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November 10, 2012
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You started, dumping the washing up in the sink when you heard a crash and a loud wail. “Toni?” You shouted through the bathroom door, worried about what your flatmate had gotten up to this time.

“Chicaaaaaa!!!” He yelled over the splash of water and after finding the door was unlocked, you burst in. Antonio’s hand was bleeding badly and you immediately grasped his hand in yours. Wincing, he bit his lip as you examined his knuckles.

It wasn’t a pretty sight; it actually looked as though his skin had some holes in it. Doing your best not to gag, you pushed his hand back under the tap. “What the hell did you do?!” You cried as you flung useless item after useless item out of the cupboard.

He sniffed loudly, tears rolling over his cheeks. “I-I just, I don’t know, I was just so angry and-“

You glanced up to see him and caught sight of the state of the mirror. Several drips of blood were falling from the jagged shards of what was left of your mirror. “ANTONIO!!” He winced again and smiled apologetically at you.

“What the hell made you do something as stupid as that?!” He sighed, jumping slightly when you tightened the bandage around his hand. “I-I....”

You glared at him, pressing down on one of his knuckles. He wasn’t going to fess up. Francis had said something on the phone about you whilst he was calling him and brushing his teeth. What his friend was something he wouldn’t, no couldn’t let it slide.

By the time he’d processed his fury, his fist was buried in the mirror. You growled at him, not taking any pressure off his injuries. “Chica!” He complained, his face pained. A tear appeared at the corner of his eye, which made you feel a little guilty.

“Sorry....” you muttered, leaning up to kiss it away. “That was mean of me, I apologise.” He turned red, the smile appearing back on his face as he shook his head. “It’s okay!”

Gazing happily at you made you feel compelled to look away, uncertain as to why he was suddenly so cheerful again.

“Say chica~”


"My hand hurts."

You frowned at him, cocking your head. “Could you make it feel better like before?” His hopeful expression brightened his face as he grinned at you, his bandaged hand held up.

Carefully you held his hand and kissed each of his knuckles softly. “Better?” You mumbled, blushing. He nodded and kissed your nose, then quickly brushed his lips against yours, turning it into a more passionate kiss when he tilted his head.

Turning your head, you broke the kiss. He whined quietly, wondering if that was out of line. “I....’m sorry.” He murmured, leaning back from you and rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“It’s not that.” His gaze snapped up and at you as you tried to explain. “Well,” you mumbled, looking for a way of explaning,” I....”

Suddenly it hit you and you smiled sweetly at him, a smile which went straight to his heart. “My curing charm only works on things that need healing!”

He paused for a moment, then bit his lip so hard it started bleeding. “Antonio, what are you-“

His lips pressed against yours and you tasted the coppery taste of his blood. His tongue slid over your bottom lip and when you opened your mouth slightly he pulled away again. You watched as his teeth started on his tongue and you quickly reclaimed his mouth, not wanting him to hurt himself.


You blushed, looking from his lips to his green eyes. “Although my charm only works on injured things.....”

At your next sentence you flushed bright red and hid your face in your hands. “.....You can ask for a kiss any day!”
..... Err yeah, so inspired by my sister smashing the mirror. My mirror I might add. *sigh* Oh well......

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments~
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