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January 6, 2013
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You were in distress at the moment, searching high and low for your small friend. As Raivis really was quite small compared to the other boys he often got picked on and you simply couldn’t have that! You always managed to scare away the bullies by kicking their shins and growling at them.

And whilst that sort of thing works at primary school it starts losing its effectiveness at high school. Because the boys got taller than you regrettably. But that didn’t stop you from protecting your friend.

“Rai!” You called, skidding around the corner. A hiss escaped your lips as you saw the brunette on the floor, his stomach being brutally kicked. You advanced towards the group of louts. “Stop it. Now.”

Every word you said was made more menacing as you cracked your knuckles. The punks raised their eyebrows and sauntered over to you. “Does the big girl want to play?” They took hold of your wrist bringing it above your head.

“I think she does.” One of the other ones echoed, reaching out to stroke down your cheek. “I know just the game~” You smashed your foot up into his groin, slapping the other one around the face. The third one quailed and bailed it before his behind was kicked to the curb.

“You alright?” You asked, offering your hand to Raivis. What happened next was something you would have never even dreamed. He slapped your hand away. Whilst you stood frozen in shock, he got to his feet, wiping the blood from a cut on his mouth.

“I can’t take this anymore!” His voice sounded strangled, anguish deeply embedded in his tone. “I’ve had enough!”

With that he ran away from you, hoping his tears would go unnoticed by you. Your eyes widened and you ran after him, but because of that second of hesitation he was out of sight.

The next few months you searched high and low for him, but no matter who you asked or where you looked you couldn’t find Raivis. Each night you wallowed in the despair that your friend might have passed to the next world and every morning you made yourself cling to the hope that he okay.

You always tried to avoid the bullies at school, now that Raivis had disappeared they were always looking for a new punch bag to exploit. All you could was hope he was alive. And if you were allowed to be selfish, was it okay for you to want to see him again?

“Hey. Brat.” You winced as a hand flew in front of your face, slamming into the locker next to you. Getting your trembling under control, you turned towards the person who was rudely addressing you.

“What do you want?”

The boy leaned forward to you, making you smell his vile breath. “Where’s the midget?” He asked and expected an answer. Just hearing the way he referred to your friend made your blood boil, but before you could answer, something hit the side of his head.

The boy reeled to the side, clutching his ear. “I’m right here.” Raivis straightened up from the flying kick he’d landed on the guy and smirked. Wait what?! A) where the hell did he learn to do a flying kick?! And B) how can he smirk?! I mean he’s like the cutest guy ever?!

Calm, you thought to yourself, massaging your temples as you watched Raivis beat the living hell out of the bullies. Letting out a shaky breath, you sank to the floor. Raivis rubbed his neck. “You alright?” He offered you his hand, saying the line you always said when you’d chased the bad guys away.

“I’m beginning to be.” Using his hand as a leverage, you hugged him tightly. He’d grown slightly and had firmed up but he was as warm as ever. “I thought you were gone forever...” you muttered angrily at him, squeezing him tightly.

“Sorry.” He murmured back, his own arms around your shoulders and waist. “I needed some time to think and stuff...” You pushed him away. “You left for four months! That must’ve been a lot of thinking!”

He blushed and looked at the ground. “I did other things as well....”

“Such as?” You retorted, tears of frustration welling up in your eyes. “I trained with Ludwig! And Yao taught me martial arts!” He looked up at you, his big eyes hopeful. “I think I’ve even grown a bit!”

Biting your lip, you sniffed. “You idiot!” It seemed like he shrunk at you outburst. “I don’t care about that! You shouldn’t have just disappeared like that! Do you have any idea how worried I was?!” He reached out to you, pulling you close to him.

You struggled at first, but when he didn’t yield you collapsed. “You could have called or something.” He tightened his grip on you, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “If I heard your voice I would’ve come back immediately. I wanted to become strong. And to do that, I had to train.”

He kissed your cheek and rocked you gently. “But now I can protect you.” That was what had done it for him, you were always sticking your neck out for him, very nearly getting hurt in the process. That was what had driven him to become stronger.

“You left me alone for a long time.” You said, gazing into his eyes. “You have to make up for it!” He chuckled and nodded. “I promise I won’t leave your side from now on.”

Smiling, you decided to be bold. You pressed your lips to his sweetly and even though it was only a short kiss he turned bright red. “For how long though?”

“For ever and ever.”
I don't think I've done a LatviaXReader before.... :D

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always greatly appreciated!

Also if you want to help decide which character and plot you read about next, please vote in the poll
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