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August 12, 2012
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This one was written for Annabethcat

I hope y'all enjoy~

Also please tell me what you think ne~

You clenched the steering wheel so tightly your knuckles turned white. Shit. The conversation replayed itself in your head, ending up with the test results. Double Shit. You were pregnant. Now came the hard part. Triple Shit. Telling Feli.

Biting your lip hard, you drove home, desperately trying to keep your mind clear. You didn't want to kill yourself before the big moment after all.

How the hell is he going to react? You racked your mind for an answer. Well heck, you weren't ready to be a mother so he wasn't gonna be either. Ready to be a father I mean, not a mother in his cas- Dammit! What are you thinking about!

You covered your face with your hands and did your best to keep your tears from flowing. Leaning back, you took deep, steady breaths. You were nowhere near ready for a kid. There was a reason for it.

You're scared of being pulled into something, with no power over a situation. After being married to Feli, you got over it a bit, each day being unpredictable and all, but still. You're going to be a mother. Bells sounded in your head.

You gulped and parked the car in front of your house. Mind still whirring, you slouched out of the vehicle, up the path and opened the door.

"You're home!" You were greeted by your husband throwing his arms around you. You smiled meekly and hugged him back, needing his body heat to reassure yourself.

"Bella? What's wrong?" Curse him, why was he always so sharp at times like this? "N-nothing at all Feli, you're imagining things." A feeble laugh managed to pass from your lips.

He frowned and took you to sit down on the sofa. He wrapped his arms around you and rubbed your back comfortingly. "What's wrong?"

His kind voice and actions broke down your defenses, you clutched him to you. Your pent-up tears streamed down your face, soaking into his shirt. His heart thumped painfully, he hated seeing you cry more than anything in the world.
He shushed you, rocking you gently in his arms. Stroking your hair, he whispered soothing words in your ear. After several minutes of this your all-out bawling died down to a snivel.

"So bella, what was it that got you so upset?" You froze in his arms, there it was the dreaded question. Hiding your face in his shirt, you didn't say anything as you tried to come up with an answer.

You closed your eyes in pain. What if he left you? What if he would start hating you? Biting your lip, you mumbled the cursed words. "I'm pregnant."

His comforting stopped abruptly and your darkest fears came to life. You clung onto him. "Please Feliciano! Help! Please I don't know what to do! Don't leave!"

Suddenly his arms were wrapped tightly around you, him burying his head into your shoulder. "Is that really true?" He asked. You nodded, tearful. "I'm so sorry!"

"What is there to be sorry for (y/n)? I'm so happy I feel as if I'm going to burst!" Eh? "How long have you known?" You looked down. "Not very long. But I've had my suspicions for a while now."

He pulled back to cup your cheek in his hand. When you gazed into those cinnamon eyes of his, you could practically feel his love and adoration for you radiate from the core of his being.

You were still scared as hell though. "But Feli, what happens if I hurt him, or, or don't raise him right! What if he hates me!"

Leaning down he pecked your lips, before you could move away. "How could he ever hate someone as wonderful as you?" He kissed you again. "What happens if-"

"(y/n), no matter what happens, all we have to do is try our best right? All you have to do is keep smiling like you always do. And whatever happens, happens. We'll deal with it at the time. We can't spend all our time worrying right?"

You calmed down completely, soothed by his words. "Feli." You smiled up at him warmly. "I'm still scared." "I know. Me too. But we'll give it our best!"

Hugging him, you smiled. "Definitely."
This one was written for :iconannabethcat:

Edited by :iconromanochigivee:

I hope y'all enjoy and please tell me what you think
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