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April 8, 2013
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You stared listlessly out of the window, a couple of grimy patches of glaze distracting you slightly but not enough to stop your worrying. It had been two days already and you hadn’t received word from either of them. Antonio didn’t seem to be that bothered. Well, of course he was concerned about his friends’ well being, but he knew just how strong they were. After all, he’d fought with them many a time, the damage sometimes being quite dangerous.

“Don’t worry, chica.” You heard him say and you glanced up to smile wryly at him. He beamed down at you and took the liberty of seating himself behind you. In an attempt to lighten your mood, he took another glance around the old room you were sitting in. It was one of the only rooms that had survived the fire that had destroyed both your house and your family. The entire back of the building had been charred until nothing remained.

“So, where did your parents go after this fire you told me about?” He asked goodnaturedly, frowning when you patted his head. “They didn’t go anywhere Toni. This is the place where they died.” His emerald eyes widened in disbelief and guilt. “I-I’m so sorry, I-“

“It’s alright. You couldn’t know.” Smiling sadly at him, you shifted slightly on your perch in the windowseat so your cheek rested against the stone of the grate. “It’s strange for me to be talking to people like this though.” You commented, feeling his questioning gaze rest upon your form. “Ever since my family died, I’ve always had to fend for myself. The only people I came in contact with were my mistresses or other maids and I’ve never told them anything like this. I guess I’m not really used to being around people that I care for.”

His warm palm rested on your knee. “Like Gilbert?” You nodded slightly, not being able to trust your voice. Voicing your innermost emotions weren’t really what you did often as you’d stated previously and in doing so, you always felt the raw pain of losing your family again.

“He won’t lose you know.” You glanced up at him. He wore a soft, knowing smile. “I hate admitting it, but Gilbert is stronger than both Francis and me put together. I suppose that’s why he’s one of the dominating lords in Hell, I suppose.” He added on, seemingly as an afterthought as he stared into space. “Dominating lords in Hell?” You echoed, frowning slightly as you tried to grasp what he meant.

Shooting you a quizzical look, he went on to explain. “Didn’t he tell you...? Well Gilbert’s very influential, because not only is he strong, he’s incredibly knowledgable, even if he doesn’t always show it.” He grinned, though his smile faded at the next part of his continuation. “It’s unfortunate really, it’s because a lot of people look up to him that there’s a couple of people that really hate his guts. Mostly they’re just jealous of his position, but up until now no one’s challenged him yet.”

Tilting your head to the side, your brows furrowed. “So what’s happened now then, to change that?”The Spaniard looked at you worriedly, as though wondering if he should continue or not. He figured that as he’d already told you this much, he might as well finish.

“Now you’re here.” He said simply, with a casual gesture towards you. “Now I’m here, ...what?”

You asked, inclining forward slightly. Antonio coughed and leant back against the wall. “I think that some irritating guys saw you as a good opportunity to make Gilbert fall from his throne. And you know that, if you get involved, Gil would do anything to keep you safe. That includes giving everything he has.” He said, his gaze directed towards his hands.

Your heartbeat beat at a faster pace and you couldn’t help the smile that crept to your lips.
“I’d give up my all for him too, though I don’t really have anything other than myself. Or well I do have one other thing. But calling him a thing might be rude I suppose.” Antonio’s eyes shone with curiosity. “Who is it?”

“Well, I don’t know his name. And to be honest I’m not even sure if he exists in real life or just in my mind.” He motioned to make you continue. You smiled at the thought of your friend. “I used to think he was my imaginary friend and-and I called him Mr. Fairy.” You said with a chuckle, laughing at your childish silliness. “Like I said, I don’t really know if he was real or not. Sometimes he felt as real as you or me, other times it was just like a waking dream.”

You didn’t tell Antonio about your suspicion about Mr. Fairy. About how you believed he was the sole reason you survived the fire when the rest hadn’t. When you closed your eyes, you sadly concluded that you could barely picture him anymore, save for his enchanting eyes. Those eyes that made you think of the damp moss that clung to rocks, the fresh green of the rippling fields and the twinkle in them that made him seem so real.  Thinking about him had always managed to calm you down and you felt it work on you even now, your tense shoulders sinking and your interlaced hands merely resting on each other.

You’d never seen him again, after that disaster. Shaking your head lightly, you tried to change the subject.

“So, do you know who might be after Gilbert?” He shrugged and pouted. “I can only guess really, but there a couple of nasty characters that wouldn’t hesitate at anything to overthrow Gil. In fact there’s one guy in particular that’s had an eye on Gil for a while now, and you really shouldn’t mess with him.” Antonio’s tan skin paled visibly and he rubbed his arm uncomfortably.

“The moment he comes near you, it’s like the world turns cold and bleak. It’s like he drains all the colour and happiness out the world. His name is-“ Suddenly a boiling, bubbling noise took over and he jumped up, whilst crying something nonsensical about his soup.

As you waited for him to return and finish the conversation, you turned your attention to what lay outside the window. After simply staring at nothing in particular for a while, you sat up straight when you saw something moving outside. Was that a-a human? Or something worse? You wondered, your nose pressed up against the glass as you shamelessly stared at the person that trudged across your property.

A jolt of electricity ran down your spine when the stranger glanced up and instantly you were entranced by him, his gaze kind of pressurising your body and stimulating it to move. Before you’d realised it, you were stumbling down the stairwell to the person, tripping over your own feet because of the strange, forced movements of your body. The demon, as you now recognised the man, gestured for you to follow him which you couldn’t help but do.

He had green eyes as well, you deliriously noted, but they weren’t as warm or as kind as you had remembered Mr. Fairy’s one to be. The horns that curled around his ears were scarred and menacing though the man was thin and seemed to be trembling. With what, fear or anticipation, you didn’t know.

“Chica! The soup’s ready to be-.... Chica?” Antonio scanned the room worriedly, pacing up to the window where you’d sat not a moment ago. His eyes widened when he saw you follow the stranger and he immediately dashed after you, scrambling down the stairs in a frantic frenzy and crying out to you.

The man turned in shock at hearing your friend coming to help you and took a harsh of your shoulders. He seemed to mutter something under his breath, something that sounded strangely like; “-hoped I wouldn’t have had to force you-“ before, he bought your face to his and kissed you roughly.

You twitched and struggled for a moment, before it felt like all energy had been drained from you and you fell against his chest limply. The man snapped his fingers curtly before Antonio reached you, taking you with him and vanishing in nought but air.
Antonio gasped and stared at the place where you’d been. “Damn it!”

Francis sucked in some more much-needed breath to his burning lungs, wiping a trickle of sweat from his forehead with a tired sigh. He threw a glance out of the window and smiled in triumph. “Ami, they’re pulling back. I think we’ve won!”

The Frenchman clapped his hands to make a glass of wine appear, taking a deep gulp of the liquid he’d been deprived of. Gilbert narrowed his eyes at the retreating forces of the lesser demons that had attacked them day and night. “Somezhing’s vrong.” The albino muttered, looking out to the horizon and tightening his fists. “Francis, I need to see if (Y/n) is alright!”

Groggily, you slid your eyes open, the effort making you almost gasp for breath. Wh-where was this?! It certainly wasn’t anywhere you’d been before. The air felt strangely cold to you and heavy as well as it pressed on you. The walls around you were shrouded in darkness.

A voice sounded. “Welcome, my dear, sweet (Y/n) to my humble abode.” Startled, you sat up as much as you could, staring back in fright at the violet eyes that glinted. It was as if they were disembodied, had a smirking smile not shone in the glinting light of the candles that threw distorted, frightening shadows on the already dark walls.

“W-who are you?” You squeaked, not even trying to hide how scared you were, it would have been impossible. The eyes flashed at you and a , menacing, rumbling chuckle reverberated around the room. “Well, little girl, I’ll tell you exactly who I am,” you sensed him come closer to you.

“My name is-“
A loud bang cut him off.

been working on this for a while now~
So who do you think lured you to this stranger's 'humble abode'?
Who's Mr. Fairy? And will reader-tan ever see him again?
Was Gilbert's hunch correct and will you ever find out what the cold enemy's name is?

Find out, in the next installment of.... (wait for it)... Pure.

(I can't resist this; stranger used 'rough kiss' on reader-tan. It was super effective!)

*coughcough* enough with the jokes now,
Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!

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