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November 4, 2012
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Lukas fiddled with the corner of the photograph. Just a little more, last one....he thought as he selected the best one out of a pile next to him. Sitting back, he admired his handiwork.

He’d been working on a photo album for a while now, he was a photographer and while he liked taking pictures of the surrounding forest, he simply adored taking pictures of you.

Unfortunately you didn’t like the fact that your boyfriend was always hiding his face behind his camera, also you often froze up when you caught him aiming a lens in your direction.

So he’d found a solution, not a very good one as he’d be the first one to admit, but at least it worked. He’d taken to sneakily taking photos of you when you were asleep or otherwise engaged.

Most of his photos were of you either with your eyes closed and hugging a pillow or of you reading a book, headphones on. Sometimes he’d got lucky and he was able to take a picture of you whilst you were smiling, talking or laughing with your friends.

In any case, you hadn’t really realised what he was doing, which was the point. His hands in his neck, he chuckled, wondering what your expression would be when you received his present. Making a mental note to have his camera with him and ready at that moment, he hid the album in the secret compartment in one of his desk-drawers.

Then he stretched, came out of his office and walked to your bedroom. Seeing as it was already quite late, you were already in bed. A book lay on your stomach as you’d tried and failed to wait for him to come to bed.

He smiled at you, closing your book and laying it on the nightstand. Then he stripped, leaving his boxers on and lay down next to you. Stroking your soft hair and nuzzling your face he waited for sleep to take him over.

You giggled, sitting up in bed and kissing your boyfriend’s cheek. “Morning Luke.” You murmured, stroking your thumb over his cheek. Sleepily he blinked and gave you that twitch of a smile. “Hey.” He replied, hugging your waist.

Sighing contentedly, you combed through his hair gently, rubbing his neck. His eyes closed, he nuzzled his nose into your stomach, then leant up and pecked your lips. “That reminds me...” he whispered, getting out of bed and rewarding you with the sight of him, ruffling his bed hair in his bowers alone.

Lukas’s body hummed with excitement, he was dead curious how you’d react to it and he retrieved his present. Hiding it behind his back he stepped back into the bedroom. “Close your eyes.” He instructed, crawling back onto the bed and sitting cross-legged in front of you.

After placing it on your lap, he kissed your eyelids. “You can look now.” He sat back as your (e/c) eyes fluttered open, eagerly looking at the weight on your legs.

Mesmerised, you ran your hands down the cover, which was beautifully marbled black and (f/c). You opened it, reading the small message he’d written for you. Smiling, you carried on turning, freezing when you recognised your face on the photos.

Lukas bit the inside of his cheek, nervous now. You carried on flicking through the photos, amazed at the variety and sheer amount of them. There were pictures of the two of you as well, taken by an unsteady hand, Mathias’s probably.

When you reached the last page, you wiped at your eyes, not wanting to cry at something as lovely as what he’d done for you.

You closed the book, giving the cover a last lingering stroke after you’d set it on your bed-side table then you turned towards him.

Lukas was biting his lip, his hand clenched. Didn’t you like it? His expression said. He looked like a kicked puppy, it was so sad. You decided to put him out of his misery. So you pounced on him, hugging him tightly and kissing all over his face.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!” You chanted, your arms so tightly around him that he could barely breathe properly.

Lukas blushed, rolling onto his back so you were on top of him. His hands on your hips he kissed your neck, trailing his lips up to your ear. “Happy anniversary (y/n).”
Something sweet ^^

Because I totally see Norge as a photographer :D

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments~
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Can I ask what happened after he gave reader-san that album?
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applekillingfanfirl Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
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