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September 21, 2012
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You walked down the hall, hand-in-hand with your boyfriend. And let me tell you, it hadn't been easy to snag one. As you and Mathias were almost always together, lots of people assumed that the two of you were an item.

And as such, not a lot of boys really approached you. Those who did however, almost instantly started liking you. You got their hints; their prolonged gazes at you, the way they always touched your shoulder or arm when they had the chance. And often you'd get together with them.

And they would always leave. Always. And you'd never know the reason why.

You kissed your boyfriend on the cheek, waving at him as you went to your own class. He smiled as if in a dream; how on earth had he been able to get a girl as good as you? When he crossed the hallway to his own classroom, he was suddenly pulled back, his head hitting the lockers behind him hard.

"So you're the new one eh?" The blond Dane gripped your boyfriend by the throat, hoisting him up off the floor. Mathias smirked after assessing him. "You won't last a day." He sneered, dropping him. "Stay away from (y/n). She's mine, always was and always will be, ya hear?"

Mathias strutted away from him, a confident smirk on his lips. That whiner would leave you just like the last one, and the one before that and the one before that....

The Dane frowned. Lately there had been a lot more guys than usual hanging around you, it made him uncomfortable. It made him want to mark you as his; to show the others they shouldn't lay a finger on you, after all you were his.

That he had decided long ago, when you'd first appeared in his life. And now he felt it was time. Time to announce it to the entire world! But first, he'd have to wait until after class. Well he'd waited several years now, what would an extra few hours do?

You sighed after your boyfri- ex cleared off. The howmanieth was that now.... Honestly all of this was starting to make you feel more than a little depressed. "Hey (y/n)!" But then again, you always had the cheerful blond by your side, he could make you laugh no matter how bad you were feeling.

He hugged you tightly from behind, his chin resting on your shoulder. "Hey." Your voice betrayed your feelings, as he spun you around so you were facing him. "What's u- No way. He did it, didn't he?" he asked, already knowing the answer of course.

He sat you down on the small stone wall behind the school, staring deeply into your eyes. Your voice let out a sudden sob and before you knew it, you were pressed against his chest, his hands stroking your hair. "He wasn't worth it. You know that."

You wept openly, allowing him to comfort you. "I-I just feel as thoug-" you sniffed," it's li-like no one'll, 'll ever staaaay!" You cried, spilling your tears onto his shirt. He stiffened, now that the moment had arrived, he felt a bit nervous.

Not that anyone could refuse the King of Europe something, but still....

"Hey, you know I'll always be here for you, right?" The change in his voice quietened your crying, stifling down to some hiccups and a few stray tears. "J-ja I know." He grinned at you. "I want you to smile for me. C'mon." His fingertips pulled the corners of your mouth up, creating a lopsided smile.

You giggled, your usual self returning. "See? Much better." All of a sudden, his tone turned serious. "You know, (y/n), to be honest.... I don't want anyone else to see you smile." He confessed, his cheeks turning red. You blinked at him in confusion.

"I guess, I- I wanna be the only one to be able to see the way you smile, the way your face lights up as radiant as the sun. The way the whole world looks brighter when you're around. I want to keep you all to myself." His blue eyes closed as he spoke, his arms tightening around you.


"I want you to belong to only me." He blushed now and looked up sheepishly. "So what do you say?" As for your reply, you merely kissed him, brushing your lips against his gently.

"I say yes..... And let me ask a question in return. Are you the reason my boyfriends kept leaving me?"

He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. "See that's what I like about you (y/n), you're pretty AND smart."
Another idea I thought was cute ^^

And yeah, the title sucks........


Please enjoy and tell me what you think :D

(Also :icontehzombiecupcake: this one's kinda for ya, as ya wanted to see some more Den~)
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Denmark you little shit LOL
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When i was crying, i thought i was singing xD
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Extended Ending:
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He's really quite the opposite of quiet guys!
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