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February 23, 2013
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The mayor kicked at the ground as he waited under the bough of the cathedral, shivering as he watched his breath tumble into the air in the form of clouds. Jumping at an owl’s cooing hoot, he sighed at himself. Why had he made a deal with a demon to begin with? The white-haired devil that had offered his help to build the cathedral had finished his part of the bargain and now he had to pay up.

All he had as a lead to what the demon wanted in return was what he’d said when he’d closed the deal. “Vhatever my eye falls on zhat makes my stone heart pound.” The mayor, thinking that there was nothing that could make his heart pound, shook on it and the huge cathedral was erected in three days on the dot.

“So, vhat have you got to offer me?” The demon asked, appearing behind the stout man with an expectant smirk. As he knew would happen, the man jumped and clutched his heart. “Please don’t do that to me again.” He muttered under his breath, making the demon laugh uproariously.

“Vhatever. So pay up now, ja?” The albino ordered, one of his brows cocked as he waited for the man to recover from his near heart attack. “R-right....” The man glanced up at him, taking in his cold ruby eyes and pale skin that was almost translucent in the moonlight.

“Something to make your heart pound, if I remember correctly?” The demon nodded once. “Riches? Property? Servants? Knowledge?”

“You must be able to come up vizh better zhings zhan zhat.”

“Women?” His red eyes glinted at that. “In zhat case I vould zhink zhat only zhe most beautiful und pure voman vould be good enough.”

The mayor clapped his hands and nodded, bustling to call up the townspeople. They knew little of the deal that had been made with the devil, but knew that they would have to help the mayor in getting the payment ready.

It took them a little while, but soon enough all the prettiest women were aligned in the town hall, each having been made to put on the most beautiful and elegant of their dresses, their faces made up to look their best.

The albino paced in front of them, rubbing his chin as he inspected the women as one would examine cattle. He truly was a handsome sight to behold, a fact which the girls were all too aware of as he pulled their chins this way and that, his red eyes darting all over them.

With a sigh he stood back from them and snapped his fingers and all of a sudden the large wooden door blew open, a violent wind stirring their dresses up, their hair a mess instantly. He took a whiff of the combined scents of the women and wrinkled his nose. None of these were what he was looking for.

However he perked up when he smelt a different scent, coming from on the wind. It was a gentle, pure scent that was accompanied by a certain warmth he couldn’t put his finger on. Seems like there were other women that the mayor hadn’t offered to him. The knowledge of this made his blood boil. Had he not blown in the wind, he would have been tricked for sure!

With a glare that froze everyone to the spot, he snapped his fingers again and he vanished in a puff of smoke with left behind the nasty smell of sulphur.

A trickle of water flowed down your spine, eliciting a shudder from you. The contrast between the temperature of the submerged parts of your body and your exposed parts was great and you sank down lower, the water in front of you bubbling as you blew air from your nose.

I wonder what the demon looks like... you wondered, trailing hot water across your shoulders and leaning back to dip your hair back in the water. You’d heard so much about them, the species that roamed the night and only came out when tempted with an interesting deal. Or well, interesting for their part at least.

The old lady from down the road had told you many things about them, telling you all sorts of things about what they looked like, how they’d become devils and advising you fervently to stay away from them. Only bad things came from interacting with a demon after all.

Their eyes, she’d told you, were the colours of pretty gems to lure you to them, but once you looked deeply into them you were captured in their trap. No one could resist the gaze of a demon. Their inhuman attractiveness set them apart from normal folk; it was another way of theirs to lead you to them. The only things that completely made them what they were, was their cunning, their smooth talking and their horns.

Even females had horns, though they were much smaller and a lot less impressive than the ones males had. Often they twisted and turned on themselves, an intricate pattern that would leave you wondering how they felt under your hands.

Ducking under the surface of the cooling water, you stayed like that until your lungs began to protest against their lack of air. Rippling the face of the water, you opened your eyes slowly and sat up straighter.

“So he did hide someone from me.” You froze, gasping as you turned to the doorway in which stood a man with vivid vermillion eyes, horns curled across his ears. Instantly his eyes drew you in and you couldn’t help but stare at the handsome stranger who now advanced towards you.

Maintaining the eye contact, he stooped next to the bathtub and inspected you like he’d done with the other girls. Finally he leant closer to your neck and sniffed you. A blush crept on your face as you continued to gaze at him in a daze. “You’re zhe vone.”

The one? What did he mean by that?

“You smell nice, like taking baths?” Nodding slowly, you didn’t cringe when his cold hand brushed against your arm. “Shall I wash your back?” Again you affirmed with a head-nod.

Why weren’t you stopping this? You didn’t know this man and yet he was going to wash you. Even if you were wearing your nightshirt, nobody had seen this much of you and yet why were you allowing this?

Something deep inside you protested violently, questioning what he was doing but that was just a small voice coming from the back of your head which you ignored.

That is until you felt a stinging burn on your shoulder blade. You gasped and clapped your hand to it, glaring at the albino in front of you. Bringing your hand across his face sharply, you held back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“What did you do to me?!” You demanded, standing up so you were towering above him as he lay on his backside. “I like a feisty girl.” He murmured with a smirk, licking his lips seductively. Blushing at his comment, you stepped out of the bath and dried yourself off as fast as you could.

“Let me ask you again, what did you do to me?!” You snapped at him, brushing your wet hair away from your flushed face. “I merely marked you as mine.” He told you calmly, brushing the dust from his dark attire and straightening up.

“Yours?!” You scoffed, feeling the mark with your fingertips. Several ridges crossed and separated but you couldn’t identify the mark. “So vhat vere you doing here anyvay? I sought all zhe beautiful vomen vere called up.”

You blushed at his compliment, but shook your head. “I’m not beautiful and besides, I’m just a servant. The mayor probably deemed me unfit for such a task.”

“He vas wrong.” The man had stepped closer to you and gently gripped your shoulders. “Zhat’s it. I’ve taken a liking to you. I vill come to collect you soon, liebling. In zhirteen days, I shall return.”

“Wait what?! What does that mean-“

He snapped his fingers again, promptly disappearing once more, leaving a confused you with a throbbing mark on your shoulder.

The mayor paced up and down fretfully, biting his forefinger as his brows knit, relaxed and repeated.

“I have taken mein pick. I vill return in zhirteen days to collect her.” The man jumped again as the albino had once again reappeared behind him. “Wait! Who did you pick?!” The demon tapped his nose knowingly. “I’ve left mein mark on her. If anyone else touches her, zhey shall be killed.”

His red eyes narrowed and the mayor shuddered under his piercing glare. “Understood?” He nodded fervently. “Zhen I shall return soon. Please prepare mein bride for me.”

All he could do was nod blankly and watch as the demon disappeared again. How was he supposed to find the marked one?!
Don't worry, there will be a sequel to this, hadn't really planned that but what I wanted to write was going to be too long for one fic ^^
I'm working on it now, so don't worry! I won't forget!

This won the poll by tons, so I hope you have been eagerly awaiting it!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!

Part one: You are here!
Part two: [link]
Part three: [link]
Part four: [link]
Part five: [link]
Part six: [link]
Part seven: [link]
Part eight: [link]
Part nine: [link]
Part ten: [link]
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