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February 17, 2013
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“You ready?”

“I was born ready.” You told your albino friend with a smirk which he mirrored deviously. “So be it zhen!” With that comment the match started and you both begun to pummel each other’s character.

The button mashing that commenced would have made even Alfred stare at in admiration and shock. Unfortunately though at the last moment Gilbert’s man kicked at ‘your’ legs, making you fall to the ground and as such you lost.

“The usual stakes?” You muttered with a grimace. Snickering like a happy dog, he grinned and nodded. “Great...”

The stakes you always played with were these: if you lost, you had to take an item of clothing off. Kind of like strip poker, but then without the card game and a videogame in its place. So without further ado, you unzipped your hoodie and dropped it to the side.

Goosebumps spread across your skin like wildfire on the forest floor. The room the two of you were sitting in was at the top of the house, the room that Gilbert had transformed into his lair of awesomeness, as he called it.

An old mattress sat on the floor, slouched against an old sofa he’d managed to drag up the stairs. A TV sat on a broken chest of drawers, the Playstation he had whirring in the corner. “Y’okay Frau?” He asked, his arrogant smile right where it belonged; plastered across his face.
“F-fine! Now let me get you back for that!”

Several matches and discarded items of clothing later, Gilbert’s stomach growled loudly, protesting its current unfilled state. You started laughing but were silenced by your own stomach trying to have a conversation with his. Subject of said conversation; ‘Why haven’t we got any nourishment?’

“I’ll go get some, stay right here!” You rolled your eyes, like you were planning on moving anyway. Gilbert sped off, his pants being the only thing he had on. Literally. His underwear was lying on the floor underneath his own jumper, t-shirt and socks.

Your stack of clothes was significantly smaller, though you too had to take off your socks, but instead of taking your t-shirt off, you merely unhooked your bra, sneaking the straps over your arms and off, without granting Gilbert the slightest peak of your bare skin.

Yeah, you were way more awesome than him, no matter what he claimed. The score was 4-3, but you’d had a lot of draws as well.

Gilbert whistled to himself as he walked down to the kitchen, returning with arms filled with all manner of treats. Just as he was about to step onto the stairs, his brother’s cat scooted in front of him, in hot pursuit of Gilbird.

“Nein! Don’t you dare!!” He dropped the food to the ground, chasing the cat away and holding him up to stare into his feline eyes. “Touch Gilbird again and I’ll-“

“You’ll what Bruder?” Ludwig asked, sticking his blond head around the corner. “Uh nozhing!” he handed the cat to his brother who was looking him over sceptically. “....Vhy vhere are your clothes?”

Gilbert chuckled sheepishly. “(y/n) beat me at Tekken.” He explained, a plan sparking in his head when Ludwig blushed at hearing your name. He was so easy to read.

“She’s here?” He asked, shrinking back into his room a bit. Light bulb!

“Ja ja, she is. Now can you help me vith zhis stuff?” He ordered, gesturing at the haphazard pile of junk food. Ludwig wrinkled his nose in distaste, but complied when his brother advanced on him. “Fine...” he sighed, his cheeks pinkening when the both of them got up the stairs and entered Gilbert’s lair.

“You took your time.” You commented flatly, stretching your back as you gave the albino a bored look of indignation.  “O-oh, hi Ludwig! Didn’t see you there.”

You waved at him, your face heating up. Geez he was just too handsome for words. “R-right. I’ll just leave these here.” He muttered, setting the foodstuffs on the floor gently. “Vait vhat zhe hell?”

Both you and Ludwig looked up at Gilbert in alarm. “Vhat?” He was staring intently at his phone, frowning as he scanned the message. “Shit! Got to go! Lud stay vith her vhilst I go bail Francis out!” The albino shouted over his shoulder as he bounded down the stairs, returning to grab his shirt and then he continued.

You jumped when you heard the front door slam, a blank look on your face. “What just happened...?”

Ludwig’s wide eyes closed and he rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Zhe frenchie probably got drunk and zhen vent for a drive.”

You rolled on your back, which was the moment that Ludwig noticed the pile of your clothes, the (f/c) bra sitting on top proudly. He turned bright red and averted his eyes. Right, you must’ve lost as well to his brother.

He turned, the banister under his hand as he started to descend. “Wait! Don’t leave me! It’s a matter  of life and death!” You lunged for him, grabbing hold of his foot. “Life und death?” He asked in confusion, looking down at you as you wrapped your arms around his leg.

“Yeah! I mean I might actually bore myself to death! Do you have any idea how painfully slow that is?!”

With a sigh he stooped down and pried your clinging fingers from his ankle. “Fine.” His heart beat loudly when you grinned toothily at him, rolling to your feet and jumping back on the couch. “ ‘kaaaaay! Let’s start!”  

Ludwig came to sit next to you somewhat awkwardly, running a finger along his collar to get some cool air onto his inflamed skin. “So how does zhis vork?” You gaped at him. “You mean you haven’t played this game before?”

He shifted uncomfortably under your stare. “Vell nein. Actually I haven’t played any video-games.”

“Ever?” You asked, your mouth agape. He smiled sheepishly. “Then you’re in for a laugh.” Throwing him his controller, you leaned on his arm and talked him through the controls, not even noticing the large blush on his face.
“Get it now?”

“I zhink so.” He muttered, quite unsure of himself and his capability to ‘kick ass’ as you said. “Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you.” You told him, a smirk on your face which made his breath hitch in his throat.

You stared in horror. What. The. Hell.

Ludwig cracked his fingers, rubbing his red thumbs. “Zhey kind of hurt.” He muttered, gently sucking on them to soothe the ache.

He’d beaten you. Every single time. “I thought you said you didn’t play video-games!” He laughed freely. It was nice, you found, usually he’s so straight-laced he wouldn’t even dream of letting loose like this. Seeing this other side of him was quite cute actually, what were you thinking?

Sure he was as handsome as Mount Everest was tall and his blue eyes felt as though they pierced your heart every time you caught them, his smile was charming although it was rare but that just added to the mysterious charm he possessed.

Honestly! Listen to yourself! You slapped your cheeks whilst you shook your head vigorously. “Up for anozher round?” He questioned, not having seen your strange actions. “I’ll beat you this time for sure!”

Patting your head cockily, he smirked. “Just keep telling yourself zhat.” You glared half-heartedly at him, climbing into his lap. “A handicap! Let’s see if you can keep on winning!” After having settled yourself on him, you leant your head back so it rested on his shoulder.

He tensed up even more, a wild blush painting his cheeks and ears a deep red. You felt so soft, he could barely contain his happiness that you were actually touching him. It felt so intimate, almost as if you trusted him not to do anything which was something he couldn’t promise now that your scent was sending his mind haywire.

Because of that his reactions slowed down, yet he still managed to beat you. With a growl you turned in his lap and stared him straight in the eye. No matter how handsome he was, him beating you at games was pissing you off.

“Why are you so good at it?” You said almost as if to yourself, leaning closer to him to examine him more closely. He looked at you in alarm, cringing when you poked his hot cheek. “And why are you overheating? You don’t have a fever do you?”

Before Ludwig could say anything, you pressed your forehead against his. “You feel very hot.” You muttered, squeaking when he grabbed hold of your hips. “Hey what’s the big ide-“

Another squeak was omitted as he pressed his lips against yours roughly, his eyes closed in bliss. After a second of freezing and not responding, you relaxed. Leaning onto him, you stroked down his neck with your own aching thumbs, kissing back softly. With a breathless pant, his lips quirked up in one of his heart-stopping smiles.

He nuzzled into your neck, happily nipping and kissing your skin again. With a sigh you took hold of his head and pushed him away, gently though. “I’m not kissing you anymore. Not until I’ve beaten you.”

He was about to open his mouth when you stopped him with a finger in front of his parted lips. “And don’t even think of going easy on me. That would defeat the point.”

Despite his grumbling, he nodded and allowed you to twist back to face the TV. However you didn’t manage to beat him, not even close; which meant you were still sleepily trying to mash buttons. That didn’t work so well, especially seeing as you were snoring away gently on Ludwig’s chest.

“Honestly zhat voman.....” The blonde caressed your cheek, holding you steady as he reached for the remote to turn off the glowing TV. He lay you down softly on the mattress, scanning the room for some covers which he eventually found hidden in a dusty corner.

After successfully removing all dust by shaking it quite a few times, he draped it over you. Snuggling into the cover happily, your breathing evened out and you sighed contentedly. He smiled, leaning down to kiss your forehead.

He lay down beside you on the sofa meaning he was up higher than you, his hand capturing yours and entangling them. His feet hung off the side of the sofa not that he really minded as he gazed down at you, a satisfied smile on his face.

“Gott, I need some sleep....” Gilbert muttered, cracking his back. Francis had been quite drunk even though he protested, saying; “You’re not drunk if it’s only wine.” What an excuse that was. He hadn’t been arrested by the cops, that was just something convenient he could use to leave you and his brother alone.

“I hope zhey zank zhe awesome me.” He exclaimed, sneaking up the stairs in case he was interrupting something. When he didn’t hear anything, not even the TV he stood up from his crouch and came to see what you were doing.

He chuckled when he saw you two, ruffling his white hair. “I’m just too awesome as a matchmaker.”
Inspired by my playing Tekken at a friend's house ^^ (It was soo fun!)

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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