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March 23, 2013
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Your eyes widened. The puff of smoke around you slowly dispersed and you simply stared, wondering why the hell everyone was suddenly much taller than you. "Eh?" You squeaked, jumping at a high-pitched sound coming from your throat. The men's gazes were fixated on you and they twitched when large tears sprung into your eyes."Wh-what's going on?" You asked, your small hands trembling as you frantically looked around you for help. 

Gilbert stooped down next to you, his eyes wide as he reached out to touch your face. You flinched when you felt his palm envelop most of your face easily. Hiccupping, you grasped his hand with your both of your own and started crying, being able to guess why your clothes bunched around you loosely.Gilbert picked you up gently, cradling you in his arms as he took a shaky breath. "l'll kill him!!" He screeched, growling as the culprit had already disappeared. "Vhere is he?!! I'll skin him alive!!" He cried, only stopping because both Antonio and Francis were holding him back.

Arthur had long since turned tail and ran the moment he'd seen the mix-up. He'd been aiming for either Francis or Antonio, since the two of them bore most of his grudge. Seemed like his aim was just as bad as his scones, as for some reason the spell he'd cast had been directed towards you instead of towards those two.

Gilbert was beside himself with rage, a fact you could tell due to the fact that his face was turning as red as his crimson eyes. "Vhat did he do to her!! Vhat did he do to mein (Y/n)!?!" You leaned up in his arms to touch his cheeks and try to calm him."I'm okay." You chirped, smiling slightly as his attention turned to you. "Nein, you're not Liebling. Can't you see?" He muttered, a pained expression on his face. "Other than turning me into...a kid, he didn't hurt me." You explained, kissing his cheek sweetly and giggling when his face turned red for a different reason."Ve're going to need to get you some different clothes...." he pondered, glancing up at his friends. "Can you guys go track down eyebrows? Vherever he's hiding...."

 The two of them nodded curtly and turned to leave, but then paused in the doorway.Francis stared at you intently whilst Antonio looked as though he was holding himself back. After shooting each other a quick glance they darted forward. Despite Gilbert's protests, the Spaniard managed to get you out of his arms and then he proceeded to twirl you around in the air.You couldn't help it; the sensation of being lifted and spinned in the air made you feel light-headed and giggly so you laughed loudly and spread your arms out. "Faster!" You chanted, shrieking in delight when the brunette complied to your wishes. When he started feeling dizzy, he twirled you down to a halt, giving you a warm hug. "Chica! You're so cuteeee!!" He rubbed your cheek with his and kissed your forehead.

At that point you were taken away by Francis, who lifted you high above his head and hugged you as well. "Oui, just too adorable." He agreed, kissing your cheeks three times consecutively. "Simply adorable!"
"Get out of here, you idiots." With that your albino shoved them out of the door and slammed it behind them. You winced at the noise and pouted as you looked up at him. "But they were being nice to me." You complained, chewing on your bottom lip when he picked you up and held you at eyelevel.

"I don't like it vhen zhey act like zhat around you." He muttered, starting to walk out of the room through the other door. "It makes me feel-"

"Jealous?" You asked eagerly, feeling excitement and a kind of accomplished feeling. He blushed and pushed his own bottom lip out. "And if I said yes to zhat, vould zhat be alright?"

"Yush!" You told him, wrapping your small arms around him and snuggling into his neck, which was surprisingly easy for you now. Gilbert chuckled and stroked your back. "Let's get you home, Liebling."

You giggled loudly, throwing clouds of bubbles up in the air and watching as they descended on your small body. Squinting at a puff of the snowy white bubbles that had landed on your nose, you blew air at it and laughed again when it became airborne once more.

"Y'okay in there?" Gilbert asked as he stuck his head around the door. Grinning widely you nodded. "Can you wash my hair though? I don't want it to get in my eyes." With a blush he closed the bathroom door behind him, sitting down next to the steaming tub as he rolled his sleeves up.The towels that lay on the tiled floor creased up as he moved to get the bottle of shampoo that stood on the opposite side. 

"You ready?" He squirted some of the sweet-smelling stuff onto his palms and rubbed them together slightly. "Uhu." You said, shivering when your back made contact with the cold side of the bathtub. Slowly and gently, he started lathering the shampoo into your hair and your eyes closed out of instinct, loving the feeling of his hands massaging your scalp. You leaned back and breathed out peacefully, smiling when you heard him starting to hum under his breath.

"Hey don't fall asleep now." He joked, kissing your cheek when he reached past you for the shower nozzle to rinse your hair. Smiling drowsily, you squeezed your eyes shut as he proceeded to wash the suds from your hair. One hand on your forehead to keep it from going into your eyes, he inspected you when he thought he'd finished, just to make sure.

"Done." He beamed at you with an air of accomplishment and you grinned innocently. Then you jumped out of the water, over the side and gave him a tight, but wet hug. "Thank you!" You called, giggling maliciously as he shrieked and tried to get you off him. Eventually he pried you off by using a towel, which he'd swaddled around your body.

You puffed out your cheeks to keep yourself occupied as you held your arms out, him drying you albeit begrudgingly. After that he pulled a T-shirt over your head and chuckled when he saw it came down past your knees. Stretching it out to see what the print said, you chortled. You recognised it as the shirt he always let you borrow from him if you stayed over for a night. The fabric was soft , softer than most of his articles of clothing, not that that was a coincidence. 

It was dark red and the words; "Warning, contains traces of awesome" were printed in bold black and white on it. Gilbert's own shirt was sopping wet due to your little prank and he removed it quickly, not wanting to catch a cold. Once he'd gotten a hoodie on, he passed you a small pair of shorts that he'd found at the back of the closet, stuffed in a box which was filled to the brink with things from Ludwig's younger days. "Vant a drink?"

With a large smile on your face, you scurried behind him into the kitchen and clambered onto the highchair that was next to the counter with quite some difficulty. Watching him expectantly, you swung your legs as you waited for him to finish making the drink.<"You almost done?" You complained, pouting when he ruffled your hair."Ja ja, almost." He smirked as he drew out the wait as long as possible. After what seemed like painstaking hours, he eventually presented you with a steaming mug.

Curious, you took a sip and cocked your head to the side as you thought. "Hot chocolate?.... I haven't had that for ages." You muttered, taking another sip. "I sought you vould enjoy it... Am I wrong?" You shook your head and downed the mug full of chocolaty goodness in small sips so that you wouldn't burn your tongue.

Gilbert watched you happily, taking small gulps of his own mug as he chuckled at your expressions. The warmth and calmness you were surrounded in served as a lullaby for you and your exhausted body. Children really did crash after the daylight hours, you realised as you couldn't keep your eyelids open anymore.

The albino saved you just before you feel to the floor, quickly picking you up and cradling you in the safety of his arms. "Zhat vas close." He muttered after letting out a sigh of relief. For a moment he just stood on the spot, gazing at you. After snorting and scrunching up your nose in your slumber, you yawned and snuggled into the warmth of his neck.

Holding you protectively, he jumped when he felt his phone go off. "Motherfucker, I'm awesome!" The machine screeched and he fumbled to get it before his theme song disrupted you. "Ja, you almost voke (y/n) up!" He whispered loudly, trying to keep you against his chest whilst he clamped his phone between his ear and shoulder.

"Sorry mon ami, but we just 'ad to call you know. We found eyebrows." Francis told him matter-of-factly, wincing as he heard Arthur curse loudly until Antonio knocked him out before he could protest anymore."And? How do I undo zhis spell zhing?" Gilbert asked, sitting down and stroking your hair as you slid down to his lap."Arzher 'asn't really said anysing concrete yet, but 'e did say zhat per'aps zhe spell would just wear off in zhe morning...."

"Anyzhing else?" Francis shook his head out of instinct, correcting his habit a moment later. "Not really. But we'll continue our little interrogation when 'e wakes up." Gilbert shuddered at the thought, not even wanting to know what his friends had been doing to Arthur. "Zhanks, talk to you later Francis."

"Au revoir~" The Frenchman sang a second before he hung up. Gilbert stuffed his phone back in his pocket."Seems like ve'll just have to wait until morning zhen." He whispered, holding you tightly as he stood up and walked to his room. Trying to be as quiet as possible, he tiptoed along the hallway to and pushed his door open, wincing when the hinges squeaked.

Need to oil those, he thought to himself as he mentally updated his to-do list. Lying you down gently, he tried to pry your fingers from behind his neck. After fumbling around like an idiot, he sighed and got up again. When you still didn't let go, he turned off the light and lay down with you on top of him. Your fingers still tightly laced in each other, you mewled as you pulled yourself closer to him, your mind still enraptured by the forest of dreams. After having pulled the covers up over you both, Gilbert kissed your cheek and rubbed your back, the simple action reassuring and soothing his mind. Not a moment later, he held your hand as you ran around the world of dreams.

Groaning groggily, you shifted uncomfortably. Blinking your eyes open, you turned red when you saw how you were sleeping. Gilbert had his nose buried in your neck, his arms tight around your waist as he continued to sleep. The shirt you were wearing was the right size for you, but the shorts were unbearably tight, so you tried to kick them off without waking him up.

Unfortunately for you he did. After moaning sleepily, he rubbed his cheek against yours and kissed you with a mumbled "Good morning." Then he froze and sat up quickly. With a drowsy cry of surprise, you fell backwards and he landed on you. Keeping himself propped up with his hands, he stared at you with disbelief. "Y-you're normal!" He said, a wide grin spreading across his face as he stroked your cheek. His hand wasn't huge compared to yours anymore and you grinned back at him, pulling him down for a tight hug."

Humming with happiness, he then started to kiss every inch of your face."You're back! You're back." He chanted in between the kisses, nuzzling his lips to yours with an ecstatic smile. "I never left." You commented, happily receiving his affection with a blush.

"So how are you feeling?" He asked you, resting his forehead against yours. "l'm good, except...."

"Except what?" He frowned, his worried expression leaving you breathless with laughter, after all your complaint was nothing compared to what had happened yesterday. "My fingers ache." You told him, flexing your digits where they still were, interlaced behind his neck. Laughing loudly, he kissed each one and then your lips, leaving you breathless once more.

:iconhandspazzplz: It worked! It worked! It worked!!



And now I realise that this fic wasn't that good.....

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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