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January 20, 2013
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You sighed heavily, staring out of the train window. The whiteness that covered the land was stunningly beautiful and yet it was annoying you to no end. Because of the snow, your train had been heavily delayed. As such, you couldn’t meet your Iceland boyfriend at the time you’d said. Even though you’d texted him to tell him to get somewhere warm whilst he waited for you, he’d refused.

At first you’d told him just to go home without you and you’d get home somehow. He’d adamantly told you ‘no’ as ‘it was his job to get you home safely’. And now he was even waiting for you on the platform!

He said he didn’t want to chance missing you in any way. Agitatedly, you chewed on your lip. The book you’d bought was lying open on your lap, but you could scarcely concentrate on it, as entertaining as The Hobbit was. You were just too worked up and worried about Emil.

Then again, maybe it hadn’t been a good idea to drink the only drinkable thing in your bag either. The can of Red Bull had succeeded in making you jittery and in a desperate attempt to somehow get rid of the excess energy, your leg was bouncing up and down.

Even before your stop was announced, you were at the double sliding doors, waiting for the infernal train to stop and let you get to your Emil.

Finally the bell rang and the doors opened painfully slowly. Well it seemed as though the Red Bull was good for something, as you jumped out of the train and sprinted along the platform.

You easily spotted Emil as he was the only one sitting on the cold metal chairs. The old plastic roof above him had saved him from getting completely buried in the snow, but there were still mounds of snow on his shoulders and head from when the wind had blown flurries of it into him.

When he saw you running towards him, he stood up, shaking his coat slightly to get off some of the snow. You could barely skid to a halt when you reached him and had to settle for an emergency stop by crashing into his open arms.

“You’re here.” He murmured, hugging you tightly to him. Unfortunately, you started sliding downwards because of the slippery ice underneath your feet. You ended up clinging to him, your arms around his stomach as your legs slid backwards. “Help!” You cried and Emil chuckled, hauling you to your feet.

Keeping his arms tightly around your waist, he made sure you wouldn’t slip again. “That’s better, isn’t it?” You asked, winding half of your knitted scarf around his neck. He nodded gratefully, closing his eyes and taking in that warm scent of yours that clung to the worn-out fabric.

“Thanks.” He whispered, one of his arms around you as he started to walk out of the station. “I missed you.” He kissed your cheek sweetly, that small smile on his face again.

Pressing your forehead against his gently, you pecked his lips. “I’m home now.”
This was a request for :iconresistance33: I hope you enjoyed love! And I hope it was sort of what you had envisioned ^^
She requested a fluff one, and she wanted dear Reader-tan to be carrying a book (=The Hobbit) and a can of Red Bull; (that was in case you were wondering about it)

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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This reminds me of a Eurovision song Iceland made in 2011 called "Coming Home" or something...
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