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October 15, 2012
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You were over at a certain albino's place, kicking his arse at video-games. Which he would of course always deny but claiming you had distracted him somehow. And you were truthfully. Gilbert'd had his eye on you ever since you'd turned into the young woman you were, but he'd always harboured feelings for you.

It was only then that he realised his childish crush on you was turning into a full-blown first love. And he was worried to death about you at the moment.

You'd just started working out at the nearby gym, which he also happened to frequent. In fact he was the one that had recommended it to you. But he heard the others talking about you in the changing rooms.

He frowned just remembering the blissful expressions on their faces.

"She was like totally cute! Hey, d'ya think you could help me out with the new, big weights?" Alfred asked his friend Mathias loudly. He shook his head. "No way man! That's what I was going to do!"

Gilbert growled as he lifted his shirt over his head, making a mental note to talk to you about it all.

"Hey, (y/n)?" He asked, somewhat differently from his usual boisterous self. "Yeah? What's up?" You asked, your legs resting against you as you glanced towards him. "Y-you know those to guys at the gym, Alfred and Mathias right?"

"Ye-es." You replied, not sure where this was going. He scratched his neck, not meeting your eyes. "Wh-what do you, do you think of them?" His question took you by surprise, but you chuckled. "They're huge show-offs for one thing, and too loud for my liking." You commented wryly.

"Is that so?" he said, looking at you a bit too happily. "Jup, but why you're asking?"
He blushed and looked at the screen again. "N-no reason."

When you finished the game, you stretched your arms out in victory. "Who's awesome now eh?" You told him as you poked his cheek. "Whatever." He replied gruffly, pouting.

Giggling, you flexed your arms that were still sore from the gym. "It still hurts.... but I feel stronger already!" You cried, a gleeful smile adorning your face.

He snorted derisively and rolled his eyes at you. "You? Strong? Don't make me laugh." You were slightly hurt by his haughty comment and frowned at him. "I'm totally strong."

"Are not."

"Are too."

This went on for awhile until Gilbert threw his hands up in the air and pushed you back on the sofa harshly. "If you're so strong, then break free from me."

"Challenge accepted." You growled, squirming to get away from his weight pressing down on you. But quickly you found that you couldn't really move your limbs, much less use their strength you'd boasted about.

"Well?" You glared at him as he smirked. "You know, if someone attacked you, this is the type of force they'd use."

You simply glared at him, saying nothing. "Do you want to be in that kind of unawesome situation?"

Still nothing.

"If you think you're so strong that you can take anyone on, you're going to regret it."

Your (e/c) pierced his.

"But Gilbert, I'm never going to be in a situation like that right?"

"What?! How can you say something like that! It's true, it's quite unlikely bu-"

"I mean, you're going to come and save me right?"

He fell silent, his sentence left unfinished as what you'd just said reached his brain. A shade of red started to grow and went all the way up to his ears. He covered his mouth with his hand and looked away from you.

Here's some fluffyness with a sideorder of awesome!

As Prussia won the poll (and he's my favourite) he got some screentime!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think!

I love reading comments, they make my day!

Decide in the next poll who you want to see next~
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