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September 27, 2012
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Lukas smiled in the dark room, watching his developed photos drying on the line. His head tilted he looked over them again, reminiscing about the shoot. He'd been commissioned do, well his job and take photographs at a wedding of his colleague's.

Of course the main feature was the bride and groom, and let me tell you the bride was stunning. Her dress was simple, the back however was done up with a close-cut line of buttons. Her curled hair was pinned up with several combs, a big one shaped like a dragon-fly.

The groom looked dashing in his dark suit, his hair slicked back. Lukas had sneaked his way to the front of the aisle, so he could get some pictures of the bride walking to the front, and captured the groom's reaction when he caught sight of his soon-to-be wife.

If he did say so himself, Lukas thought himself to be quite a brilliant photographer, easily able to get some good scenes, but when he saw the one of the bridesmaids he lost his professional self for a moment.

Of course he quickly got himself together, but he couldn't help ogling at you as you sat there in pristine perfection, a bouquet tucked neatly between your hands. Your make-up was slight, but noticeable and bought out the shape of your (e/c) eyes.

He found himself lost, near drowning into your eyes, as if they were deep pools leading straight into your soul.

Shaking his head, he focused on his task at hand and proceeded to take fabulous pictures. When the ceremony was over he walked around the party, snapping shots of drunk, dancing uncles and tipsy, fancy ladies.

You however, were on the balcony, cooling off; due to the dancers the place was more than a little hot, plus your feet were starting to hurt because of your heels. You leant on your elbows, admiring the view from up there.

"Pretty, isn't it?" He asked, after walking casually up beside you. You nodded, smiling. "That it is indeed. Get a lot of pictures?" You said, rubbing your arms.

He raised his eyebrow. "I wouldn't be much of a photographer if I hadn't."

His comment made you chuckle, smiling off into the night. Suddenly you heard a click next to you. Turning, you saw Lukas' face hidden behind his camera, the shutter clicking at a furious pace. "....What are you doing?"

"Taking one of my best photos yet." He replied, not taking his eyes off the viewfinder. You blushed and looked back at the sky. "Very good." He told you, a smile playing around his lips as he carried on taking photos.

"Say, I guess that as you're always the one taking the pictures, you're not really on them that much eh?" You asked him after several click-filled minutes. Pausing, he stroked his bottom lip as he thought. "I guess not." He answered.

"Well then," you pulled him next to you, taking his camera out of his hands as you held in front of the two of you. Your fingers formed a peace-sign and before he could register what'd happened, you snapped a picture.

"Here you go, to commemorate our meeting." You told him, handing back his camera as he stood there dumb-founded. He glanced at the photo, which was slightly off to the side, but nonetheless. Already he knew this would be his best picture. And he hadn't even been the one to take it!

"Tha-thanks." His voice was warm and you felt something brush against you. Blinking, you wondered what it was, but the sensation had disappeared as soon as it had happened.

"No problem." You glanced at the time and seeing it was way later than you had thought, you straightened up. "Gotta go now. Lovely meeting you." You held your hand out to shake his, but when he took it, he pressed his smooth lips against it instead of shaking it.

A killer smile decorated his face as he gazed up at your blushing face. After that he guided you to the cloakroom and helped you into your coat and car. "Safe driving now!" He called, waving at your shrinking figure.

The moment you got home you flopped onto your bed. After a moment of relaxing, you stood up, starting to undress yourself. When you pulled the bow round your waist something dropped to the floor. Curious you picked it up.

"Model for me! Please!" It said, a phone number scrawled underneath it along with an L.

Blushing, you got yourself to bed, making yourself promise to ring in the morning.
When morning decided to shine its first rays on your face, you went about your usual routine, finally ending up at the phone.

Lukas smiled, seeing the photo you'd taken. His mobile started vibrating in his back pocket. When he didn't recognize the number he smiled warmly, answering. "You up for it then?"
So my poll came out with a tie between German Teacher-Photographer Noway ^^

(Look out for more polls coming your way)

So I chose this one >.<

Please enjoy and tell me what you think~
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