

The Russian demon just laughed freely, coming to a standstill when Gilbert appeared before him and grabbed hold of his throat. He smirked at the albino. “I’ve still got her, Gil. If you hurt me, my sisters will kill her on the spot.” Gilbert tensed and released his hold. Francis and Antonio clapped him on the shoulder.

“Where is the chica, Ivan?”
He chuckled darkly and turned on his heel. “This way.”

You started when the door opened and gasped when Ivan came back inside, followed by a handbound Gilbert. You were positive you’d even seen Francis and Antonio smile reassuringly at you just before the door closed in front of them.

“I told you she was safe.” Gilbert sighed in relief at seeing your face, making to go towards you when he was stopped by Ivan holding him back. “First the pledge,” he ordered, forcing Gilbert on his knees.

“Don’t do it! It’s not worth it!” You cried, being held down by Katyusha who had an apologetic expression on her face. “Shut up.” A blade was pressed to your throat once again as Natalya grabbed you by the scruff of your neck.

“Worthless humans should just die already.” Gilbert looked up in alarm as did Ivan. “Natalya, calm down,” her brother tried, worried to lose his bargaining chip.  “You know what? I don’t think I will big brother. I’m tired of you treating me like a child. I’m strong and this girl here?” She held you up and you whimpered, pulling at her hands around your throat with a panicked look. “This girl is weak. Just a weak human. They break,” her hand tightened around your neck. You took one final look at Gilbert and your vision went blank as you heard a snap. “ easily.”

She dropped your limp body onto the bed with a self-satisfied smirk on her face. Gilbert let out a choked sob, trembling as he stared at your lifeless eyes. “No,” he breathed, standing up shakily and stumbling towards you. The bonds fell from his hands as the three siblings fled from the room. “No, no. No, no, no, no!” Gilbert took you into his arms and shook you gently, pressing his lips to every inch of your face.

Francis and Antonio sped into the room, alarmed by the way Ivan and the women had run from the room. They stared at your still form, tears springing to their eyes. “No, no! Don’t go (Y/n), don’t go. Don’t go somewhere I can’t follow you. Don’t go,” Gilbert repeated, rocking you and holding you against his chest.

His two friends gulped down their tears as Antonio covered his mouth and sobbed, Francis biting his lips until they bled. Gilbert moaned in grief, tears staining his cheeks and trickling onto your pale face.

With great effort you opened your eyes, only to be blinded by luminescent light.
Where was this?
.... Well that escalated quickly!
I'm really, really sorry about casting these three as the bad guys, I really adore their characters and I only cast them this way, because it fit. No hating on any of them! And if you do want to hate on them, then hate on me for writing them that way.

And just to clear a couple of things up;
Laurinaitis is Lithuania's last name if you were wondering.
Katyusha is Ukraine (if you didn't know) and Natalya is Belarus.

And oh, this isn't the end loves, don't worry.

I'm so sorry for killing you ;-;

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Part eight: YOU ARE HERE
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