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November 2, 2012
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Feliciano smiled, the flowers in his arms jostling slightly as the lift stopped. Gazing at the flowers, he wondered if Lovino would like them, heck if he’d even open the door when he would come to visit. They were red carnations, so he should like them but you never knew with Lovino, he could throw one of his infamous tantrums at the drop of the hat.

His eyes flickered across the names telling him who was in each hospital room. A door that was slightly ajar came up next and he heard what sounded like his voice. Feliciano blinked in surprise, finding that it really was his voice, though it was crackly.

He leant on the door frame and saw the radio out of which presumably ‘he’ was talking. Chuckling, he recognised one of his earliest shows and smiled at the memories that flooded into his mind.

He curiously checked the name on the door, not seeing the tenant. (F/n) (l/n) he read. It had a nice ring to it, as did the melodious laugh when his former self told the punch line.

“It never gets old.” You sighed happily, sinking back against your fluffed up pillows. You heard a scuffle at the door and sat bolt upright. It wasn’t someone complaining about you again was it?

“Who’s there?” You asked cautiously, your hands in front of you. “It’s just-a me.” A sing-song voice replied, the lilt and tone of which you instantly recognised. “Feliciano....Vargas...?”

“Si.” You gasped and felt around for him. But your body was already engulfed by a warm hug. “I can’t believe it!” You cried, stroking what you thought was his cheek. It was so soft and you felt it stretch into a smile.

“I didn’t think I would ever be able to meet you! I-I just wanted to say, to tell yo-you what kind of a life-sa-saver you are.” You told him, touching your bandaged eyes as if tears would flow from them, but nothing like that would happen, could happen ever again.

“Bella! Though your words warm my heart, tell me, why-why are you crying?” Your trembling shoulders were grasped gently by his hands as he held you against his chest. You shook your head, not able to answer his question.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be alright see?” He murmured comfortingly, letting you sob tearlessly.
The two of you stayed like that for a while, you warming yourself with his body-heat. He really was warm! It made you feel more alive than even his shows had.

“I-I really like your sketches, you know.” You hiccupped, smiling widely. “You do? Thank you very much!” He replied, happily kissing your cheeks.

“No problem, the one about your German friend? With his unusual attachment to potatoes? That’s one of my favourites.”

He chuckled. “Si, it’s one of mine too.”

A comfortable silence settled on you, which was broken by him getting up. “I’m sorry bella, but I just remembered, my brother is sort of waiting for me, so I need to....”

“That’s alright!” You grinned and hugged his waist one last time. You heard the clicking of his shoes on the floor as he turned the corner into the corridor.

You’d met your idol! You didn’t think you’d be able to rest knowing that he was still in the same building as you.

“Ah wait!” You heard him call, his footsteps returning to you. “I forgot!” A sweet scent presented itself in front of your nose.

“They’re carnations, I bought them for my brother, but he probably wouldn’t like them. But  I thought you might like them.” He admitted sheepishly.

“Thank you.” You whispered, motioning for him to come closer. You pressed your lips against his face, blushing slightly.

“B-bella, that wasn’t....”

“Eh?” You tilted your head, not quite understanding. “You didn’t kiss my cheek, bella.”

You flushed red, hiding your face behind the bouquet of flowers. “I-I’m so sorry! Was it your....”

“My lips, si.”

“Oh I’m so, so sorry!” He laughed sweetly, his fingers under your chin so you weren’t hiding anymore. “It’s okay. How could I ever mind being kissed by a girl as pretty and as sweet as you, (f/n). Tell you what,” by the tone of voice he was using you could tell he was smiling, “after seeing my brother I’ll come back and visit you. How does that sound?”

“Good!” You replied, grinning back at him.

“Okay then, I’ll be back bella, see you later!”

Feliciano waved at you even though you couldn’t see the simple gesture. He hummed to himself as he walked to Lovino’s room. He’d definitely come back to you, you weren’t just a fan to him.

He carried you in his heart.
Third fanfic in a day!


Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments ^^

Part two: [link]
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