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January 15, 2013
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You were gorgeous in every way. A beautiful voice, a killer smile and a nice personality. Indeed, no person could say they weren’t attracted to you and well this made your French boyfriend unbelievably insecure. And jealous, let’s not forget the jealousy that coursed through his body whenever some tabloid insinuated a relationship between you and someone else.

You hadn’t seen him for a while though as you’d been on tour and it saddened you, even if the two of you had calls every morning and night it wasn’t the same as seeing each other. But now it was finished!

You stretched happily, looking out of the small plane window. There it was. The Eiffel tower came into view and you pressed up against the glass, enraptured by the sight of it.

You and Francis had shared a lot of memories there and you smiled thinking about them. Of course, the first memory being the one in which he asked you out with a bouquet of roses. Then the date that followed, ending underneath the metal structure with an awkward but sincere kiss.

More dates and kisses followed that one and even if their sheer amount of them would have confuddled someone else, you could remember each one. Due to your thoughts about him, your heart started aching, that or it was the fact that you were now closer to him than you had been in several months.

When the light clicked on, telling you to fasten your seatbelt, you were jittering up and down, wanting to get it over with and see him. I wonder if he’s changed... you thought to yourself as the plane containing you landed and came to a halt.

Your desire to see him only grew the longer it took to get past the queue and you pulled a hat over your head, keeping your eyes on the ground behind your sunglasses. So far, so good, no one had recognised you yet.

You waited ages for your bag, and finally snagging it you started to walk/ run to the exit where Francis was hopefully waiting for you. A tall blond man was waiting with his back turned to you and thinking you recognised him you hugged him from behind tightly.

“I missed you so much!!” You cried, squeezing him tightly and smiling happily up at him. Well, if only you’d gotten the right person. The man turned and stared at you and you backed off with your palms open.

“Je suis désolée!”

“Getting to know someone else are we?”

You couldn’t mistake that voice. Squealing, you spun on your heel and grabbed hold of him. “Francis!” He chuckled and kissed your forehead. “Oui, I’m ‘ere.” He tightened his grip around your waist, knowing they were making a scene but not really caring.

He slung your bag over his shoulder, keeping one of his arms around you. “C’mon, let’s get you home.”

Francis dropped your bag to the floor, the second you were inside and immediately hugged you tightly. Taking in that familiar scent he’d been deprived of he kissed down your neck, the stubble of his beard tickling you.

“What do you want to do?” He asked in between his kisses, closing his eyes in enjoyment that you were back in his arms. Whatever you wanted to do was alright with him, he’d love anything when he went with you.

“Could we go to the Eiffel tower?” You replied with your own question, smiling adoringly at him when he grinned at you.

“Of course!”  

Tugging on your hand, he pressed the hat back onto your head and the two of you were off again.

You loved your fans dearly, after all without their support it would’ve been impossible for you to have succeeded. But then again, there were times when you thought you could do without them. Such as now. Currently you were being chased by a mob of them after the hat that had helped conceal you had blown from your head.

Glancing back, you gaped when you saw the group had grown exponentially. Francis ran in front of you, never letting go of your hand. The exhilarating feeling of running was sweeping over you and you sped up to run beside him.

He smiled wryly, spotting an alleyway and ducking into it. Luckily, they didn’t seem to have spotted you. Francis still covered you with his body though, effectively pinning you against the wall as he tried to hide you from your fans.

Chuckling at the situation you’d landed yourselves in, you smiled up at him. He glanced down at you and mirrored your grin. “I think we lost them.” He muttered, still looking this way and that.

Shouting was heard from the street and you both stiffened. “Quick, kiss me!” You pleaded quietly, pulling on his collar to make him face you. He wanted nothing more so he instantly pressed his lips against yours, tangling one of his hands in your hair, revelling at the softness of it.

Your kiss didn’t stop, even when the excited cries of the mob died away the two of you continued to stand there in that alleyway. “I missed you so.” He whispered breathlessly, resting his forehead on your shoulder.

“I missed you too.” You responded, bumping your head with his gently. He grinned, leaning up to peck your lips again.

“What was that about wanting to see the Eiffel tower...?”
Francey-pants~ because he is adorable in every way!

And you can take that last sentence whichever way you want :3

I know this wasn't in the poll, but I wanted to do it.... Forgive me?

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!

And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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