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February 28, 2013
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“Und zhis is zhe front room!” Gilbert exclaimed, taking you through the umpteenth room. His enthusiasm didn’t ever dwindle, in fact he seemed to get more and more excited with every step he took.

“Your home really is big....” you murmured in appreciation, your gaze raking over the many paintings on the walls, the plush carpets cushioning your bare feet nicely. Gilbert bit his tongue, holding back the suggestive innuendo that ran across his mind. Something about the way you said ‘HIS home’ bothered him a bit though.

“It’s your home too you know.” He said softly, taking your hand in his and looking you earnestly in the eye. “Ri-right!”

He grinned and leaned in for a chaste kiss, but froze. Hold it Gilbo! His mind screamed, you don’t even know if she’d like something like that!.... Even if she is adorable, hold yourself back!

Gulping, he turned away with a red face. You tilted your head in question, not knowing what to make of his actions. Gently, you squeezed his hand and he jumped, having forgotten he was holding it. Interlacing your fingers tightly together, the two of you blushed and looked away from each other as Gilbert continued the tour, albeit stutteringly.

“Zhis is zhe bazhroom. Actually I had it changed around recently.” The heavy door was pushed open to reveal a huge bath set in the floor. Clean scents drifted across to you and you found yourself leaning into the room. You wanted to try having a bath that big, it was so big you thought you would be able to swim in it.

“Like it?” You nodded vigorously, earning you a low chuckle from him. “Gut.” He murmured, wrapping his arm around your waist and nuzzling his neck despite his own previous warning. You flushed red at the contact, cringing when his nose skimmed down your jaw.

“So shall ve have a bazh togezher zhen?” He popped the question he’d wanted to ask, as he was burning with curiosity at your reaction and your answer.

Your cheeks burned and you pushed him away, hiding behind the door to the bathroom. “N-no way!” You squeaked, hiding your face from him with your hands. Smirking, he grasped your wrists. Your embarrassed reaction only lead him on, he wanted to see you even more flustered.

“C’mon, please?” He teased again, leaning forward and wiggling his eyebrows. Trying to stifle a giggle at seeing his brows move like that, you shook your head. “No!”

He sighed with fake sadness. “Alright zhen.... Besides it’s not like I haven’t seen all of you already....”

One eyebrow raised, he smiled at you innocently. “You don’t zhink I just magicked you into zhat dress do you?” Truth was though that he had, quickly snapping his fingers as he envisioned which dress would suit you most, whilst restraining himself by gripping his knee so tightly he lost all feeling in his calf.

You sunk to the floor, feeling as though your face was melting due to the amount of heat it was radiating.

Laughing again, he ruffled your hair. “Sorry! I lied.” He told you, smirking as you stared at him in disbelief. “You can’t joke about things like that!”

As you were (gently) pounding your fists on his chest, a strange noise reverberated through the air. It was a strange sort of pop, followed by a whooshing, dropping sound. Gilbert groaned, suddenly on the floor. Two men were sitting in his back and laughing hard.

“Apologies amigo!”
“Oui, we didn’t mean to~”

Gilbert grumbled, shoving the two men ungracefully to the floor. “Vhat do you zhink you’re doing here?!” He growled at them, standing in front of you protectively. They stood up, brushing dust from their clothes.

The brunette was very tan and had sparkling emerald eyes that stood out against the horns that curled away from his face. The other rubbed his neck, his shimmering golden hair falling out of the ribbon he’d tied it back with whilst two horns stood tall and proud upon his head.

Both their clothes were quite a bit fancier than Gilbert’s and your own, even if they quickly shrugged off their jackets and loosened their cuffs. “Aren’t you going to introduce us?” The blond asked, sending you a charming smile.

Gilbert scoffed and took your hand in his. “(Y/n), zhe blondie is Francis und zhe ozher is Antonio. Zhey’re my friends.” He muttered, glaring at them as they rolled their eyes. “What a wonderful way to be introduced...” Francis murmured sarcastically, appearing by your side. With his arm around your waist, he lifted up your free hand and kissed the back of it with a sly wink. “Bonjour~”

Antonio hugged you tightly, spinning you away from the two men who protested loudly. “Hola!”He grinned widely, setting you down on your feet and keeping his hands on your hips so that you wouldn’t fall down due to your disorientation.

Gilbert smacked him on the head, his hand replacing Antonio’s. “She’s mine, I sought I’d warned you about zhat!” Glaring at them, he bared his teeth. “It’s okay, they didn’t hurt me or anything.” You said in their defence, stroking your demon’s cheek tenderly.

Had the other two men not been there, Gilbert wouldn’t have been able to stop himself. Even now, he pulled you against his chest, leaning down as his eyes started to inch close. “Get a room you two.”

He froze, the moment popping like a balloon pricked with a needle. Just as he was about to chase after the two troublemakers, you stopped him. “Gi-Gil? Mind if I take a-“
“Of course, zhat’s zhe reason zhis zhing is here after all.” He chuckled and kissed your cheek. With a clap of his hands, the tub started filling up with warm, soapy water.

“Take your time. Ah! How about you choose vhat you vant to vear zhis time.” He added with a smirk. “Zhe servants vill come vizh some zhings for you later. So for now, just relax und enjoy, ja?”

“Thank you.” After hearing you whisper that, he took his leave, probably going off to scold his friends.

It seemed to take no time at all for the tub to get filled and after slipping the dress off, you stepped into the water. The warmth felt so good, the water  enveloped your entire body with its heat and drew you in, leaving you floating on your back in it, your hair a messy halo around your head.

This was bliss.

“Down to business now. Vhat really made you guys come here?” Gilbert set down his mug of beer and gazed at the two. “Lying von’t help, you know zhat much at least.”

“Don’t treat us like idiots amigo!” Antonio folded his hands on his stomach and leant back. “Your girl is really pretty you know.”
“Of course I do!”

“Et ‘er scent is quite-.... ‘ow would you say it, ah! Intoxicating, I believe zhe word is.” Gilbert narrowed his eyes. “Vhat do you mean?”

Francis cocked his brow. “What I mean is zhat we’re not zhe only ones to smell her. Her scent is making her rounds at all zhe normal places.” Antonio nodded. “You’re lucky your barrier around this place is strong. I mean we can get through it but not a lot of others can do the same thing.”

“But it won’t take long for a strong one to want to come in. And if ‘e breaks the barrière, zhey can all get in.”

Gilbert shuddered at the mere thought of it, his senses already on the prowl throughout his mansion to detect any would-be intruders. None luckily.

“So zhe question we ‘ave for you is zhis; ‘ave you properly marked ‘er?” The albino scratched his cheek somewhat sheepishly. “Of course! Und-“

“Your pentagram won’t be enough to get rid of zhose guys.” The Spaniard warned, his eyes flashing. “Have you marked her like in that other way? You know, claimed her inside and-“

Gilbert flushed red and buried his face in his hands.
“...... That’s a no then.”

Francis looked at him disapprovingly. “It’s a way to ensure zhat no one will be able to take ‘er away from you, you do realise that?”

He nodded and pouted. “I vant to, but it’s not like I can just pounce her like zhat. I vant to take her feelings into consideration too.....”

His friends stared at him.

“Is that so wrong? I mean I don’t just vant her body, I vant her heart too...... I vant to treasure her und treat her vell.”

They continued to stare at him.

“.....Vould you knock zhat off!”

In unison they burst out laughing. “Gil’s gone soft!”
“What a pussy!!”

Minutes later, Francis was still slapping his knee and Antonio was rolling on the floor. “You know zhat feeling. I know you’ve been zhrough it as vell.”

That managed to shut them up. Coughing to get a hold of themselves, they looked at their hands with a sorrowful expression on their face. It almost made Gilbert feel bad for bringing up that taboo topic. Almost.

“G-Gilbert?” Three heads shot up when you spoke. You leaned around the door to peek in, shrinking back when he gestured for you to come to him. Instead he went over to you, gasping when he saw what you were wearing.

The loose dress you were wearing had the same sort of ephemeral glow to it as the previous one had had, its shining colour matching your eyes perfectly. The bow that was tied around your waist was of a slightly darker shade, the plush fabric soft to the touch.

All in all, you looked absolutely adorable.

Francis whistled in appreciation when he saw you and Antonio grinned goofily.  When Gilbert still didn’t speak, you looked up. The way he was staring at you made your heart skip a beat. Even if his mouth was slightly agape, the look of love in his eyes was overpowering and unmistakable. A warm blush settled itself on his cheeks and he smiled at you, caressing your cheek lovingly.
“You look stunning.” He murmured and that small compliment was enough for your heart to start pounding like you’d just run a hundred miles.

Whilst you both were staring at each other, Antonio and Francis shared a wicked look. They both reappeared beside you, taking you away from Gilbert and into the large circular room.

“Amigo, let us show you-“
“’ow to treat a woman.”

“Watch and learn.” They finished together, a matching smirk on their face.
Introduction of the BTT~ Oh my, what have they got in store for you?

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!

Part one: [link]
Part two: [link]
Part three: You are here!
Part four: [link]
Part five: [link]
Part six: [link]
Part seven: [link]
Part eight: [link]
Part nine: [link]
Part ten: [link]
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