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April 3, 2013
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You parted your lips, your reply making him grin wider than you’d ever seen before.

He started laughing, a overjoyed and relieved expression on his face. “Zhank you!” he cried, holding you tightly to him and laughing loudly. “Danke, danke, danke!” He cried, biting his lip and staring at you, feeling more happiness than he’d ever had.

Caressing his cheek, you gazed back lovingly at him, feeling your heart rate increase. That smile of his, it literally took your breath away. “Do you zhink I vould be allowed zu...” He murmured, his ruby eyes already halfclosed as he inched closer to you. “Allowed to do what?”

You breathed, shivering when you felt his exhaled breath on your lips. “Vould I be allowed zu have a kiss?” He mumbled, gulping in anticipation when you shakily nodded your head. If his heart would work, it would be going a mile a minute. Finally, he could claim his prize.

An inch still separated your trembling sets of lips and you both leaned in at the same time. Suddenly, an enormous crash sounded, followed by a violent tremor that wracked the building. “W-what happened?!” You shrieked, glancing around you in terror as bookshelves fell over and left a large jagged scar in the far wall.

Gilbert’s eyes narrowed and he got to his feet, pulling you to his side and winding an arm around you tightly. “I don’t knov. But I have a bad feeling about zhis.” He muttered rapidly, his jaw tense and his senses alert.

“Ve don’t know vhat’s going on yet, but zhe most important zhing is to get you safe.” With that he swiftly turned on his heel and began to take you to your bedroom. As you speed walked to the safe room, you stared in abject terror as you passed the corridors.

Several of Gilbert’s servants were caged in and even crushed by pieces of rubble that had fallen from the ceiling or walls during the tremor. He quickly freed them with a wave of his hand and told them to get themselves somewhere safe.

Well he told them that after he’d asked them if they’d seen anything unusual happen. They all answered the same thing; a strange glowing coming from the front gate was all they’d seen or been blinded by. A moment later the castle had shaken as though struck by a combination of a hurricane and multiple earthquakes.

He paled visibly at their statements and hurried you to the room even faster, so fast that you could barely keep up with his hurried strides. Now that the door had been locked, bolted and several things had been pushed in front of it, Gilbert looked out of the window fretfully.
“G-Gilbert? What’s going on?” You asked, feeling incredibly frightened at the strange events.

The sound of your terrified voice seemed to make something in him snap into place and he was by your side instantly. “I don’t know myself, Liebling. But I’ll make sure zhat nothing happens to you.” He cooed at you, wrapping his arms around you when you buried your face in his chest.

“I’ll protect you no matter vhat.” He whispered, glancing up sharply when the door rocked against its hinges. He stood in front of you as you whimpered behind him, clutching onto the back of his jacket in your fear. You weren’t normally this afraid of things, but these were demons! Who knew what they could do?

Gilbert growled as the door was shoved again, his toes curling as he ground his teeth. “I von’t let zhem lay a finger on you, (Y/n).” The tone he used was cold and laced with acid and you bit the inside of your mouth to keep from crying and clinging to him.

As the door was knocked and shoved from the other side, Gilbert’s fists tightened each time. His glare became harsh and he bared his teeth. After another painstakingly filled moment, the door gave way and two beings ventured inside the room, climbing over the obstacles that had been placed in their way.

Gilbert’s shoulders slackened and he sighed in relief, before storming to the two things and roughly pulling their hair. “Vhat’s the big idea! You broke down our barricade!” The two men, you now identified as Antonio and Francis, yelped and apologized though Gilbert continued his hair pulling.

“Stop zhat! ‘ow dare you ruin big brother’s magnifique ‘air!” Gilbert scoffed at the Frenchman and stared at the angrily. “How dare I?! How dare you bring her into danger!” He shouted, their gazes shooting up when a clanging type of noise was heard from the end of the hall.

“Now she’s in real danger amigo!” The two men sprung from the piece of furniture they’d been sitting on, taking defensive stances in front of the pair of you. “Still got zhe fight in you, ami?” Antonio smirked in response, a glowing light appearing around his left palm. It was hard for you to see what he was doing as his back was turned towards you, but it looked as though he pulled something out of his fist.

A massive two-bladed axe materialised in his right hand a second later with Francis copying his actions, though flipped around and a sable appearing in his left hand which he flourished through the air.

“Vhat are you two doing?” They turned around and blinked at Gilbert in confusion.


“-protecting you...?”

Gilbert let out a sigh and shook his head. “First off zhis is my house, secondly zhis is my girl and zhirdly I need one or both of you zu take her somevhere safe.”  He said, both his hands glowing as he pulled out a pair of twin swords. “So vho’s going zu take her?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at them as they contemplated his words.

“I think he/’e should go.” They said in unison, gesturing at each other with their weapons. They tensed up when another loud sound came from the end of the passage. “I’ll go, I’m the fastest one out of us two.” Antonio told them hurriedly now their decisions had to made, his weapon disappearing as he came towards you.

“That alright with you, chica?” The brunette inquired, his head tilted to the side as he smiled reassuringly at you. Your eyes watered and you let out a scared sigh. “Gi-Gilbert...?” Your demon was almost instantly by your side. “Wh-what’s going to happen now?” You asked, your lower lip trembling.

“Antonio is going zu take you somevhere safe, somevhere avay from zhe bad guys.” He answered you, lying his swords down beside him on the bed so he could gently take hold of your hands.
“What about you?” He smiled at your concern for him and stroked your hair from your face.

“Don’t vorry about me, alright? As soon as I can, I’ll come und find you. Nov Liebling, I vant you zu zhink about one of zhe safest places you knov.” You nodded, closing your eyes as you thought.

“Have you found a place?” He asked, his voice soft though strained with the urgency of the situation. “Yes, it’s my old house back in the-“

“Zhe human world? Zhat’s even better, Liebling. Nov, Antonio vill take you zhere and vhen everyzhing’s calmed down here, I’ll come zu get you.” You jumped slightly as Antonio unfurled large black wings. He smiled at you again, opening his arms for you to come to him.

Biting you lip, you turned back to Gilbert, who was watching you in a way that made you feel as though you’d never see him again. “Promise you’ll come for me?” You muttered in a small voice and he enveloped you in his arms, pressing his lips to your forehead. “I svear on everyzhing I hold precious. Just vait for me, okay?” Nodding again, you took one last glance at him before he pulled you up for a short kiss.

“I’ll come for you (Y/n), just vait!” He grinned widely and pushed you into Antonio’s arms. “Go!” The Spaniard didn’t need any more urging than that and he quickly disappeared out of the window, his wings giving him more momentum as he travelled faster and faster, his speed allowing him to reach the seam in between the realms.

You stared at the disappearing ground beneath you, clinging on to Antonio but shouting something to Gilbert at the same time.

Gilbert smiled as he heard your cry and watched your leaving form, whispering his reply back at you. “I love you too, my (Y/n).” After parting with you, he faced the door and the oncoming mob of demons. “Will you be able to fight like zhis, ami?” Francis asked worriedly, his blue eyes trained on the group.

Gilbert snorted derisively, taking a better hold of his weapons. “Who do you zhink you’re talking zu?” his friend chuckled in reply, nodding at him and flying into the fray. Gilbert joined him not a second later.
My reactions to this;

-the failed kiss :iconyoumadbroplz:

-Gilbert senses something wrong; Demon senses tingling!

-the castle was shaken, not stirred

Sorry it took so long! But! Now I have it all worked out :D
Also Gilbert? You finally got your kiss, so stop sulking yeah?

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!

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