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January 30, 2013
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Huffing slightly, you arrived at the university your boyfriend attended, an important book of his clutched to your chest. You’d texted him the moment you’d spotted he’d left the manual for his English literary course behind, so he knew you were coming with it for him.

One of your hands wiping away the sweat from your forehead, you straightened up and cracked your back. As your morning lecture had been cancelled, you were still in your pyjamas when Arthur started freaking out about needing his book.

So being the kind and compassionate girlfriend you were, you’d thrown on the closest clothes to hand, slipping some easy shoes on and ran towards his university like a bat out of hell.
“Ar-Arthur....” you muttered as you awkwardly made your way on campus. He went to a different university to you, so the whole place was alien to you. Turning your head this was and that, your lip started trembling as you became more desperate.

The strange looks from the other students weren’t helping either and you started to get more and more self-conscious the longer their gazes stayed on you. Just as you were at your breaking point, you heard a voice behind you.

“Need some help dude?” You turned quickly, looking up at your savoir with grateful eyes. “Yes!” You practically screamed, almost launching yourself at him but restraining yourself at the last moment.

The man in front of you grinned and tilted his head to the side, his glasses glinting slightly. “So what’re you looking for?” Chuckling sheepishly, you rubbed your neck.

“It’s not so much a what, more of a who really. Do you know a certain Arthur Kirkland?” The guy laughed and nodded. “Sure I do, I’m sure I saw him awhile ago, tearing around the place. Guess the person he was looking for was you, wasn’t it?”

You nodded and smiled shyly. “C’mon, I’ll help you find him.”

Where the bloody hell could she be?! Arthur thought to himself furiously, worried sick about you. His frantic search the through the campus was gaining him a lot of onlookers, not that he cared either way. All he wanted to do was keep you away from-

“There he is dudette!”

Arthur’s fast pace faltered and he groaned as he saw Alfred with you. He was one of the reasons he didn’t want you to stick around. The American, loud though he was, had a certain knack with women and Arthur’s previous girlfriends had dumped him several times for him.

His brows furrowed and he glared when he noticed Alfred had his arm slung around you.

Blushing slightly, you thanked the kind man as Arthur came into view, gently prying his arm away from you and skipping to the fuming Brit.

“I got the book!” You sang, handing it to him with a wide smile. Shooting a sharp look to Alfred, Arthur took hold of you and hugged you tightly. No matter how pissed off he was with Alfred, nothing could compare to the happiness he experienced when he saw you.

“Thanks love.” He murmured and sweetly kissed the corner of your mouth; not wanting kiss in public. “You’re welcome.” You told him back, stroking his cheek softly and bumping your nose with his.

“Aaaaaw, they’re so cute~” Arthur stiffened at the for you unknown voice and he turned, holding you protectively in his arms. And there was the other reason why he wanted to get you away from the campus as fast as possible. The Frenchman was an old rival of Arthur’s and he hated his guts from the very depth of his British being.

“Cut it out you two.” He growled at the two blonds. A man with wavy blond hair had joined the first and they were making kissing faces at your boyfriend.

“But she’s kind of hot, non?” The new guy circled the two of you and Arthur’s eyes stared him down. “Francis. Don’t you dare touch her.”

“Ah, but sharing is caring, mon ami~” Francis, as he was called, smirked at you, one of his eyebrows quirked up. “How about it ma belle?”

At that point Arthur snapped, cuffing Francis in the face and pulling you away from them angrily. After a short moment, you were off the university site and going off into one of the secluded parks that dotted around your town.  

You started down a path that was lined with oak trees, which you knew was a long way away from the university and yet Arthur still strode on. It was getting hard for you to keep up with his long strides and the grip on your wrist was becoming painful.
“A-Arthur- you’re- it hurts!”

He stopped suddenly and you saved yourself from crashing into him by skidding expertly and coming to a halt. You walked around him, making sure he was okay. However you could tell by his expression that he was not.

Chewing his lip, his emerald eyes were averted and his cheeks bright pink. “Are you alright?” You asked, pulling his head around so he had to face you properly. He still refused to make eye-contact though.

“What’s the matter?” You repeated your question slightly differently and his blush darkened. Grinning slyly, you tapped his nose. “Were you that jealous?”
He spluttered and bared his teeth in what seemed like the start of an argument, but he hesitated and nodded curtly, his gaze on the floor again.

A short giggle escaped your lips and you reached up to wind your arms around his neck. “I’m flattered, but the guy was just helping me to look for you.”

“You don’t know his reputation with women.” He grumbled back, his ears tinted red as you pressed a kiss on his cheek. “And the way that frog was looking you over sickened me. I don’t want anyone looking at you in that sort of perverse way. And I sure as hell never want anyone to try and take you away from me. Ever.”

His confession made you glance up at him and he tightened his arms around you, coyly meeting your gaze.

“That. Was. Adorable.” You muttered, hugging him even tighter and squeezing him in your joy. You knew he could be cute at moments, but that look of his took the cake.

Arthur flushed red, burying his face in your neck and silently vowed to himself never to let Francis or Alfred near you again.

Francis sipped the red alcoholic substance from the glass, languidly thinking. Alfred sat next to him and wolfed down burger after burger.

“She really was nice.”

The American nodded vigorously, his mouth stuffed. “I didn’t know ‘e was able to snag a girl of zhat calibre.”

Alfred smirked, his mouth now cleared of food. “I say we get her next time.” With a conspiratorial look and shake of the hand Francis grinned widely. “Oui, I agree.”
Oh, how I love making America and France the baddies~

Heheheh ^^

Please enjoy!
This won first place in the poll, so I guess you must like Iggs no?

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!

(Also on friday I've got a day off, so I'll finally be able to answer all your wonderful comments ;3; )
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