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June 21, 2012
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'Kaay, so this one is mainly for fallenangelrawr, but also for Nekomimi2229, for being so incredibly patient ~ I hope all you America fans enjoy!

"Come on sis! We're gonna be late!" Latvia shouted up the stairs at you. You flipped your hair back. This'll just have to do, you thought to yourself. You walked down the stairs, grabbed your little brother's arm and marched out of the door.


You met Matthew and Alfred outside of the amusement park. Alfred looked cool as usual. He met your eyes, blushed and looked at his feet. You wondered what was up with the American. Normally, you knew everything that went on in the American's head, I mean you only observed the guy 24/7. And yes you kinda, sorta, really had a crush on him. Not that you were going to show it though.

Raivis greeted Matthew with a high-five and a conspiratorial smile. You walked over to Alfred. "So you got dragged along too, huh?" "Yeah"he mumbled still staring at his feet. You raised your eyebrow and hooked arms with him and Raivis. "Well since we're here, let's have fun!" Matthew got pulled along by Raivis and the four of you strode past the entrance.

You all rode every ride you encountered, and tried to win prizes. Matthew got a huge stuffed teddy bear, which Alfred won for him.  You ate candy floss and downed hamburger after hamburger.  

About halfway through the afternoon, it was time you decided to brave the main attraction. The huge rollercoaster stretched and twisted itself all around the park, ending in a few dangerous loops and turns. You gulped and started waiting in line.

When it was finally your turn, there were only two seats left. Raivis and Matthew pushed forward saying they'd go.  You told them to wait at the exit after their ride. They left. You heard Matthew squeal the moment the carriage dropped.

You chuckled. Then an awkward silence fell upon you and Alfred. You glanced at him. He was looking at you as well but the moment your eyes met, the both of you turned your attention to your feet again. The carriage came and you stepped into it, strapping yourself in. Alfred sat by your side still not talking or even looking at you.
The ride started with a clunk and you were off.

Skip to after ride

You stumbled, your perception of gravity all over the place. Alfred held onto your arm firmly, making sure you were okay. You gagged and Alfred asked," Dude, you sure you're okay?" You nodded, clasping your hand on your mouth. "I-I'll be fine, once we sit down." You looked at him apologetically. " 'Kay." He sat you down on the nearest bench and looked around for your brothers.

"Um, ____, don't freak out, but I can't see either of our lil' bros." "WHAT!?" "Like I said don't freak out." Alfred pushed back on the bench. "Look, they've probably just gone to the bathroom or something, they'll be back soon." He smiled and sat next to you. "You feeling any better?" You groaned as an answer, doubling up. He rubbed circles on your back, which made you feel better. He sat with you until you felt fit enough to walk around.

Your brothers still hadn't turned up. Your protective sister feelings took your body over and you looked all over, shouting their names. Alfred followed you anywhere you went, but didn't really seem that worried.  

After half an hour of being on the wild goose chase, you finally stopped to catch your breath. "Alfred, aren't you worried?" "Naw, they're big kids, they can take care of themselves." He smiled, pushing his glasses up his nose. "Say _____, now that we're here we might as well enjoy ourselves." He held out his hand and grinned.

"But Raivi-" "is a big kid who doesn't want his big sis to come running after him all the time." He took your hand and dragged you to the closest ride. After seeing Alfred's exciting and smiling face you decided to have fun to your fullest and to worry about Raivis and Matthew later.

Alfred's POV

Man, this plan of theirs was actually working. Not that this was his idea to start with. He'd liked ____ for a long time now, but he couldn't ever pluck up the courage to tell her! He wasn't being the hero at all. Then Matthew came up with this plan...

Back to Reader's POV

Alfred held your hand all the way through the scary rides and even when you were just waiting in line . In fact you don't think he actually let go of it once. Your face was dusted permanently with pink and when you looked him in the eye, you noticed he was rather red as well.

The day grew old and as twilight started to fall, you unconsciously made your way to the Ferris wheel. Standing in line, you saw most of the other people queuing were couples holding hands, kissing,etc. You wondered what people thought when they saw you and Alfred together. Your blush deepened when he squeezed your hand, signalling it was almost your turn.

You smiled at him sweetly, your (e/c) meeting his blue ones. His face flushed and he started to say something, which was cut off by the door the carriage opening. He swallowed and tugged on your hand making you follow him into it. You sat down opposite each other and you immediately glued your face to the window, squealing like a child the moment you started going higher.

The sound of his chuckle directed your attention back at him. The sunlight streamed over his air and made his eyes shine. At that moment he looked absolutely perfect  to you. Your voice failed you, you could only stare at him, in all his perfection. He took your hand and said, stuttering slightly. "_-_____, you know I have to tell you something ." You held your breath and stared into his blue eyes.

"I-er-well-I kinda, sorta...," he trailed off, closing his eyes. "IREALLYLIKEYOU!!" he said in one breath. You blinked in surprise, turning increasingly redder whilst your dumb brain realised what he said.

He pulled your hand so that you were pulled across the narrow space of the compartement. Alfred hugged you and your brain melted, your body started to act on auto- pilot. You broke out of his embrace and yanked him forward by the collar so that your lips bumped together.
You felt his face flush red even though your eyes were closed. He ended the kiss due to the lack of oxygen, but sweetly kissed you on the nose. You pouted, wanting a proper kiss from him, which got you a chuckle from him. He then swept down on your lips, gently brushing them together.

He hugged you closer to him, his legs spread around you, so that you were almost sitting between them. This way he could he could press you closer to him. His rested his head on your shoulder. "You know, considering we never did find our brothers, I'd say it was a pretty successful date." You whispered into his ear.
"Well, actually about that... ~"

"You mean everything was arranged?!?" Your shouting made Matthew cover his ears up.  "Geez sis, what does that matter, I mean it got the two of you together right." Raivis pointed out rubbing Matthew's back reassuringly. "I-yo-well." "He has got a point." Alfred took you in his arms and kissed your forehead, he cut off your complaints by saying;"Let's just leave it at that shall we, my darling?"
‘Kaay, so this one is mainly for fallenangelrawr, but also for Nekomimi2229, for being so incredibly patient ~ I hope all you America fans enjoy!

Thank you for reading~
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shihachii Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm very glad you like it >.<

Also thank you very much for the watch and the favs, they're greatly appreciated ^^
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