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October 25, 2012
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"(y/n), please I need your help. You need to help Feliciano! Please!" Lovino pleaded, his eyes watery. "Wh-what?" You were startled at his outburst and watched him worriedly. "Feliciano, well he, you know how Grandpa disappeared a while ago right?" You nodded, you knew how upset the two Italians were over it. Also you hadn't seen Feliciano after that.

"Well he's so torn, he wants to know where he is, if he's safe. But since then he, he hasn't eaten a lot. He's growing real thin and no matter what I do he won't eat, please (y/n)! I need your help!" He sunk to the floor, his hands wiping furiously at his eyes.

You felt your own eyes grow damp and you nodded at him. "I'll, I'll do anything." You replied, gulping to keep your tears from falling. Smiling in relief, he sniffled and got on to his feet. "Grazie!"

You followed Lovino to Feliciano's room and when he reached the second door in the upstairs hallway he turned to you. "I-I, I-a wanted to thank you, for coming. Nothing I say or do will get through to him. I've have made him eat so he won-won't..." He didn't finish his sentence, feeling the threat of the unspoken word hanging over the two of you.

"I didn't-a want to say anything to you, because Feliciano likes you very much, but I'm sorry. I didn't have a choice anymore." He apologized, looking truly miserable at the state of his younger brother was in. "Don't worry. I understand." You murmured, rubbing his shoulders comfortingly.

Wiping his eyes again, he laughed weakly and nodded, turning back to face the door. "Feli? I'm-a coming in." He motioned for you to step inside and left.

Gingerly you walked inside the room, closing the door quietly behind you. The sight that met your eyes, made you gasp and hurry towards him.

Feliciano lay on his back facing you. "Ciao bella, what brings you here?" He whispered, trying his best to sound happy. You gently took his hand in yours, the thinness of his arms horrifying you.

"Feli, what have you done to yourself?" You asked, aghast at his crumbling well-being. He said nothing for a while, making some effort to shift his head so he could look out of the window.

"I-I don't know anymore." He muttered, his voice cracking at the end. Your breath hitched in your throat and you hugged him as hard as you could, making sure not to cause him any discomfort.

Tears streamed down your cheeks as you wept loudly, your chin on his stomach. He stroked your hair softly, biting his lip. When your sobs died down you felt him trembling. As you glanced up to his amber eyes you saw such a look of pain in them.

"B-bella? Wh-why, why are you crying for someone as useless as me? I can't train with Ludwig, can't stick to anything, I can't even find Grandpa again! I'm such a dead-weight to everyone, I'd be better off if I could just curl up and disappear?! B-but," he said, choking on his tears, "you're, you're still crying for someone like me, wh-why?!"

His hand rested on your head and you could barely feel it pressing down it was so weakened.

Taking it between your own hands you kissed his palm. "Because I care about you Feliciano! I hate it, I hate seeing you like this, I want you become your usual happy self again. I want to see you smile, Feli! Please, please smile, for Lovino, Ludwig, Kiku, Grandpa and for me. Please Feli, please."

His eyes overflowed as you spoke, his eyebrows knotting together. You cried with him, pressing his hand to your lips. Together you finished your crying, hiccuping every now and then as you sniffled.


"Si, what is it bella?" You smiled at the nickname and kissed his forehead. "When did you last eat something?"

He rubbed his nose with his sleeve as he thought. "I haven't eaten anything good for awhile now...." Hugging him, you pulled him upright, gazing decisively into his eyes.

"Feliciano, I want you to teach me how you make pasta. That would make you feel better right?" He nodded slowly, his arms entwining around his waist. "Si, also ...bella?"

"Yes?" You gazed curiously at him as he leant his forehead against your shoulder. "Did you mean what you said? That you cared about me?"

Nodding, you snuggled closer to him. "Then I can do this, right?" He pulled back a little, gently brushing his lips against yours. You nodded again, blushing slightly.

"Good!" He sighed, standing up shakily. Quickly you offered him your hands which he took gratefully. "Now then let me teach-a you how to make my type of pasta."
Err not sure if I should be Depressed/ Anorexic Italy in title

Also should I put the mature content filter on this? I'm not sure if this is sensitive material or not

I cried a little when I was writing the sort of speeches-things that they did, guess I got too into the characters.....

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments
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