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January 1, 2013
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“And after we add the chocolate, it’s pretty much finished.” Francis said, twirling the whisker in his hands skilfully. You watched as he added the melted goodness to the bowl with the mix, quickly combining the two substances and carefully scooped out the end result over the biscuit-base.

“There we go!” He exclaimed, dusting his hands of imaginary dust and very present icing sugar. “And now?” You inquired, leaning across the cluttered counter intrigued with his next move. He winked, picking up the tin containing your dessert and put it in the fridge.

“Now, we wait,” He told you, then noticed the state of his hands and added,” and clean.”

Pouting, you sighed. Parts of his blond hair were falling out of the band he’d used to tie it back with and he shook his head awkwardly to the side to try and get the strands of hair out of his eyes.

You chuckled as he tried to tuck his bangs behind his ears, a line of chocolate being streaked across his nose in the process. Your laughter turned louder and he narrowed his eyes, wondering what on earth was wrong with you.

“You got something here.” You said and motioned for him to stand in front of you. When he did, you pulled his face to yours and started kissing off the chocolate. As you finished up, he straightened his back, a devious twinkle in those azure eyes of his.

Before you could react, he had stuffed his hand in the bowl he’d used to melt the chocolate and smeared it all over your lips. Purring he leaned down to lick it all off, a smirk playing around his mouth.

“Oh, you’re on.” You muttered, your own hand gathering the brown stuff and rubbing it on your other. Grabbing hold of his cheeks, you continued coat his cheeks in the stuff, even getting it in his golden locks.

He squealed, working the chocolate into your own hair.

By this point, you’d grabbed the bowl and hidden behind the counter. As he came closer to you, you held up a handful menacingly. Squeaking, he hid behind the other side. Taking his breaths quietly, he tried to shuffle around the other side, though you were already lying on top of the counter, prepared to fling it.

As the gooey substance began to drip in his hair, his eyes widened and he scurried behind the far-off wall, leaving brown stains the shape of hands in his wake.

Giggling, you licked some chocolate off of your fingers, smiling as you waited for your Frenchman to resurface. Something strange was stuck out from behind the wall. Tilting your head to the side in curiousness, he waved it and the object became clear.

The baguette in his hands had a white tea-towel, which also had smears on it, tied to it and he flailed it up and down. “A ceasefire eh?” You said, setting the bowl down on the marble surface with an audible clink. He peeked around the corner and nodded.

Shrugging, you smiled and sat down on the floor as if you couldn’t be bothered. “I suppose so... but only ‘cuz it’s you.”

Francis breathed a sigh of relief and crawled over to where you sat, your back against the cupboards. “You know, ever since we met I get covered in chocolate whenever I’m cooking with it.” He mentioned, as if the realisation had just dawned on him.

Laughing again, you feigned both innocence and ignorance. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Raising his eyebrow, he scooted closer to you, sliding his leg behind you and pulling you against his chest.

“Sure about that mon amour?” He murmured, one of his arms securely crossing your chest, leaving you without an escape route.

“Oui, I’m sure alright.” You replied, giving up to him and leaning back. He hummed in satisfaction and inhaled the mixture of your scent and the chocolate. A scent which he found was pretty irresistible, but then again he found that even before the chocolate had been added to the equation.

“This is much better...” You could feel his eyelashes against the bare skin of your neck as he whispered those words as if in prayer. “What is?”

Now it was the smile on his face you could sense on your skin. “Oh you know, life. Everything’s much better when you’re by my side.” A blush crept on to your stained cheeks.

“Hush.” You muttered, your embarrassment getting the better of you. Nodding, he rested his forehead against your neck. “Only if you’re here.”

“Want some cake?”

“....Hell yes.”
There we go! First post of 2013!

I enjoyed writing this one ^^
I like France and his bubbly personality (well, I guess bubbly isn't exactely the word.... flamboyant maybe?)

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always greatly appreciated!

Also if you want to help decide which character and plot you read about next, please vote in the poll
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