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October 26, 2012
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You giggled as you scrubbed the grit from your fingernails. It's finished! You thought euphorically, humming to yourself. A month or so ago, you'd decided to repay your friend, one of your best. Ivan had always helped you with everything and you felt it was time to tell him how grateful you were.

He was misunderstood most of the time, because of his eternal childlike smile, but you knew him well so you could immediately see what he was feeling. Recently you started smiling all the time he was around you, always feeling happy when he did and just wanting to be with him.
You wanted to make him happy. And you knew he'd like your gift to him.

You'd asked him before if he could come over to you and you were planning on watching some films with him. That way you'd wait until the moon was out to show him.

The chime of the bell rang and you skipped to get it, opening the door to welcome in a cold Ivan. His pink scarf covered his face so that only above his nose was visible. Shivering he speed walked in, gladly shrugging off his coat, though he kept his scarf on and rubbed his hands over the radiator.

"Privet!" He said cheerfully, now he was warmer. Going over to you he hugged you gently, resting his forehead against your temple. "Thank you for the invite, now let's go watch films eh?"

Your entire house was warm, overflowing with colours and general cosiness. He'd always liked your house, but mostly for the feeling you exuded inside your home. You were at complete ease here, easily conversing and joking with him, it made him feel accepted.

He'd always longed for someone like you, someone who could pull him along in whatever they wanted and who wouldn't think about the consequences until later. For some time now, he'd suspected that his feelings for you had become deeper and he could tell that he was falling for you, but he'd wait.

Wait and wait and wait, who knows maybe you'd like him back? And if you didn't, he felt loved just being capable of the feelings he felt coursing through his body.

The two of you laughed at whatever antics the TV-screen showed and you snuggled closer to your Russian friend, he was warm after all.

After several of your favourite films, you glanced out of the window and saw it should be about time. As the titles flowed across the screen you got up and stretched. Ivan pouted when you left his side but admired your curves as you got the kinks from your shoulders.

"Ivan? I need to show you something." You told him, turning to hold your hand out for him. He blinked in surprise at first but smiled warmly, interlacing his fingers with yours. "Okay!" He replied, standing next to you.

Grinning, you tugged him outside, leading him to see what you'd done. His breath hitched in his throat as his purple eyes took it in.

The pale moonlight made the sunflowers glow magically. They were planted closely together so that there was seemingly just a sea of them. A gentle rustle could be heard as some freezing night wind passed, almost sleepily shaking the flowers.

He stared at the yellow petals in awe, glancing at you in amazement. At that moment he couldn't stop himself, he could no longer wait for something that might never happen. His hands cupped your cheeks as he pressed his lips needily against yours.

You staggered backwards, your back hitting one of the pillars that kept the terrace roof up. You could feel every line of his body on yours, his lips working animatedly. When he pulled back a bit, he placed a few more rough kisses on your mouth, his eyes gazing lovingly at you.

"Sorry." He mumbled, resting his forehead against yours. "And thank you."

You reached up to caress his cheek, smiling sweetly at him. "You're very welcome Ivan." You murmured. "It take it you like your gift then?"

He nodded, pecking your nose and frowning at how cold it was. "Come here!" He said, wrapping his soft scarf around your neck and hugging you tightly. He walked back into the house, your legs moving in unison. "Let's get you warmed up da?"
This one is for you :iconallfia:!

Hope it's sweet enough for you!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments!

This is just a one-shot
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