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December 6, 2012
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You sighed, scratching your neck as you carried on conjugating the verb that was set. Your music playing in your ears, you rubbed the bridge of your nose.

Dropping your pen you leaned back. After checking your watch you decided now would be a good time for a break. Suddenly you felt arms around you and you jumped as someone blew air into your exposed neck.

“Heya.” You should’ve known.

“Mathias, what are you doing?” You asked, tilting your head back so you were able to his blue eyes twinkling down at you in mirth. “Just felt like being a creep.” He kissed your upside-down lips happily and sat down next to you at the desk you’d claimed. “What are you doing?” He asked, wincing when the librarian shushed him.

“I was studying.” You answered, one of your earphones out of your ear so you could hear him. He frowned. “What, again?” You raised your eyebrow at him and snorted. “Well one of us has to.”

He poofed his cheeks out in annoyance, but recovered moments later as he always did. “Wanna do something together?” After checking your watch, you saw your breaktime was coming to a close.

Your answer was blunt and you didn’t even look at him. “No.” He blinked, biting his lip. Not losing his hope he asked again. “Aaaw come on!” He tugged on your sleeve and you swatted his hand away. Though his attention for you touched you, you really needed to carry on.

“No and that’s final.” He pouted, lying his head on his arms. “Can I stay here then?” He asked, that being his last resort. You snuck a glance at him, but quickly looked away, the expression on his face making you squee.

“O-okay. But you have to be quiet.” He grinned widely, kissing your cheek and stealing one of your earphones. “He- alright...” You mumbled, wincing when he changed the music to some he’d lent you. The Danish music raging through your ears made you smile, it reminded you so much of him.

You finished analysing your texts and stretched in triumph. “Hey Mattie.” You murmured, turning to look at him. “Looks like he can be quiet after all.” The Dane had fallen asleep, his messy hair sticking up on all sides.

He looked peaceful as he snored lightly, the loud music in his ear acting as his lullaby. “Mattie, wake up.” You cooed, stroking his hair gently. An impish smile appeared on his face and he caught your hand bringing it to his lips to kiss it tenderly.

“Looks like you can be sweet.” He teased, scratching his head as he straightened up. Blushing you playfully smacked his arm, jumping when you heard a loud voice behind you. “Enough of this, this is a library, get a room you two!”

With that the librarian ushered you two out of the library, glaring angrily at you. The door slammed behind you and you blinked in surprise at each other. “Well, that was....weird.” You nodded, your books clutched to your chest.

“Say, now we’re outside, how about....?” Mathias cocked his thumb over his shoulder. Standing on your toes to see what was behind him, you sighed as you saw the playground. “You’re incorrigible.” He grinned at you. “Is that a yes?”

“Of course it is, you idiot.”
Eeerrr.... lame title is lame...

Had some time to write as I've got my english exam tomorrow, which means next to no studying for me! Huzaaaah! :dummy:

An idea that had been plaguing my mind for a while :D

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always greatly appreciated!
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