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October 29, 2012
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“And if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call me, you have my number.” You nodded and waved as your colleague stepped in his car and drove off.

You returned to your house and after making sure all the doors were closed, you opened the carrier. You sat down and patiently waited for the animal to emerge. The grey cat did so tentatively, curiously taking in its new surroundings.

It, or rather he as he was called Heracles inspected your living room fully, from the fluffy, thick carpet to your old sofa. It was almost as if he felt contented with his temporary living space and he sat down to wash himself.

Now it should be alright to approach him, right? You thought as you inched closer to the cat. You hand hovered over its head, which he saw and immediately nuzzled it.

“Awwww!” you cooed as he nestled himself on your lap, purring loudly. Smiling happily, you continued to stroke him, scratching his ears now and then.

Heracles purred loudly, his owner may love him and although he put up with her, his affections for her were forced. But now this girl, she was something different! It made him want to change to his real self, the one he’d forsaken for his world of cats.

Maybe, just maybe he’d return to his original form, that way he’d also be able to free himself from his owner. Only the collar was a nuisance, if he changed now, he’d be choked to death by it. How to get it off.....

Heracles started to scrabble with his collar, making you think it was too tight or something. So as you shushed his small growls, you unbuckled his collar so you could loosen it. But Heracles instantly jumped out of your lap and sought sanctuary under your sofa.

What now? he thought panicking. The collar had come off easily, but was this still a good idea? I mean wouldn’t she freak out if she saw me? Though her scent is so....he meowed blissfully, imaging what he could do to you if he changed.

You sighed, smacking yourself for not realising this might happen. Scanning the various things your colleague had left for you, you picked up a toy and tried to lure him out.

The cat licked its lips, his green eyes following the fluffy mouse on the end of the string. After a few moments of tensing his muscles and preparing, he pounced and you managed to drag him out of his hiding place.

He started chewing on the toy and you stroked him to get him calm enough to put the collar back on.

One eye on the cat, you looked through the rest of the items you’d gotten and you stumbled across some cat treats. Figuring he was good coming out of there, you offered him one on the palm of your hand.

Heracles sniffed the treat once and then gladly ate it. It was only when a familiar feeling started spreading throughout his body that he realised what he’d just eaten. Catnip. He mewled woozily and rubbed up to you.

Sneakily you retrieved the collar and tried to put it back on him when he suddenly started growing, his hair retreating to his skull though his ears and tail stayed.

“What the-“ You fell backwards as the man on top of you, leaned closer to you. “Please don’t, the collar stifles me.” He murmured, licking your neck.

You squeaked as he settled himself more comfortably on you, his ass in the air whilst rubbing himself on you. He didn’t have any clothes on and you blushed as you figured what the hard thing pushing against you was.

“Get off!” You cried, your hands trying fruitlessly to get some space between the two of you. “I can’t.” He replied, his lips tracing down your jaw. “Wh-what?!”

“You gave me catnip, you take responsibility.” He mumbled, leaning up to nip at your lips with his sharp teeth. “B-but I tho-thought catnip just-just makes cats high?!” You stammered, trembling at the sensation of him roughly biting your ear.

“True, but it makes me horny as hell.” He whispered, his rough tongue meeting yours as your mouth was still ajar.

You moaned, at odds with yourself. He reached down, pulling your hips up and flipping you over. His hands reached around you to unzip your trousers and you could feel his firm chest pressed against yours, his hips already rubbing up to your behind. Feeling the wetness between your legs, he licked his lips.

“Looks like someone’s excited, (y/n).” He said with a smirk. “Ho-how do you kno-“

“Owner said it, said I’d like it here with you and so far I’m not complaining.” He took in your scent, leaning your front on the sofa, your trousers on the floor somehow and his fingers in your panties twisting your clit.

You moaned loudly, gripping the cushions as he bit your neck. “Now then...” He said softly, pulling your panties down and lining himself up. He groaned as he slid himself into your warmth, his hands holding onto your hips.

The two of you turned into a moaning mess of short pants and sweating bodies as Heracles thrust himself into you, bucking into you with a speed unlike any normal human could produce.

You came on his member, but that didn’t make him stop. In fact you came another two times before he met his release and even then he didn’t move out of you.

Instead he waited until you’d caught your breath, to twist you around on his lap and go for another round. “Dammit Heracles! I’m finished already!” You cried, your face flushed.

He pouted at you, looking up into your (e/c) with his own feline version of puppy-dog eyes.

“But the catnip hasn’t worn off yet!”

Lemon! Don't like, don't read!

My contribution to all the Werewolf this and that ^^

I thought, werewolf? Naaah a werecat's much cuter!
......Though he isn't really a werecat.....

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments!
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