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November 24, 2012
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She was reading Shelley and drinking some tea
I snuck up on her and she glanced up at me
Her tongue stuck out she smiled
Outshining even the most beautiful of the heaven’s angels.

You flicked through your book, completely enthralled by Frankenstein. Feeling around for your mug of tea, your eyes didn’t leave the page as you sipped some of the steaming liquid. After you set it down carefully, you snuggled under the blankets a bit more.

Arms settled around your shoulders and you jumped slightly, being jerked from the world of fiction. “Tsss,Iggy! It was just getting good!” You whined and you heard Arthur chuckle behind you. Shrugging out of his hold, you pouted and stuck your tongue out at him, smiling mischievously.

It all started with a hello
Leading up to a what’s your name sweetheart?
Then she gave me a nickname
Which makes me cringe, though I love it
Does it mean she likes me?

Arthur settled on the sofa next to you, his guitar in hand. As he hummed a tune under his breath he strummed a couple of notes, trying to find one that fit the lyrics. When he got one, he smiled and closed his eyes, playing it quietly.

Maybe she just likes teasing me
I mean she does it never endingly
Note to self; get her back for that

You snuck a sideways glance at him, seeing him fully concentrated and mussed up his hair, returning to your book innocently when he opened his eyes. One of his eyebrows raised, he sighed and shook his head, though the corners of his mouth twitched upwards.

Sneakily he drunk the rest of your tea, you too into your book to notice. He smacked his lips gaining your attention and a smack on the back of his head. He grinned cockily at you and you put your book on the table, out of harm’s way.

You climbed on his lap, doing your best not to knock the guitar and looked down at him threateningly. “What are you playing?” You asked, feeling your irritation die down a bit when he nuzzled his lips against yours.

“Nothing much, just working out a few ideas.” He replied, resting his forehead against yours. “I wanna hear them!” You said, slipping off his lap so he could play properly.

He started murmuring under his breath, the lyrics not quite clear yet so he fluffed several of the lines. His fingers plucked the strings gently, creating a melodious tune and you closed your eyes, wanting to listen to it without anything else disturbing you.

He stopped about a minute later. “That’s all I’ve got so far.” He commented, putting down his guitar next to him and snuggling closer to you. “It sounds so pretty already though.” You cooed at him, wrapping your arms around his neck when he pulled you back on him.

“Just like the girl in the song...” he murmured, leaning his temple against the crook of your neck. “Have you thought of a name yet?” You asked, you always loved helping him finding titles for his songs and even if this one wasn’t finished yet, you thought every song ought to have a name.

He chuckled, making you look at him curiously. “There’s only one title fit for this song.”
“Tell me~” His cheeks dusted pink he smiled at you, replying to you with a tone as if there was nothing more normal.

“It’s (y/n). Of course.”
Couldn't find a proper title ^^

Also the bits in italics are meant to be the lyrics to his song ^^


And they're mine, I didn't get them from anywhere else. I suck at them I know ;_;

But oh well~

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is appreciated so much you can't believe!
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