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December 13, 2012
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You giggled quietly, trying hard not to make yourself too obvious. Why you ask? Well, currently you were hiding from your otaku boyfriend. Not that he knew, he’d gone to the kitchen to get snacks and drinks fit for the most epic of anime marathons that evening.

And of course, your first reaction was to dive underneath the covers of his bed, flattening yourself to the best of your possibility. You were hoping to give him a good scare.

“(y/n)-chan?” Kiku scanned his bedroom, a tray with food balancing on his palms.

You suppressed a chuckle and held your breath as you heard him. After putting the tray on his desk, Kiku smiled when he saw your form underneath the covers. “Hmmm..... I really wouldn’t know where she got to.” He commented, sitting on the edge of the bed and leaning back, leaning his weight onto you.

It wasn’t that he was heavy or anything, he was just pressing onto you so much that you gave up after a few moments, sitting up and glomping him, still covered with the bedspread. He flushed red, patting your hands on his chest.

You pouted behind him, leaning your chin on his shoulder. “(y/n)-chan, that was quite poor for a ninja.” He murmured, trying to break the news to you gently.

Giggling, you nodded. “I know that.... say Kiku?” His head turned slightly towards you he looked at you curiously. “What is it?”

You put on your best puppy-dog eyes, fluttering your lashes. “Could you show me how you hide like a ninja?”  He sighed, feeling his defences crumbling when you nuzzled his cheek sweetly. “Okay, but only ‘cuz it’s you.”

Getting up, he turned towards you and rubbed his hands together. “Just close your eyes for a moment, okay?” You grinned and did as he said. After a couple of seconds you sneakily opened one eye, blinking in surprise when he was nowhere to be seen.

“Wow, he really is like a ninja!” You commented, bouncing to your feet to look for him. He wasn’t in any obvious places, not under his desk or behind his curtains for example. It took you awhile to search in every nook and cranny, but you came to the conclusion that you couldn’t find him.

“Kiku?” You asked, feeling a wave of panic take over you. He hadn’t really left you, had he? “Kiku?” Your voice cracked slightly at the end and you bit your lip feeling yourself close to tears. “Yes?”

A pair of arms wrapped themselves around your waist and you jumped as you heard the voice next to your ear. “I thought you’d left me!” You cried, spinning in his arms to hug him. He shook his head, gingerly returning the hug.

“I won’t ever leave you. I thought you knew that.” He muttered, almost as if to himself. Blushing you pressed a kiss onto his lips, causing his face to heat up considerably. “Now let’s watch some anime!” You cheered, pulling him to his bed.

Kiku smiled, stroking some hair from your face. His laptop was still streaming some anime, but you’d fallen asleep in the middle of an episode.

You snuggled under the covers some more, cradling his hand in yours. Shifting over gently, so as not to wake you up, he brushed his lips against your forehead. “I swear I won’t ever leave you behind (y/n). I swear.”
Err some fluff for you all!

Hope you all enjoy ^^

(and that it lived up to your expectations TT.TT)

And my Word hates me TT.TT The screen keeps on turning white when I try to save TT^TT

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated~

Also if you want a hand in deciding which character and plot you read next, vote in the poll ^^
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