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October 27, 2013


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The soft buzzing of insects can be heard outside, the windows wide open to accommodate the scratching, bustling sounds of the miniature cities in the undergrowth. Other than this the quiet is warm, seeping into the light sheets of cotton and creeping into your very skins. It’s this that seals your dry lips together, urging you to maintain the silence of the heated siesta hour. Antonio’s right middle finger softly rubs the area just under the leg of your underwear, his rhythm dying down for a moment, but only to be picked back up again. Your legs are up with his head, his tan ones down past yours; he is only a bit taller than you. Your right hand is on his shin, lightly forming circles on it.

You’re both in your underwear, the heat of the Spanish summer almost suffocating to both you and Antonio, even though he was more used to it than you were.

“Hey Toni, can I ask you something?”

Your question, asked in a more drowsy state which befits the siesta hour more, clears your head and you blink, your vision suddenly refocusing on the ceiling fan which lazily turns and hums under its breath. “Sure, chica. Ask away.” His reply is languid, a groan underlying it as he shifts on his back to get more comfortable.
Fleetingly you consider the wording of your question. But after some time of choosing you decide to be blunt; that way he can’t beat around the bush.

“What does it feel like for you, being in love?”

His silence confesses he’s taken aback by this sudden and rather strange question of yours. He shifts on his back again, creasing the bed sheets in long lines. “Being in love….” You hear him murmur softly under his breath. His accent turns on the words, his tone pensive. “It is a difficult question to answer, what with feelings being hard to explain, but…” He sits up and grins that darling grin of his. “I’ll give it a shot.”

Caving forward to bounce on his stomach, he closes his eyes in thought, his thick dark lashes almost caressing the tops of his cheeks. “It’s like a buzzing, a stirring in my stomach.” He says to you eventually and you lie on your side to watch his mouth form the words. “Like I’m constantly nervous.”

“Well that’s no good, surely that’s not a good feeling to have?” you interject, seeing him smile and reach over to lay his hot arm around your waist. “I didn’t explain right, see I feel so happy I could burst, but,” he pokes your nose with his index, “I feel nervous at the same time.”

You roll on your back, stretching like an indulged feline. “That makes no sense at all.” You tell him, flaunting your stomach and bra-clad torso for his emerald eyes. “Sure it does. I just can’t explain it properly.”

Rolling your eyes at him, you sit up and roll your shoulders in an attempt to get the kinks out. The weight on the bed moves, his arms wrapping around your waist. You feel his lips on the back of your neck, tracing your ear and going to the point of your jaw. “It’s like I’m constantly trying to make sure I don’t mess up and make myself look like a total idiot.”

His breath tickles your neck and you cringe as he brings his teeth down on the crook between your shoulder and neck. Reaching behind you, your hand twists into his wayward curls, tangling them together as you pull on them. “Hey, that hurt chica.” He says, his hands on your hips and his legs around you. “Don’t bite me then,” you answer, leaning back against his chest.

He sighs, sending spirals of cool air past your throat and succeeding in raising goose bumps on your upper arms. His boxer-clad body moves silently against yours, in an rather innocent way. His palms skid your sides, rubbing them gently as he tightens his thighs around you. “And you?” Antonio breaths, kissing behind your ear sweetly. “And me, what?” You echo, suddenly being flung to the bed with him on top of you.

“What’s being in love like for you?” You squirm against him, only getting a throaty chuckle out of him. “I’ve never really thought about it.” You say, trying and failing to turn on your back so you can look at him. “Well, I tried so you have to too.” He tells you, poking you squarely in the ass. Your leg shoots up to kick him in the gut in response. Feigning a deadly wound, he rolls off of you, his entire being shaking as he starts muttering what sounds like a prayer for the dead in Spanish.

“Oh grow up,” you tell him, before falling on his stomach and taking up a strategic settlement; straddling his hips. A dull blush appears on his face and you smirk at him. The moment he tries to say something, you pounce. Poking and tickling his ribs whilst making sure that he can’t thwart you, you laugh loudly at his attempts to make you stop.

“N-No, chi-chica, quit-quit it! I can’t-I can’t breaaathe!!” After two minutes of deadly torture, you have mercy on him and whilst he catching his breath you think about what you could answer. “Well?” Still flat out on his back, he cocks his head towards you. Sitting with your knees to your chest, you pull a face at him. “I’m still thinking-“

He pulls your legs away from you and you’re sent sprawling on your back. “C’mon, it didn’t take me that long.” He complains, crawling between your legs and lying on your stomach. Hooking your legs around him, you tangle your hands in his hair. “It’s overwhelming. I can’t imagine myself without you.” You start to say, Antonio ‘aaaw’-ing and leaning up to kiss your throat.

“I’ve never been in love before though, so I’m not sure how to act or how to feel about all this.” You admit, heat streaking your cheeks in your embarrassment. He chuckles, reaching up to cup your cheeks. “Don’t worry. I mean we’re here together for a reason, no?” Your smile spreads to him and leans forward for a quick peck of your lips.

“We’ll work it out together. Because, hey, we’ll always be together, right?”
Has to be the longest time I've gone without writing.
I've never been in love.
Warning, yay or nay?

Spain belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya
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Ray711 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love... Does fawning over imaginary guy(fandom guys) count?
No... Okay... :iconforeveraloneplz:
*starts singing Love Is An Open door, but is quieted down by my 2p*
Hmm... Then I want to know what love is...
*starts singing, again... 'I wanna know what love is! I want you to sho-' shot by my 2p*
lullabyly Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Love is that feeling you get when you see someone you cared and secretly love a lot so happy with someone else...and you want to die because that someone else isn't you.
That's how I live it. Damn me, depressed much?
Anyway...really cute story!so fluffy!
ninga16 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
shihachii Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! C:
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Thank you for reading! 
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Aw! How cute...
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"Twists into his wayward curls,"
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