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December 7, 2012
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“(y/n)! (y/n)!”

O god...


It had arrived....


Francis’ worst possible nightmare.

The British kid sitting on your lap was grinning widely at you as he bounced up and down. Why now? Why today, it being the day he’d wanted to be with you all alone and who knew, maybe get a little more intimate than usual?

Francis slumped on the coffee table, his blond hair splayed around his head like a halo. He pouted, his temple resting against the cover of a few glossy magazines, though his breath was making his cheek stick onto them.

“And they even had unicorns!” The blond sitting on you, stood up and used his hands as he described what he’d seen at the fantasy forest. “Is that so?” You murmured, smiling at him brightly and indicating for him to continue his tale.

Francis’ expression soured. That smile should have been aimed at him!

“Yeah! And they even had leprechauns and fauns and-“ Arthur fell off of where he was wobbling on your legs, landing on his head. Even though you’d grabbed him to lessen his fall, he still banged his head.

Tears started budding in his big green eyes and you comforted him as he began to cry. Francis bit his lip and wrinkled his nose in frustration when he saw you kiss the bump on Arthur’s head. You hugged Arthur gently, rocking him in your arms until his cries stopped and he fell asleep.

“Francis?” You asked, turning towards where your Frenchie lay. As a response he turned his head over, scowling. “Francis, sorry it turned out this way.” He still didn’t reply. “I know you don’t like Arthur, but I couldn’t say no to his mother. You know what she’s like.”

After a moment, Francis glanced up at you, his chin stuck out. “But you didn’t even give me a kiss yet.” He muttered, pouting adorably. You blushed and smiled sweetly. “I can’t really move at the moment so come over here.”

His face lit up and he crawled around the table to sit on his knees next in front of you. Leaning forward you kissed him chastely, gasping when he took hold of your head to deepen your lip-lock.

“Meeh~” you heard and you jumped as you felt Arthur rub his eyes sleepily. Sitting back, you shook your head at Francis and he growled in annoyance. He stood up briskly, stepping around the sofa.

You sighed, scratching your neck. You knew it was unfair in bringing the little boy home during the time you said you would hang out with Francis, but you really couldn’t do anything about it. The boy was your cousin and as his mother needed to go out of town for a bit she’d asked, well threatened was more like it, for you to keep an eye on him.

Suddenly you felt your chin being jerked upwards and you blinked in surprise as Francis kissed you upside-down. Your cheeks tinted red, he pulled back from the kiss.

“The moment he goes to bed, you’re all mine!” He whispered loudly, a smirk plastered on his face. Hiding your face in Arthur’s hair, you nodded briefly and he spun round and fistpumped the air.

“(y/n)?” Arthur’s sleepy voice made you look down at him and he smiled drowsily, snuggling into your chest. “You’re warm.” He commented, his eyes closed again. Francis bared his teeth, his previous euphoria forgotten. How dare he! That space was reserved for him and his Frenchness only!

“Arthur love? Have you actually eaten anything yet?” He nodded at your question, a one-dimpled smile on his face. “Uhu!”

“Then how about I get you in the bath and then to bed?” It was a decent enough time for it after all. He pouted and sighed. “Okaaay~”

Smiling, you hugged him and picked him up. “Come on then~” He shrieked when you twirled him around, holding onto you tightly.

The warm bath you gave him was sloppy and he got bubbles all over you. “Arthur!” You squeaked, feeling yourself being soaked. The boy grinned in triumph, playing with a rubber duck innocently. “Mon amour? Are you alright?” Francis asked, sticking his head around the corner.

He blushed seeing how wet you were and narrowed his eyes at the culprit. Closing the door behind him, he sighed and sat down next to you. “Do you have a hairband or something?” He asked, combing his hair back.

When you handed him one, he murmured his thanks and tied his hair back. “Mon amour, go get yourself dried.” He said, smiling at you. You bit your lip seeing the glare Arthur was giving him. “Errr, maybe I should stay...”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got this.” Francis started washing Arthur’s hair despite both of their protests. Arthur crossed his arms but after a moment he closed his eyes in bliss as the Frenchman worked on his hair.

You gazed in wonder as you saw how he worked, his hands seemingly so elegant. “Francis, where’d you learn to do that?” He glanced at you casually. “I have got Matthew remember? I used to wash his hair all the time.”

An impish smile on his face, he felt rather accomplished when he saw the look of amazement on your features. “Go on, I wouldn’t want you to get sick.” He murmured, his blue eyes on his hands again.

“Ye-yeah. I guess you’re right.” You stood up, getting a large fluffy towel from the linencupboard and drying your hair.

Then you figured since it was already rather dark, it should be okay for you to wear your pyjamas. You heard a loud splash and a chuckle from the bathroom but decided not to intervene unless you heard an argument.

“Hey, are you done?” You asked, sticking your head round the door like he’d done. Francis grumbled and Arthur grinned at you. The gray T-shirt with the blue telephone box on, matched his dark blue trousers.

He proudly showed them off. “Your pyjamas are cool too!” He commented when you held him in your arms. Feeling Francis’ gaze rake your outfit, you blushed and turned. The large T-shirt you were wearing came down past your thighs and the shorts you were wearing barely covered your legs.

“Thanks Artie!” You murmured none the less and kissed his forehead. He blushed in return and hugged you as you took him to the spare room. “Will you be okay here?” You covered him up, smiling sweetly at him and stroking his hair.

“Yeah, I think I’ll be okay.” He answered. “Oh just one thing!” You sat on your haunches next to him as he sat up. “Good night.” He whispered, pecking at your lips childishly. You froze, then patted his head as he  pulled back. “Night to you too Arthur.”

You smiled as you walked out of the door, closing it behind you quietly. When you turned however your eyes were met by a scowling Frenchman. His arms folded, he leant against the wall, staring at his feet.

“Francis?” He rubbed his neck as a response and took your hand, pulling you to the living room. Sitting himself and you down, he switched on the tv. He pulled you onto his lap and you rested you temple against his chest.

His sleeves were still rolled up you noted and a few strands of his hair had little droplets of water clinging to them. Reaching up, you caught some between your fingers, smiling when they ran down your arm.

He shifted, his arms tightening around you as he bought your chin up. He moved his lips needily against yours, nibbling on your lips when you broke for air. “Fran...cis?” He frowned, his hand on the back of your neck.

“It still isn’t enough.” He muttered, almost as if to himself. Then it hit you. The reason as to why his brows were knitted and the corners of his mouth were turned down.

“Francis? Are you jealous?” He turned bright red and coughed. “Wh-what would make you think that?!”

You giggled and kissed his nose. “Ajep, you totally are.”

“Are not!”

“Totally definitely are!”

“Non, chérie, you’ve gone too far!” He started tickling you and you laughed loudly, your fits of laughter causing you to go limp in his arms.

“Okay, okay I give. But you’re still jealous!” He shook his head and shrugged. “Being overprotective and jealous are two completely different things.”

“Oh so you’re overprotective now?”

He gazed into your eyes. “Of course! And on the subject, I need to disinfect those lips of yours.” He leant forward to you, capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. As he tilted his head to make the kiss deeper, the two of you stopped when you heard a voice.


Curse him to beyond Hell’s ninth ring!! Francis growled and glared at Arthur. Arthur rubbed his eyes sleepily. “(y/n), I can’t sleep...” You disentangled yourself from Francis and patted your lap.

“C’mere.” He nodded and crawled into your lap, drifting asleep practically immediately. But not before shooting Francis an evil smirk.

Oh well, looked like Francis would have to pick a better time....
:iconchibienglandplz: : U mad bro?

I apologise for any mistakes or errors or anything, I'm tired and my eyes are sore. I'm going to bed after posting this.

Also bit of a weird plot but hey, I thought it was quite funny!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always greatly appreciated~
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Lforeverisa Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Merlin little Iggy is so freaking adorable!!!!!!! and his evil little smirk is so cute and childish!!!! I would love to claim him as my own son!!!! This story reminds me of myself and my little twin brother. Once my elder brother brought his girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) back home, and we hated her so much cause she was rude to my elder sister. So me and my twin brother burst into my elder brother's room when they were kissing. We forced our brother to give us piggy-back-ride and we were smirking at that bitch all the time!!!
16CleverTaunts Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love this soooooo much! It'd be cool to see the opposite happen "EnglandXReaderXChild France"
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Yeh all pervy and shit
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U mad Bro? XD
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Best cockblock ever.
Well, except for the one time a rooster blocked my mother from getting out the driveway, but you know.
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I can imagine that would make quite the cock-block indeed.
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