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March 17, 2013
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You gazed in unconcealed wonder at the spiralling, swirling inscriptions on the ancient slabs of stone, inching along the stone passage at a sluggish pace to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Flynn chuckled at your reaction, glancing to the side every now and then in favour of watching you. He’d seen the place a couple of times before, but the fact that you were with him was distracting him quite a bit.

The way your eyes lit up when you rounded another corner and the way you wiggled as you tried to contain your excitement, all of it made his heart beat faster. He could tell by the way you were fidgeting that you were simply itching to run ahead and explore. Before you could however, he grabbed hold of your wrist, chuckling when you pouted at him.

“Don’t leave me behind.” He said with a grin, his face turning red when you slipped your hand down so you could entangle your fingers together. “That’s better then, isn’t it?” You murmured, smiling softly at him. He gulped and nodded shakily, shrieking when you jerked him forward and increased your pace.

“Hang on!” The Irishman cried, flailing as you raced around the place, eager to see everything. “Crikey, you’ll be the death of me....” He muttered once he’d bumped into you and panted as you grinned impishly. “Naaaah~ I would never, could never kill you, Flynnie!” You cooed, wrapping your arms around him and giggling as his face exploded into crimson.

It wasn’t hard for you to figure out that the redhead had a thing for you and you adored seeing his flustered, freckled face as he tried not to shower you in love. He hadn’t told you his feelings yet and you were (im)patiently waiting for him to do so. Even if you liked teasing him about lovey-dovey stuff, you yourself were actually quite shy about his eventual confession. Heck you were anxious about it! So much that you’d even taken to roleplaying the situation with a cuddly toy! Which, unbeknownst to you, he had as well, though he used an old, worn-out teddy bear in green instead.

Patting your back awkwardly to tell you to let go, Flynn resisted the enormous urge to tackle you to the floor. With a sigh, you untwined your arms away from him and dropped them to your sides, turning to continue down the underground passage. Your silence prolonged for the rest of your visit to Newgrange and it didn’t let up, even when you’d emerged from the entrance.

The two of you started down the pebbled path, an uncomfortable distance between you. “Hey, look.” Flynn took hold of your hand again, smiling when you turned to see what he was pointing at. A blood-red sun was slowly creeping down to the horizon, as if it was fatigued from its duties. “Wow.” You murmured, shielding your eyes as you watched it.

Flynn leant forward on the small stone wall that caged the entire site, squeezing your hand gently as he looked at your awe-struck expression. Too cute.... he thought, heat crawling across his cheeks as you slowly rested your gaze on him as well. “Yes?” You asked, wondering why his mouth was slightly open. It looked as though he was in a heated debate with himself, his mouth opening and closing as he tried to tell you something.

Giggling, you poked his cheek. “You look like a fish!” You teased, stretching his cheeks out until he flapped his hands about to get you to stop. “Christ, I need those!” He complained, rubbing his aching face gently. “Sorry.” You muttered and you pried his hands away before leaning in and kissing his cheeks.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.” You apologised sheepishly, giving him a heart-warming smile. Flynn’s eyes fluttered shut and he acted on instinct; leaning forward, he captured your lips with his. Your eyes widened for a moment, closing after a rapid heartbeat. He was the one to pull away, his curious bluish green eyes half-closed as he gazed at you. Suddenly they widened, as though he’d just figured out what he’d done.

“I-I’m so sorry!” He cried, backing away from you with his hands out in apology. You couldn’t discern the freckles on his face anymore, due to the colour his skin now was. “I-It’s okay.” You whispered, pulling on his wrist so that he couldn’t back away from you anymore.
“I-It is?” He questioned. Nodding in embarrassment, you looked at the grass you were currently flattening. “It is.” He murmured and when you glanced up, you were relieved to see a large, wondrous grin spreading across his face.

“Can I do it again then?” He inquired, bumping his nose against yours and he smiled mischievously. You took a peek at his parted lips and nodded again, not trusting your voice. What if it squeaked or broke? You were feeling too much happiness to be able to voice your feelings properly. And, in any case, actions speak louder than words.
As the sun cast long and flickering shadows over you, you both wrapped your arms around each other and melded your lips together.
This was a request for :iconwildwolf96: I'm sorry it took so long lovey! :iconcraiplz: I hope you enjoy it and that it was what you wanted ^^
In other news, Ireland is adorable, I finished my art-project, Ireland is adorable, I managed to get some custom boxes on my profile, oh and did I mention Ireland was adorable?
He and the others parts of Britain need so much more love!

..... silly title is silly

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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RQ stands for request! It's an abbreviation because 'Request' is a bit long for the title!
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