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November 18, 2012
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“Get it right already!” You grumbled, hitting Mathias over the head with the script. He winced though you hadn’t hit him that hard, or at least you didn’t think you had. “I’ve almost got it!” He complained, rubbing the spot you’d hit.

You rolled your eyes, that’s what he’d been saying for two hours now. Settling back on the sofa he laid down, resting his head on your stomach. Absentmindedly you stroked through his unruly hair, sighing as you looked over the script again.

“What kind of an actor are you anyway? If you can’t memorise your lines...” He grinned at you. “I’m learning them a hell of a lot faster than when I used to learn them by myself you know.”

You gaped at him. It must’ve taken him days to get his lines right then! “It takes me awhile to learn them, but once they’re in my head they stick. You act way better if you know what you have to say but not word for word. Makes it a lot more natural and believable.”

Your boyfriend glanced up at you as he spoke, cupping your cheek. “I’m sure you know the lines as well by now, so how about we try it without the book?” He asked, tossing the script onto the table. “Not like I have a choice now, do I?” You commented wryly, bringing your knees up to your chest so he had to move off of his perch on your stomach.

He pouted at you, but shook his head and started reciting. You only had a few interjections, but when it was your turn you exaggerated your tone of voice and disbelief at his statements, even throwing him a light punch when you thought you could.

His eyes widened when you spoke, retaliating with his own lines. At the end, the two of you were out of breath and glaring at each other. “Wow.” He murmured, staring at you. “I didn’t realise you were so good.”

You blushed at his compliment then got back into your character, flipping your hair over your shoulder and smirking. “You sound surprised.”

“I am.” He admitted, then he fell silent, thinking for a moment. “Say, have you ever done any acting?”

“This is (f/n) (l/n).” Mathias introduced you to his manager. He looked you over sceptically and you shrunk back under his prying gaze.

“You know how you said my acting was getting better?” Mathias said, one of his arms slung loosely around your shoulders. “I think it’s thanks to her. She’s been helping me with the scripts and things. That’s when I saw how good she was at acting so I thought....”

His manager sighed, steepling his fingers and looking at the Dane over his glasses. “You know the policy about girlfriends Mathias.”

Mathias bit his lip, releasing your shoulders to dig through his bag. “Here. Watch this. It’s a tape we made.” You rubbed your arm nervously, you weren’t too certain about it all. You did enjoy acting but this was huge step.

Mathias watched his manager in anticipation as he watched the short film on his computer. His eyebrows twitched, his eyes slightly widening. Mathias smiled as his manager watched it a second and a third time.

Then he stood up, offering his hand to you which you shook gently. He beamed at you. “I look forward to working with you Miss (y/n).”

So that’s how it happened that you were standing next to a grinning Mathias on the set of one of the biggest movies of the year. You inhaled nervously, not knowing what to do, if you had to get out of the way for the people carrying masses of cables, cameras and microphones.

You did shift when people passed you holding all manner of furniture and accessories.  

“Mathias!” You heard and turned to see a girl in a dressing gown running over the set and jumping into his arms.

He chuckled wearily, patting her back until she let go of him. “I’ve missed you so much!” She cried, not noticing you as her eyes were trained on your Danish boyfriend. You snorted quietly, looking away from them feeling disgusted at yourself.

Mathias was an actor, so it was obvious he was going to be surrounded by beautiful women, you knew all of this. Yet your heart still twitched when he had to kiss anyone on screen.

He glanced at you for help and you forced yourself to smile at him, chuckling half-heartedly at his predicament.

“Go.” You motioned as he was called on set and he blew you a kiss, before sulking onto the set. The girl hanging off him frowned, looking for the person he’d ‘kissed’ and glared at you, sending a cold shiver up your spine.

As you were just there to get yourself familiarised with the whole process of filming, you sat at the side, watching Mathias and his partner dive into the story. You smiled when you recognised the lines the two of you had practiced, giggling silently when he stumbled over his words.

Then you heard the quarrel dialogue unfold. You had to admit that her acting was good, but you couldn’t help but feel that your re-enactment of the scene had been better. But she or Giselle as she was called, didn’t seem like the type to have an argument with, so you’d just keep that thought to yourself.

Her fists fell on his chest, and from that point on you and Mathias hadn’t practiced the scene. So you watched eagerly as to what was going to happen next.

He trapped Giselle against the wall, pinning her arms to either side and kissed her forcibly. You froze, your wide eyes taking in how long and passionate the kiss was, how flushed Giselle’s cheeks were and most of all how much they seemed to be enjoying it.

Your trembling hands were clenched so tightly that your knuckles were white. So this was what pure despair felt like, you thought, hiding your face behind your hands and rubbing your eyes to keep the tears away.

When Mathias finally ended the lip-lock, he rested his forehead against Giselle he snuck a glance in your direction. His body froze, rooting himself to the spot when he saw pained expression on your face. So far you’d been able to hide your feelings of jealousy, but it seemed like he found out now.

You gasped when your eyes met his and turned speedwalking off the set. He tore the fedora hat from his head and sped after you, leaving the rest of the crew cursing.

“Please (y/n)! Wait up!” He called, his footsteps falling heavily as he ran after you. He muttered something under his breath when he heard someone coming after him. Screw it, he thought, catching you up and pulling you past the first door he came across.

He flung it shut behind him, the darkness taking your vision over. As he couldn’t see now, you deemed it alright to let your tears flow. You sobbed and he fumbled around for you and once he found you he held you tightly against his chest.

“Please, I don’t want to hear you cry.” He murmured, stroking your hair with such kindness. It infuriated you. You pushed away from his chest, slapping his face. “How dare you!” You shouted, growling when he shushed you in fear of being found.

“Wha-I don’t understand!” he replied, cupping your cheek. If the light was on, you knew those blue eyes of his would have calmed you down by now, but that wasn’t a possibility in here. “You know damn well!”

You hung your head, turning away from him. “I don’t mind if you kiss other girls for your work, but can you not look like you’re enjoying it so much?!”

Mathias looked at your shaking figure, wrapping his arms gently around your waist. “I didn’t realise you hated it so much.” He muttered, his chin resting on your shoulder.

“But the only reason I looked like that is because...well...” You frowned, feeling intense heat radiate from his cheeks. Facing him, you reached up to cup his cheeks. He rubbed his neck sheepishly. “I imagine it’s you....” he confessed, his ears burning.

You smiled, that making you feel somewhat better. “In that case, it’s alright I guess...” you said, still not liking the fact that he had to kiss others very much. He cocked his head, jumping when you pulled him down by his tie and pressing your lips against his.

“But I still don’t like it!” He grinned, nuzzling his lips against yours. “How about this then?” He planted several kisses on your lips as he spoke. “Every time I kiss someone, I’ll kiss you ten times the amount. ‘Kay?”

You blushed and hugged him tightly. “That sounds much better!” He smiled, his arms around you again. “I think I still have about six to go....” he whispered and you tilted your face towards his. Each time he kissed you, he got more and more rough, the last one drawing close.

For that one he trapped you against the wall, pinning your arms to your sides like he’d done with Giselle. He repeated the lip-lock.....only the kiss he gave you was at least twice as long!
Here's the sequel ^^

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments~

Idea by :iconrussias-maid:, thanks for giving me the idea and letting me use it love! :heart:

Part one: [link]
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