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February 9, 2013
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“They’re back!”
You started from your seat, standing up and glancing around at the other women of the village. “Quick, get to the pier!” You cried, lifting your skirts to dash to the waterfront. Sure enough, the dragon headed ship was slowly crawling its way back across the water.

When you saw the faint outline of a man at the front of the ship, your heart skipped a beat. You’d missed him for so long now, the memory of his touch fading each day and now he was finally returning to you.

He held his hand up in greeting and instantly the crowds of women and children responded by waving animatedly and yelling words of excitement when they recognised their king. Your king.

It seemed to take centuries for the ship to reach the pier, ropes being thrown out to secure the vessel; a lot of treasure was aboard and there was no way they were going to lose it after risking their lives for it.

A massive uproar wracked the crowd as Lukas started to descend from the low side of the ship, his fur lined cloak flowing behind him and chasing to keep up with his slow, purposeful footsteps.

“My Queen.”

He came to a stop in front of you and kneeled, his blond hair dirty with ash. He held out his hands, palms upwards; it was his way of asking permission to touch you in public. Not only that but it was a way of finding out if you still wanted him as your husband.

Without a moment’s hesitation, you interlaced your hands with his, pulling him to his feet to wrap your arms around him tightly. His cold hands each found their own place, one of them on the nape of your neck and the other around your waist as he bought you close to him, as close as was possible.

“I missed you.” He murmured gently in your ear and you smiled, nudging his head away from the crook in your neck so that you could kiss him. The surrounding children clapped and laughed, their mothers shooing them away to give the two of you some privacy.

That was how it was in the village, people were always around and in a way you were glad the women and children were so nosy. It made you feel less lonely when Lukas was away and you always had someone to talk to or scold in some cases.

“You’re freezing.” You muttered, reaching up to feel the tips of his cold ears. They heated up the moment you touched them, but you were still worried. He allowed himself to be tugged along to the house you lived in, which stood in the middle of the village.

Located to the centre of the room was a fire that was already burning merrily, crackling when you piled another log onto it. “I was actually just about to have a bath, so the water is ready. But I do believe you need it more than me.”

He chuckled and nodded, a sheepish smile on his face. “I don’t want you to leave me though, alright?” With a happy blush spreading across your cheeks, you nodded and together you endeavoured to pour the boiling water into the tub that had been bought out of its place in the cupboard.

After that was done, he stripped, dropping his filthy clothes to the floor as he stepped into the steaming water, a slight hiss being let out due to the big difference in temperature.

Sitting on your knees beside him, you started to wash his back, scowling when you saw new scars to accompany the ones he’d obtained due to previous raids.
They criss-crossed down his shoulders and back, new entwining with old as though they were already fast friends.

Shuddering when he felt your cool skin come in contact with his own damp body, he let out a purr, reaching over to capture you in his arms. He’d yearned for you for so long and now you were before him nothing would be able to stop his desire.

Feeling you against him was enough to make his heart race at an incredible pace, his hands itching to explore your curves to find out if you’d changed since he’d set out. “I missed you so much.” He mumbled over and over again, a stream of endearment escaping his lips. Now that the dam had been broken, his love for you couldn’t be stopped.

As he reclaimed your lips as his, you noticed the most brief of tastes on his tongue. Sweet honeyed mead clung to his own taste along with the unmistakable flavour of salted meats and fish. The heat that radiated from both your skins and the water mingled, creating a hazy, heated atmosphere.

He pulled back, his dark blue irises shining with adoration as he took in your form. Leaning it to seal your lips again, you both jumped when you heard the door creak open.

“My King? My Queen?” A flustered girl stood in the crack of the doorway, tentatively peering in to see if she was allowed in. Standing up to block her view of her bathing king, you hurried over to her. “Yes what is it?”

“They’ve finished unloading everything.” You smiled at her kindly and nodded, giving her consent to leave. “Did you hear?” You said as you turned to Lukas. Blushing profusely at seeing him as he was standing up, seemingly oblivious to his nakedness. You turned your back on him, gulping hard.

Chuckling at your embarrassment, he found some clean clothes of his and pulled them on. “Come now, you can’t keep on being this embarrassed in front of me. We are husband and wife after all.” He’d snuck behind you, a droplet of water sliding from his loose bangs.

His arms securely around you, he prevented you from escaping. “What do you say?” He murmured, a smirk playing around his lips. “I-I say we go and see what you’ve bought back for me.” You muttered to him and with a snort of laughter, he held your hand.

As he pulled his long worn cloak around the both of you, he kissed your forehead. “Let’s go see then.”

A mountain of shining goods lay upon the dirt floor of the meeting room, glinting stones that were set in metals of all values, bone and wooden figurines alike strewn in haphazard piles. “This is all that we managed to get.”

Lukas squeezed your hands gently, but paused a moment his head tilted to the side. “Actually that’s not completely true. I kept this to the side.” Scanning the pile for a moment, he took hold of a small box that was perched precariously on its side and bought it to you as you stood there in his large cloak that bundled around your ankles.
“I wanted to give this to you. And there was no way I was going to give this up to anyone other than you.” Opening the box, he held it up for you, a small smile apparent.

A shimmering stone was set in silver that shone as though the moonlight itself had been captured in it. The stone seemed as though the essence of the colour of your eyes had been trapped in them, swirling around when you moved it this way and that.

You stared at it in awe, which he took as a good sign of course. He plucked it from the box with nimble fingers, coming behind you to fasten the clasp. “It’s beautiful.” You breathed, your gaze slowly fixing on him instead of the jewel. “Nowhere near as close as stunningly beautiful you are however.”

“Thank you so much!” You cried, grabbing hold of him. At first he stiffened in surprise but he quickly relaxed, rubbing his head up against yours. The rest of the men and women surrounding the two of you averted their eyes from the intimacy of the simple gesture.

“And now I want to be with you alone.” He cupped your cheek, a twinkle in his eye appearing when you turned red.

With a wave you said your goodbyes, complying to the wish he had uttered and the one you had not.

You were still admiring your newly acquired piece of jewellery as you stepped over the threshold when Lukas’ exhaustion from the journey seemed to catch up on him. He stumbled slightly and you quickly took hold of him, half dragging him towards the fire.

Sitting down next to the burning flames, you cradled him to your chest and with a sigh he slid down so he was lying on your lap. “As much as I want to see your face right now, I can’t seem to open my eyes.” He whispered in frustration, his brows pulling together to crease in the middle.

“Just sleep for now, we’ve got all the time in the world tomorrow morning.” Soothingly stroking through his hair, you hummed a song from ancient times, your own eyes started to flutter closed. Nuzzling closer to you he breathed out slowly, his sleep already taking him to a faraway place.

You could have watched him like that forever, but it seemed as though your mind too was destined to go to the paradise world known as dreams.
Yeaaaaah.... Well, I started on the dorky Prussia fic and then I lost motivation after the first paragraph.... .__.

This however was fresh in my mind, so I hope you don't mind (not that you can change it now CX) but I wrote this one first~
This next week is my half-term holiday, so hopefully I'll be able to write more than usual! ~(^.^)~

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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