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April 23, 2013
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“Don’t worry, everything will be taken care of.”
“Taken care of?” You echoed, using this moment of confusion to get a proper look at Mr. Fairy, so you could make sure it was this person was the same one as your childhood friend. You were certain he wouldn’t have said something so foreboding and ominous.

His olive green eyes were warm as they gazed at you, no doubt. But there was something lingering in the very depths of that dry green that made you shiver. Was it some sort of raw possessiveness that you noticed? Or perhaps the desire to- no. You tore your thoughts away from that reclusive part of your mind.

His dirty blond hair stuck up in messy spikes, the tips of which were a kind of translucent, glowing white. You had to squint to see the very tips of his hair, but your eyes drifted down to the rest of him a second later. The white cloth he wore was one you remembered seeing a long time ago. A toga you believed it was called. The white fabric covered half of his thighs and as he shifted, the folds sort of rippled in the motion. Strapped to his hip was a small leather pouch that bulged with clinking circles of some sort of metal. Your eyes dropping lower, you raised an eyebrow at the large black boots that were strapped onto his heels, heavy-looking and quite brutal actually.  

“Taken care of indeed. First we have to finish the ceremony and then once you’re safe inside the inner walls, I’ll get rid of that demon once and for all,” he told you, a malicious grin appearing on his face. Letting out a shaky breath you shook your head. “N-no. No, I won’t let you hurt him-“

The man pressed his finger to your parted lips, effectively shutting you up. “Everything will be taken care of,” he promised again, the corners of his mouth turned up with apparent mirth. “W-why?” You asked him, chewing the inside of your mouth to keep from crying.

“Because I-,” he stopped mid-sentence. A conflicted look appeared on his face and he straightened up, so as to pace the length between your bed and the wall. “It’s a long story,” he mumbled eventually. The leather pouch clinked and tinged with each long stride he took, giving you the impression that there were coins of some sort inside.

“In all honesty, we should have never met.” He confessed, his piercing gaze aimed at the tiled floor. “How’s that?” You questioned, unable to suppress your burning curiosity well. He shot you an evaluating glance. “We aren’t supposed to go the human world. Not if we haven’t got a job to do.”

“So you didn’t have a job in our world. Why did you come then?” The bed’s balance moved, him sitting on the bed and staring at his hands. “I wanted to find my sister.” Wordlessly, you watched him try to explain his story. “Wh-when I passed, that was the only thing I ever wanted. I didn’t want to see her crying anymore, not when I knew that I was the cause. To reassure her, hold her, comfort her.... that’s all I wanted.” His voice sounded hollow and you couldn’t help yourself; you placed a hand on one of his trembling ones and squeezed it gently.

Breathing out slightly, he tilted his head to see you. A faint smile of gratitude found its way on his lips and he rubbed his thumb over your palm before continuing. “No matter how hard I looked.... I couldn’t find her. I don’t know why, but for some reason I’ve never seen her again.” He murmured, straining to keep his voice level.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered. He nodded once and sighed in pain. “There’s nothing anyone can do about it now. In any case, it was when I was searching for her that I found you.” He smiled at the memory. “I remember you sitting by the side of the river and playing with the frogs,” a rough chuckle escaped him,” and I remember thinking that you reminded me of my sister a lot. You didn’t see me that time, but afterwards, whenever I could, I came to watch you. I liked watching you play with things, it was very...sweet.”

A small blush worked its way to your cheeks. “When I first talked to you it was like I was walking on clouds for the rest of the week. If you’ll excuse the analogy,” he smiled weakly. You pulled your hand back from his and he glanced up in worry. “It was you, wasn’t it?” You asked, a mixed look of worry and solemnity on your face. If it was true than this would change your whole view of your friend. If he had saved you from that fire then why not your parents? Why had he left you all alone in the world to fend for yourself?

Slowly, he nodded. Tears filled your eyes and you smacked him painfully hard on the back of the head. “Why did you only save me?! You could have gotten m-mum and d-dad out! How could you?!” Tears spilled down your cheeks and you sobbed helplessly, shutting him away from you as much as possible. He narrowed his eyes and grabbed hold of your wrists, forcefully pulling them away from your face.

“I had no choice! Saving you was enough to bend fate!” He spat at you, his grip tightening on you. “T-that hurts,” you whimpered, cringing when he kept his hold on your wrists. “You should be thanking me, I saved your life when you would have died.”

You looked at him in terror and jumped a mile in the air when rumbling shook the room you were in violently. Mr. Fairy jumped to his feet, you falling to the floor with the tremor. You had an all too familiar sense of déjà-vu. The blond tsk-ed in annoyance, grabbing your arm and pulling you along with him.

“If I hadn’t acted then, you wouldn’t have been here.... Who’d have thought that the moment my back was turned, a filthy horned demon would claim you. Oh well,” he muttered as he walked, you struggling to keep up with his long strides. “Even if you’ve been tainted by a demon’s love, perhaps an angel’s love can cleanse you.”

“Angel?” Your eyes widened as shimmering, white wings spread from his back as if on cue. Golden specks freckled them and they twitched and bristled with their owner’s annoyance. “Yes, and now we have to complete the ceremony. That way you’ll be a proper angel. You’ll even get wings,”

On your way to where you presumed you’d finish the ceremony, you passed several windows. Snatching your hand away from his, you pressed up against the glazed glass of one of them. A huge glass dome stretched over the light blue sky that strangely had bubbles and clouds floating through it. A large rainbow stretched over the building you were in and when you saw other people, more angels starting in terror at the tremors. A monumental gate that stood as high as the sky was at the front of the dome.

However something seemed amiss. Splintering cracks were spreading from the golden gate, growing larger each passing second. Blurred activity went on, in front of the gate and outside the dome. A niggling feeling inside you told you to get prepared for fight or flight but there was no way you were fighting Mr. Fairy. You couldn’t and you wouldn’t either. Even if he was acting strange now, he had saved your life after all.

You were yanked forward again, Mr. Fairy nervously speeding up to enter a large, church-like room. “Get the ceremony ready!” he cried, keeping a firm hold of your wrist so as to prevent you to run in a way. Several younger looking angels scurried away at his command and bustled about with books and other such artefacts. “What’s going on? What’re all those noises? Mr.-Ah!” Another tremor wracked the earth and you stumbled, losing your balance.

Mr. Fairy took hold of you, protectively almost, growling when he estimated the distance. The tremors were coming closer and closer. All you could do was hope against all hopes that this time it wasn’t a demon army or anything like that. All you had in your mind was your horned silverette.

“Mr. Fairy?” You asked, stepping away from him as the closeness of you two unnerved you to your very core. Which was strange; you’d never felt that way before when you’d been around him. His gaze was fixed on the far door, which seemed to lead outside. “My name isn’t Mr. Fairy. It’s-“

The far wall exploded into rubble, a dustcloud making your senses go wild. You found yourself on the floor once again and you clambered to your feet, coughing and hacking at the dust that had made its way into your system.

“MORGENS!!” You heard an enraged voice cry. Freezing, you stared at the hole in the wall. Three silhouettes stood in it, each one panting for breath and haggard looking. Mr. Fairy braced himself in front of you, growling at the assailants.

“Step avay from zhe girl!!”
“Si, or we can’t guarantee your safety,”
“Or if you’d still be in one piece.”

Smiling widely, you quickly stepped around Mr. Fairy and ran across to them, pushing your legs to go as fast as you could. Hitting the middle figure headfirst, the two of you tumbled to the ground. You wrapped your arms tightly around him as he did too. “Gilbert,” you breathed happily, tightening your fingers in his back and relishing the solid feel of him in your arms. “(Y/n),” he cooed back, taking in your scent and closing his eyes in delight.

“I’m here now, I’ve got you,” he murmured, pulling back slightly to gaze into your tear filled eyes. Grinning widely, he closed his eyes and pressed his lips to yours eagerly. You blushed in response, smiling happily as you deepened the lip-lock.

The rest of the surveyors shifted uncomfortably, averting their eyes from the sight. Francis raised his eyebrow and Antonio stared at his shuffling feet. Mr. Fairy however was beside himself with rage, fumes of anger rising from him almost visibly.

Before he could yank you off each other however, the two others barred his way. “Not on our watch.” Francis told him spitefully, his sable flourished. Antonio merely grinned, the image of his white teeth flashing against the polished blade of his axe.

As you and Gilbert kissed, you clutched his collar to pull him closer. The piece of fabric felt... damp somehow and you pulled back. It was only now that you realised all three of them were covered in dark crimson blood. You gasped, looking up at Gilbert who smiled wryly.

When you reached up to stroke his cheek, you froze. All four of the men jumped at your strangled outcry. You stared at your hands in fear, watching as your fingertips started to dissolve.
Mr. Fairy snorted derisively. “Her soul is vanishing.” He told them with an air of superiority.

“If she isn’t bound by ceremony in Heaven then she will disappear completely.” Gilbert held your face in his warm hands, stained by blood. “I von’t let you leave me again. I von’t allow it.” He said resolutely, taking you in his arms again and rocking you slightly.

With a raised eyebrow, Mr. Fairy looked at you quizzically. “She won’t last three minutes in the state she is.” He stated, watching how frantic the other three men were acting and looking. Francis halted his nervous actions and smirked. “Well zhen, we’ll just ‘ave to go immediately then,”

Gilbert stood with you in his arms, getting the jist of what he was saying. Antonio too, flanking the albino’s side, smiled in triumph. Mr. Fairy paled and stretched his hand out for you, but it was too late.

The trio of demons fled the scene as fast as they could. Clamping onto Gilbert for dear life, you trembled as you felt more of you vanishing. Your hands had gone and your arms were starting to leave as well. By now your ankles were fading and Gilbert held on to you tightly.

Racing past the gates and down, down, down they went. Hair flying and dirty clothes flapping they descended from the clouds, speeding past the human world and sprinting to the gates of Hell. You’d have to be formally invited into Hell, for your soul to survive.

Your legs and arms had faded in the human world, your hips and waist following quickly. “Hurry!!” You heard, feeling your head starting to hurt as well. “Just a bit more!” But you couldn’t anymore, you closed your eyes despite Gilbert crying and shouting for you.  

When they eventually arrived at the gates, they were completely soaked in sweat and felt as though each muscle in their body burned and ached. Your body however had been reduced to the very basic form, a single shining orb of light; your very core.

Gilbert cradled you between his fingers, holding you up and gazing at you in awe. “Frau, welcome to Hell,” he murmured softly before carrying you past the gates. this?
Wh-whaaaa! It feels so soft! I could stay here for hours! I don’t think anyone in the town has got a pillow this soft.............. White... Soft.... Strange... Haven’t I been here before?

Creaking your eyes open, you gazed at the all too familiar ceiling. Squished between your arms was that same soft white pillow and as before you buried your face in it. “Are you avake? Liebling?” After starting at the sudden question, you looked up at Gilbert.

His body was scratched, but mostly healed and unblemished. Leaning against the doorframe he smiled. “The horns look good on you,” he commented, sidling over to sit on the side of your bed. Tentatively, you reached up and pressed your fingers against them. “You look cute with them,” he told you, a happy smile on his flushed face.

You pounced on him and wrapped your arms tightly around him. Chuckling, he returned the gesture. “I missed you,” you spoke at the same time with the same words. Laughing sheepishly, he grazed his thumb over your cheek and bumped his nose against yours. “Ich liebe dich, so, so sehr.” He murmured, pressing butterfly kiss after kiss on your lips.

Even if you couldn’t speak his language, you could judge by his tone what he’d said. With a summery blush dancing on your cheeks, you smiled warmly, heart hammering against your ribcage. “I love you too, my Gilbert.”
Alrighty loves, think of this as my going-away present ^^

... Tell me honestly, how many people thought it was Iggybrows?
Credit goes to my Friend ~Nollit for thinking up Neth!

I apologise for any mistakes I might have made, but at this point I'm rushing to get to bed.

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