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March 3, 2013
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A bang. The front door had been thrown open, banging against its hinges as someone else banged in. “(Y/n)!! I’m hoooome~” Not again.

Allistor grinned lazily, opening his arms for you as he stumbled inside. Why did you even wait up for him anymore? You should’ve known he’d come home drunk like always. With a couple more drunken slurs of what you guessed was your name, he fell to his knees in front of you.

You shook your head at him and sighed, putting down the magazine you’d engrossed yourself in. Stroking his cheek, to which he nuzzled his face in your hands.  “I’m back hooome~” He murmured, pressing kisses on your palms.

“W-why’re ya still awake..?” He questioned, resting his chin on your folded up legs. “I was waiting for you stupid.” Why did you still wait up for him like this? Oh yes, it was because you were head over heels for the redheaded Scot and his affection, which tended to be more prominent had alcohol been consumed.

“Fer me? Aaaaw tha’ sweet o’ ya!” His head lolled to the side and he clambered onto the sofa, lying his head in your lap. “Yer a-an Olympian pile o’ woman-ness, ya are! It just makes me wan’ tae kiss ya!”

And with that he did, leaning up to place a sloppy kiss on your lips. With a sleepily grin, he then proceeded to nuzzle into your neck. “Mmmm, ya smell good lass.” He murmured against your skin, causing heat to radiate from your cheeks.

“No I don’t. I smell.” You muttered back, pushing his face away from you. Firmly he grasped your wrists and pulled them down to your lap as he continued to snuggle into you. “Ya don’t. Ya smell like yaself, and I lov’ it when ya do.”

“Pervert.” You whispered under your breath. He smirked crookedly and kissed your collarbone. “Only when it comes to ya, lass.”

“Say lass, ya do lov’ meh, dont’cha?” You blinked in confusion. “What kind of a question is that?”
“Jus’ answer it, yea or nae?”

Blushing, you kissed his forehead. “Well yes I suppose.” He nodded resolutely. “Then we should get married, what’dya say tae that eh?”


“Yea, I’ve bin thinking abou’ it fer a long time now an’ now I’ve decided. I wan ya tae be me wife.” He grinned again, that silver ear cuff glinting as he moved. “I wan lots an’ lots o’ kids. Tha’ alright with ya?”

Tearing up, you swallowed the grit in your throat. “ ‘Ey, ‘ey! Wha’s a matter lass?” A single tear flowed down your cheek and he brushed it away gently with his calloused fingers.

“It’s just, you’re being so sweet and nice, saying all these things, b-but I know. I know you won’t remember any of this in the morning. All you’ll do is wake up in the morning and swear because you’ll have a huge hangover!”

Chuckling, he kissed you tenderly, all the previous sloppiness having disappeared. “Lass, there’s nae way I’ll forgit this. I’ve bin wanting tae ask ya tha’ for a long time now. I just needed a drink to git me arse moving.”

He reached in his back pocket, fumbling around until he found what he wanted. “Is me mam’s ya see, or it was in any case.” Holding up the small box, he opened it for you to see. A simple band of gold sat in the satin, a sparkling clear stone set in the middle of it.  

“So I’mma ask ya again lass. Will ya have a drunkard like me? Will ya marry me?”

“Yes!!!” You hugged him tightly, sending the both of you flying onto the floor. “So eager tae git me outta ma clothes?” He teased, winking and wiggling his large eyebrows. Shaking your head in disbelief, you smiled sweetly when he pushed the ring onto your ring finger.

“And now, ya’re mine.” Grinning widely, he hugged you tightly forcing all the air out of you. “Al-Al!” You squirmed in his arms, pushing on his chest to make him let go of you. “Al!” His quiet snores gave him away.

“Honestly.....” You said as you sat back on his hips, shaking your head again. After admiring the shining ring on your finger, you bent down and pecked his lips. “C’mon big guy, let’s get you to bed.”

A pounding headache. That was all Allistor felt as he creaked his heavy eyes open. “Cor blimey.....” He muttered groggily, turning to bury his face in the darkness that was your back. Wrapping his arms around you, he felt around for your hands. He almost always slept with his hands entwined with yours and he’d grown so accustomed to it that all you needed to do was hold his hand for him to feel slightly drowsy.

When he found them, he smiled and kissed the skin of your neck but he froze when he felt a hard alien object on one of your fingers. Sitting up he examined it, relief and joy pushing the dreaded hangover to the back of his mind.

Kissing every inch of your face, he nuzzled his nose with yours. “Yer finally mine!”
Scottie is back!

I hope I did his accent justice and that you can all understand what he's saying ^^' I apologise in advance if you can't!

This just popped up in me and idk if the plot's any good, but I thought it was kinda sweet ^^

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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So cute! <3
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I love your fanfics by the way~ <3
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