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August 20, 2012
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Longest fic ever!!

Please comment and enjoy ^^

Also Belgium and the Netherlands as kids made me squee!! >.<

You squealed as a splash of freezing water drenched you. Loud childish giggles followed it and your eyes shut, you searched for the source of the laughter and grabbed hold of it. "Stop it! Put me down, down!"

The small child yelled at the top of her voice. Her brother laughed so hard he tilted over backwards, creating more waves on the tiny pool. "Bella! Zus!Help!" He called, spluttering. The blond girl turned and rescued her brother, pulling him to his feet.

You giggled as they splashed about. This wasn't the first time you'd babysitted the two, but it was definitely the first time doing it during the day time. Before their parents had left, their mother'd told you you could use a bathing suit of hers.

You picked a neutral black one-piece, of which the back was quite low down, several criss-crossing straps giving it an elegant feel.  After closing your eyes, you leaned your head back to enjoy the feeling of the golden sun's rays on your face.

"(y/n), so you know the story of the little mermaid?" Feeling weight on your lap, you creaked one of your eyes open to face an excited Bella bouncing on you. You stroked your chin, knowing from that expression that she wanted dearly to tell you. "Hmmm, I don't think so."

"I'll tell you then!" She settled on your lap, stars in her eyes. "Me too, me too!" Tim sloshed through the water to sit behind his big sister on your legs. Your back slid down a bit, your legs buckling slightly under their combined weight.

They laughed raucously as you adjusted yourself so you could comfortably accommodate the two of them. "Okay, so there's like this really pretty girl living under the sea. And then there's this really big party 'cuz it's her birthday right oh did I mention they like live under the sea? Broer, stop met bewegen!"

You chuckled, ruffling their hair at the same time, tensing your muscles to keep you from sinking again. Tim was constantly squirming and splashing, obviously trying to annoy his sister. She folded her arms, sulking and not continuing her story.

"Tim, if you're not quiet now, no pizza." You cautioned, a gentle but firm tone in your voice. He pouted, but ceased his antics. That is for about two minutes. By now Bella was getting into her story, using her dimpled hands to help express the emotions.

She paused. "..... so, the princess falls in love with the prince, but her daddy's a meanie and smashes all of her things! Even a huuuge statue of the prince! And he's all like: "You're never ever allowed to a party again!" and so she starts crying and gets really sad and..."

"Bella, breathe between sentences." You patted her back as she gulped air. "And then, and then....." she trailed off, staring over your shoulder. "Bel? What is it?" "Look behind you." She whispered loudly, giggling.

So you craned your head around to see a young man in the next garden, leaning against the wall of the house. Grinning at you. You could easily see each other as the fences separating the gardens were of very thin crosshatched metal.

You remembered your attire and blushed. Fanning himself he stepped out of the shade and propped his arms on the fence. "Hot ain't it?" His hair was amazing, the way it completely and utterly defied all laws of physics standing up like that.

You nodded in your embarrassment, hoping you looked vaguely decent in any way. "Say....Mind if I join you? It is bleeding hot after all, I could use some cooling off."
"Err, sorry but I'm just babysitting them, I don't think their parents will like it if I invite some stranger to their house without them knowing. Sorry."

He pouted adorably, lifting his T-shirt up to get some air on him. "I'm not some stranger; I'm Mathias!" He replied, indignant. "Also if you let me in, I'll tell you the real story of the little mermaid."

"Yaaay!" Bella cheered, jumping up and drenching you again. You sighed, well he WAS their neighbor, maybe they wouldn't mind. "Fine." He did a victory dance, looking like a complete dork. A cute dork at that.

He disappeared inside and you got out of the water to open the gate to the garden for him after instructing the kids to 'behave'. He quickly ran out of his house and met you at the now open gate. He grinned after looking you over and gave you a thumbs-up. "Nicee~" he commented and you shook your head exasperatedly.

Locked the gate and you made your way back to the pool, where Mathias was already splashing about like an idiot, much to the great pleasure of the children. "Tells us the story, Tell us!" Bella and Tim pleaded, jumping around his feet.

"Alright, alright but first, could you but some sun-cream on me? I don't want to burn and on a day like this...." "Alright." Sitting down, he followed suit, his back towards you and the children bouncing on his knee. You squirted some of the pale liquid on your fingers and started rubbing it into the skin of his back.

As he couldn't see your face, you reveled in the muscles he had, not allowing a single inch going unattended. He smiled, liking the gentleness of your fingers. "Mattieee~ (y/n) he isn't telling us the story!" They complained, poking him in turn.

"Well then," you chuckled poking his cheek," you should start now eh?" He blushed rather darkly, but cleared his throat. "Once upon a time there was a young mermaid who lived in an underwater kingdom with her father, the king of all the seas."

"When a mermaid turns 15, she's allowed to go the surface to see the human world –"  "That's us!" Tim said proudly, slapping his chest, then cringing. "That's right." You murmured, pulling Tim in for a hug. "Carry on." You told Mathias, who was staring at your comforting.

"Err yeah, so when finally the little mermaid turned 15, she went up and saw a boat. She watched the people on board and fell in love with the prince who was on the ship. That night though, a terrible storm broke out and the little mermaid saved the prince from drowning." His voice was so atmospheric, all three of you were drawn by him, eagerly waiting for the rest.

"She took him ashore near a little temple. But he was unconscious so he didn't remember anything, but a girl from the temple found him and nursed him back to health. But the little mermaid longed to see him again and wanting to be able to live with him, wanting an eternal soul to be able to do that, she went to the Sea Witch."

Bella gasped and whispered: "Ursula." under her breath, frightfully. "That's right." Mathias patted her head, smiling at her. "The Sea Witch sold her a potion to give her legs in exchange for her speech. Ursula warned her though that she can only get an eternal soul if she finds the true love's kiss."

With those words, his blue gaze pierced you, making it seem they were meant for you. You looked away, your face red. His mouth twitched into a lopsided grin. "And if anyone else married the prince, she would turn into bubbles and disappear into the sea. So the little mermaid drank the potion and finally met her prince. They became good friends, so good in fact that when the King ordered the prince to marry another princess, he told the little mermaid that he didn't love the princess. That he could only love the girl from the temple, because he thought that she was the one who rescued him on that stormy night."

"But as it turns out, the princess is the girl from the temple and very soon the marriage was announced. The prince and the princess get married and-" "Nooo! What about the poor little mermaid?!" Bella wailed, interrupting the flow.

"Her heart broke and she gave up, thinking death awaited her in the morning. But at dawn, her sisters came to her with a knife from the Sea Witch, telling her that if she slayed the prince and let his blood drip on her feet, she would become a mermaid again, and live her life as if nothing had happened."

You froze at his words, not knowing of this story was as suitable for little kids as you had previously thought.  "When the little mermaid saw the prince and his bride sleeping side by side, she couldn't bring herself to kill him and so she threw herself out, into the sea. Her body dissolved into bubbles, but instead of disappearing she felt the warmth of the sun. She'd turned into a spirit, a daughter of the air. And the other spirits told her that she became like them because she yearned with all her heart to gain an eternal soul. And she would get one, all she had to do was good deeds for 300 years. And she would eventually rise up, to the Kingdom of God."

A tear fell from your cheek, your hand quickly rising up to wipe it away. Tim cocked his head. "(y/n)? Why are you crying?" Mathias' head snapped around to see yours, a couple more tears escaping your eyes.

"It's so saaaaad!" You wailed, wiping your nose with your hand. "It is, isn't it?" Mathias said sheepishly, scratching his head. "Sorry I didn't mean to make you cry (y/n). You alright?" "Uhu." You carried on sniffling a bit, but quietened down.

"Say Mathias?" "Yes Tim? What is it?" "You said it in the story, but I didn't know what it meant. What's a true love's kiss?" "You don't know? Gah, you're so innocent!" He grinned.

"Well a true love's kiss is a kiss between you and the person you're fated to be with. When it's written in the stars, you're attached by the red string of fate, ..." He continued to sum up the clichés, when he shrugged. "You get it right?"

Tim smiled radiantly. "Nope!" Mathias sighed. "It's a kiss that you do with someone you love with your entire heart and always want to be beside." His eyes glanced over you, a layer of pink creeping up to his ears.

"Ah! In that case," Tim looked at you along with Bella, who came over to your side. They nodded at each other and simultaneously kissed your cheeks, then wrapped their arms around your stomach, clinging on to you like nobody's buisness.

"Hey me too!" Mathias complained, leaning over to kiss your nose. "Ma-Mathias..?" "Yes (y/n)?" You frowned a bit, contemplating your next move. It was true, he was cute and the way he'd told the tale had made your heart skip a beat. And well he started it, so it was his own fault!

You gently brushed your lips against the corner of his mouth, smirking when he froze up and fell backwards as Tim tackled him.

"No! (y/n) is mine!" He sat up, grinning like a maniac. "Looks like I have some competition eh?" He ruffled Tim's hair, then got a brainwave. "Stay here Tim," Mathias fiddled with the young boy's hair, making it stand on end not unlike his own.

"You look much cooler now!" Tim ran his hands through his hair and turned to you. "Am I cool?" you giggled at his excited expression and kissed his forehead. "Very cool!" He stood triumphant, until Bella soaked him with the water gun.

"Calm down now, otherwise no pizza." You pulled out your threat again and all of them whined, including Mathias. "Now Mathias, tell us another one." "Yeah!" The kids chimed in, looking at him expectantly.

"Alright, alright. Only if I get paid. By you," he pulled you closer by the waist, nudging his hips at yours,"I want a kiss for every story I tell."

You blushed and looked at the swirling water. "They better be some good stories then!" You sat in his lap and the children sat on yours, waiting for the story. He grinned and told every one he knew.
Shiha: *sighs*
Denmark: What's up?
Shiha: I'm trying to find a preview pic of you, one that hasn't got you making out with Norway or Sweden.
Denmark: O////O

Anyways, hope y'all enjoy and please tell me what you think ^^

Something similar happened when I was babysitting for a straight twelve hours, not that some Danish guy turned up or anything
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