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December 31, 2012
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You stood nervously in the control room, waiting impatiently to see your boyfriend’s blond head on the screen. Matthew Williams. That was his name and he was finally making his dream come true. He was an astronaut and this was the first time he was going to set foot on the pale surface of the moon.

He’d been gone for weeks now and this was one of the only opportunity’s you had to see him, see him properly and not just hear his voice. The ship’s hatch opened and out he came. No one said he would be able to do it, he wasn’t the strongest guy out there, but he was smart and quick-witted.

Not to mention that he had a heart of gold.

He stood proudly, the members of his team crowding around him to see the view as well. Look at the leader he was, the leader your sweet Canadian had grown into. The sight of his smile made your arms ache. It’d been so long since you’d been able to hold him. But he was coming home soon. And when he did, he was in for a surprise.

He’d be changed, he’d have fulfilled his life-long dream and you would be different to. “Coming in.” The crackly radio didn’t do his voice justice, but it was all you had.

“Matt!” The camera that was panning left and right was in front of him and as such you could see the grin spread across his face through his helmet. “How are you?” He asked, gazing back at the earth longingly as if searching for you.

“I’m good. I miss you though.” You murmured in reply, cradling the microphone to your mouth. “I want to see you as well.” You heard him say and you looked up at the screen to see him blowing you a kiss.

Laughing lightly, you placed your hand on his image, stroking his face. “Hey, I wanted to ask you something.”

“What, you want pancakes when you get home?” You teased, blushing when you heard his laugh. “No, though that would be perfect. Actually I was wondering,” he gulped and bit his lip. “Will you marry me?”

The entire station froze in disbelief, yourself included. You certainly hadn’t been expecting that. His shoulder slumped and he wet his lips. “I guess that’s a n-“

“YES!” You cried down though microphone and he winced at the suddenness and your volume. “Yes, yes, yes! A hundred thousand times yes!”

He fistpumped to the best of his ability and you saw a tear running down his cheek. “I’ll make you happy, I promise (y/n), my sweet.” You shook your head. “You already do.”

Even though your attention was focused on your husband-to-be, you could hear the murmured ‘aaww’s from the people manning the computers and they even applauded Matthew, they’d known parts of the plan.

Wiping away the moisture running from your eyes, you giggled. “Now, finish up and get back to me.”

He straightened up and saluted you. “Will do.” †

You smiled, reaching out for your exhausted boyfriend. He almost fell into your arms, keeping you tightly against his body and burying his face in your hair. The two of you stayed like that for a while, the crowd passing around you in a blur.

All that mattered was him. His heartbeat increased when you pulled away to kiss him, his cheeks flushing red at the gesture. “I want to go home.” He whispered, the arms of his glasses pressing against your cheek.

Nodding, you took hold of his waist and supported him to your car, helped him get in and started driving home. The journey was silent, but not in a bad way. You two didn’t need words to express your feelings. You held his hand whenever you could and he relished the warmth of it.

“Come.” You tugged him to the bedroom, where he dropped to the soft mattress, feeling the woolly duvet scrape against his cheek. You dug around the cupboard, looking for it. Matthew propped himself up against the cushions to watch you and grinned when you held up the large box.

“Perfect.” He said and as you set the contraption up, he waited patiently for you to return to his arms. After the process was complete, you snuggled into his arms, sitting between his legs against his chest. His arms were around you tightly, his forehead resting against your neck.

“Look Mattie.” You pointed as the swirling stars started lighting up the room. The planetarium sat on the floor, casting the moving constellations onto the ceiling and walls. Using it had become a tradition for you, ever since you’d found out about Matthew’s love for stars and distant galaxies.

You’d bought it one anniversary long ago when the two of you were pale teenagers with a shy love. And even if the planetarium hadn’t changed a bit, the two teenagers had. They’d grown to fit their bodies better and their childish love had turned into heated passion. The care with which Matthew treated you was still the same though, if anything he was being exceptionally careful with you at the moment.

Even though you hadn’t breathed a word of it, he could tell. “Here.” He murmured, slipping something cold onto your ring finger. “I needed to give you that.”

You glanced down at the simple ring, glinting gently when a star lit it up. “Thank you.” You replied, turning to press a kiss on his lips. He smiled and kissed you back, the action making your hearts flutter against your ribcages.

His hands travelled lower to your stomach, where they cupped the slowly forming mound tenderly. “I love you both, so, so much.” He whispered pressing his forehead against yours and nuzzling his lips on your cheek.

“I promise to take care of you.”

He was going to become a fine dad.
This is an entry in this contest [link]

The competition is a starry night, it's kind of an artificial starry sky? (Planetarium I mean ^^) :iconbadpokerfaceplz:

I can understand if this doesn't really count, but I thought it was a sweet idea ^^

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always greatly appreciated!

Also if you want to help decide which character and plot you read about next, please vote in the poll
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