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October 18, 2012
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You sighed in your sleep, breathing out evenly. Some locks of your bed head hair tickled your cheeks as one of them was blown away by your quiet breath.

When you felt pressure on your stomach, you sleepily opened your eyes. It took a second for your vision to snap into focus and when it did, you blushed at the scene that met your eyes.

Berwald sighed in his sleep, his hair hanging over his face. His arms had wound themselves around your waist during both of yours slumber and he was using your stomach as a pillow. You smiled warmly at him, stroking some of hair from his eyes.

He shifted in his sleep, rubbing his cheek on you to get comfortable. All you could do to keep from squealing at his cuteness was bite your lip; you didn’t want to wake your Swedish boyfriend.

Your thumb rubbed circles on his cheek as you gazed lovingly at him. He looked tuckered out, well he had come home late from work as usual. Because of his late hours, you cherished moments like these the most.

Even though you missed him, you were so proud of him, always trying to send him to work with a smile after kissing him as deeply as you could. And your kisses seemed to improve with time as every morning, he’d try to leave even later when you’d caught him in a passionate lip-lock.

Lazily, your fingers ran through his hair, marvelling at the softness of it. You perked up when he groaned in his sleep, his eyes sliding open slightly. But he merely moved upwards a bit, stuffing his nose in your chest.

Your face flushed red, squeaking despite yourself. “B-Berwald?”

After a moment, he glanced up at you, squinting a bit since his glasses were resting on the bedside table. “....Ja?” He asked after pressing a trail of kisses along the line of your cleavage.

You took a look at the alarm clock and sighed, hugging his head closer to you. He followed your look and his expression saddened, but suddenly brightened again.

He flashed you one of his rare, but sweet smiles and pecked your lips. “I’m not going anywhere.” He murmured against your skin. “But-“ You started to protest, but were hushed by his finger.

“I’m going to stay here with you all day, whether you like it or not.”

You started again, your eyes alarmed as he continued to shake his head. “But what about the company?” You finally managed to say.

He looked at you quizzically, tilting his head. “What about the company?” You sat up, your hands on his shoulders. “If you don’t turn up, you’ll be in trouble right?”

He nodded slowly, as if not understanding. “So why aren’t you going?”

Chuckling, he brushed his lips against your forehead. “It’s Sunday.”
A request from a while ago from :iconvampyremisa:

Please enjoy and tell me what you think~I love reading comments!
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That would be a good reason to stay home all day. I don't know how many times i slip up and forget about Sundays. I will even check the mail on Sundays........
As from Harry Potter.... No post on Sundays.
IGame101 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
shit but tomorrow is monday
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